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Author How To Become SFI Executive Affiliate on first month FREE  (Read 252 times)

Description: strong future international Affiliate Program

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How To Become SFI Executive Affiliate on first month FREE
« on: February 07, 2020, 09:59:33 AM »
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  • How To Become SFI Executive Affiliate on first month FREE

    If you want to get a good start in this business and be successful you follow the instructions in the STEP 1.
    Today I'm going to show you how to get versa points that will help you to become Executive Affiliate in SFI. To become an EA in SFI you need 1500 VersaPoints.
    I've noticed that most of my PSAs don't make the required Versa Points to become EA on their first month. On your first month with SFI it is easy to reach the rank of Execute Affiliate but it is likely that you don't know how to make it because you are not being guided to on how things should be done. So scroll down and follow the links I'm posting so that you will have a quick start up guide and make EA in SFI on your first month.

    Here goes;
    1. (150 Versa Points)  - This link is perhaps the first and most important link to check after joining SFI, confirming your registration with SFI show that you are ready to start making money with the program. You will get 150 Versa Point with this link. This is a one time Action Point.
     2. (100 Versa Points) - By clicking on this link you will be instructed to whitelist [email protected]. this is to ensure that you will receive important emails from SFI and your team on the program.
     To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.

    3. (75 Versa Points) - Completing your affiliate profile is akey component of SFI's powerful personalized training and support programs.
    4. (60 Versa Points) - Going into this link, you will be instructed to join the a2a section of SFI. This section allows you to connect and interact with your fellow SFI affiliates.
    5. (50 Versa Points) - This link will help you send a commitment message to your sponsor. You joined SFI for it is only proper to send a commitment letter and do what you can to get ahead. Remember, only you can do what you want to accomplish, others won't do something for you when you don't do things yourself.
    6. (50 Versa Points) - This link will bring you to the FAQs page of SFI. All you need to know about SFI is covered by this page, you can also ask question directly if you feel your questions about SFI aren't answered here.
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    7. (35 Versa Points) - This page will show you how to market and generate income from TripleClicks sales. Tripleclicks is a part of SFI with over 90,000 commisionable products. 
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    8. (35 Versa Points) - You will see SFI Marketing aids and resources for sponsoring on this page. Sponsoring your own PSAs in SFI will increase your income potential, the PSAs you sponsor the higher your potential incomes can be.
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    9. (35 VersaPoints) - By adding your photo, your new affiliates can be greeted by not just your name but also a face of real person whom they can contact and ask guidance. As a sponsor it is important to show that you are doing what you areasking your affiliate to do. Lead by example.
    10. (25 VersaPoints) - As a sponsor and an affilaite with a business online it is a must that you should greet everyone who visits your page. A greeting goes a long way to show that you are indeed there to receive and interact with your visitors and affiliates. So do post a greeting, your affilaites will also be directed to your affiliate center when they first sign up. As they say, "first impressions last".
    11. (20 VersaPoints) - Follow SFI updates on your twitter account. You'll receive updates from there and some fellow SFIers will follow you too : you can also view who are following SFI and see for your self how they are doing with their SFI Business.
    12. ( 20 VersaPoints) - Follow TripleClicks on your twitter account. You'll receive updates from there and some fellow Tripleclicks / SFIers may follow you too : you can also view who are following SFI and see for your self how they are doing with their SFI Business.
    13. Like SFI on your Facebook account (20 VersaPoints) - visit the SFI facebook page and you will be credited with the VersaPoints, who knows some of your family and friends may have already liked SFI on Facebook.
    14. Like TripleClicks on Facebook (20 VersaPoints) - Soon as you like the TripleClicks page on facebook you'll be credited with VersaPoints, you'll have to wait for it though, it doesn't credit immediately wait for a few minutes.
    15. (20 VersaPoints) - This page shows you where, how and when it all began. SFI has been in business for since 1998 and has paid millions of dollars to its affiliates. Read the page and discover more about SFI and TripleClicks.
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    16. (20 VersaPoints) - This page will help you understand the how commissions are calculated in SFI. It also show you how you can earn more.
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    17. (10 VersaPoints) - This Page will show you the benefits of each affiliate rank in SFI, ranks in SFI are based on VersaPoints both from Action Points and Sales. There are the Execultive Affiliates, Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader and Platinum Team Leader.
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    18.… (10 VersaPoints) - This page show the multitude of terms and acronyms used in SFI and TripleClicks. If you are wondering what a2a means then this page will show what is.
    To receive credit for these points, read or review the item, then click the VersaPoints icon located in the top right corner of the page.
    19. (10 VersaPoints) - Standing Order, as you will come to know is very important in SFI. This will help you ensure that you will always receive your alotted CSAs every month and also to help you maintain a minimum of Executive Affiliate rank.

    This list is not the only way to accumulate VersaPoints in SFI, as stated above these are "Getting Started  Action Points" there are more ways to do so and I will try to put them into a single page on my next post. So to sum up the VersaPoints you got from this guide;
    1 150
     2 100
     3 75
     4 60
     5 50
     6 50
     7 35
     8 35
     9 35
     10 25
     11 20
     12 20
     13 20
     14 20
     15 20
     16 20
     17 10
     18 10
     19 10

    =765That's 765 VersaPoints total. To achieve the rank of Executive Affiliate you needs 1500 VersaPoints. You need 635 more and I'll show you how to easily get those in my next post.

    STEP 2   
    LAUNCHPAD (Step 2)
     VersaPoints From LAUNCHPAD
     Today is about the LAUNCHPAD, after finishing and collecting the GETTING STARTED Actions VersaPoints. This is where you can get more VersaPoints in your first month with SFI.
     Each of your daily LAUNCHPAD can earn you 15 VersaPoints.
    There are a total of 30 LAUNCHPADS totaling 450 VersaPoints. These daily lessons are meant to be done within your first 30 day as an affiliate with SFI.
    They present basic teachings and will aid you in your quest to understanding the program. Launchpad is by no means the only way to learn about the program, there are multitude of ways to do so within the SFI website.
    As a new affiliate, these are good steps to go through while earning your way to become an Executive Affiliate in your first month. Remember that to become an Executive Affiliate and to increase your potential to earn you need at least 1500 VersaPoints every month without FAIL! To collect the 15 VersaPoints from each of these LAUNCHPAD, you need to correctly answer the question presented at the end of the lesson. So here are the links to each LAUNCHPAD, each of these should be read and understood one LAUNCHPAD a day. Although you can go ahead and finish them off at any convenient time within your first month, I suggest that you do them in such a way that you will remember and learn from them. Put the knowledge you learned from them into action. Your ability to put knowledge into direct actions will always be the best way to achieve your goals. Nobody else but you can do that best - to yourself.

    1. - The first LAUNCHPAD show you how to get started with SFI. It shows you how to whiltelist the company email. You'll learn about the E365 Challenge and the rewards for being a contender. Read it and know ow you can win 1 or more of the great prizes, you can can even win cash by being a contender.
    2. - On this LAUNCHPAD you will be introduced to the SFI Company, when did it start, the company's physical location and the secrets as to why it is one of the leading affiliate programs online.
    3. - The third one will show how residual income and leveraged income can significantly improve your INCOME as a whole. After all you are joining this program to improve your financial standing so it is important that you get the picture early on.
    4. - No matter how you put it, it all comes down to marketing. You ask your friends to join your venture, you want your neighbor to join your party, you want to catch a fish or you want more money from your business.... Marketing is always a part of your daily life, you present something for them in return for something. That in its most basic form is marketing, learn how to apply that to your SFI business from these LAUNCHPAD.
    5. - Statistics show that in the whole wide world there are billions of internet users who consistently, well you guessed it, use the internet. SFI has affiliate all over the continents, that in itself is an indication as to how great your market and potential income could be. Learn more of that from these LAUNCHPAD. Don't forget to answer the question at the end of the lesson to collect your 15 VersaPoints.
     6. - One of the basic things that you need to do in order to succeed in any understaking is that you must have a system, a strategy and there is no other program  that presents such system than SFI. Even our daily "to-do List" s done for you.

    7. - Every effort you put into SFI will be rewarded, achieving the Executive Affiliate (1500 VersaPoints) will entitle you receive two CSAs ( Co-Sponsored Affiliate). Do more and you can become a Team Leader then you will receive even more rewards.
    8. - Now this will show the online store of the Company, it's also YOUR store. Earn more by promoting the products here or sell your stuff here and connect with over a million SFI affiliates worldwide.
    9. - The good thing about having your own page online is that you can monitor all your activities, connect with your affiliates, receive alerts and best of all you are its free. So visit your affiliate center every day and start treating your online business like a physical business.
    10. - After all the previous Launchpads, you will find that you'll be wanting to ask more more questions, and yes you will because 9 lessons isn't even the tip of the iceberg. So, day 10 launchpad is where you will see the links to the FAQs.
    11. - You may have found SFI while looking for legitimate ways to make money online, that said, I presume you've seen your share  of  "get rich quick" scam online. With SFI, this is not the case it is real and will reward you with financial gain but not overnight. You see it goes back to the saying, that if you want something then do something about it. Nobody else will do that for you. Learn the program and practice what you've learned persistently and with faith that in every effort you put in there will be an equal or greater reward. Do that you will not fail.
    12. - Your SFI is real, it will make you real money, so show that you are a real individual who has goals and is committed to reaching those goals. Completing your profile will not only prove that you are in this to make some money, other SFI affiliates and your upline of SFI will see how to better help in reaching those goals.
    13. - We all need help particularly when we are just starting out. In SFI you will get help in many ways; support desk will give you official SFI answers, you can visit the forum section and ask questions or discuss ideas, there's the a2a section wherein once you are a member you can directly message a2a friends for questions and there's also the STREAM where you can just post and everyone in your network will see and can give you ideas, motivation or tips.Finish this launchpad with confidence that whenever you need some answers about SFI you'll always get them.
    14. - As an SFI affiliate you are automatically a TripleClicks member. TripleClicks is your store, so be loyal to your store. Every time you buy an item from TripleCicks, you will be rewarded with VersaPoints. Refer someone to buy from TripleClicks then you will get commission from their purchase. Visit YOUR store and start ordering items which you normally use from there.
    15. - Each day SFI grows and with that profit grows also, as an affiliate you can have your share from this profits. Learn how you can get your share by going through this LAUNCHPAD. Remember to answer the question at the end of the LAUNCHPAD to collect your 15 VersaPoints.
    16. - On this launchpad you'll be enlightened about the fact that a lot of of people can make real significant income at SFI. That said, there are also a lot of people joining SFI who despite themselves and the opportunity presented to them won't take action. But don't let them get you disappointed, there are billions of internet users around the globe whom you can find and interest in becoming active in SFI, positive attitude gets you closer to success than most of these
      so called "tire kickers".

    17. - When you reach this LAUNCHPAD, you have by now, realized that to profit from this program you need people, active affiliates, whom you are willing to mentor and teach the duplication process. To make your affiliates duplicate what you have done to get to where you are, you need to communicate with them. Go ahead and follow this launch pad and you'll find proven ways to make duplication work for you.
    18. - So you have a business online, to start with, the internet industry is so huge that, like any industry, scams and racketeers abound. In that sense you are made aware by everyone you know to be careful about doing online transactions. I know, I've been scammed online too. I wouldn't transact with someone who is wearing a mask either... Upload a proper photo of your beaming face, it not only make people feel comfortable about dealing with a real person but it also proves that you are serious and have faith in your business.
    19. - You are active with SFI, and you really believe it will make you income. But the question is HOW MUCH??? Answer is, A LOT, a lot of mullah but of course you have to put in effort, time and some investment. You wouldn't be thinking that to run a business you won't be spending for utilities and rent!! Online business is the same you do need some investment, that maybe a few tens of dollars or hundreds if wish to accelerate your business growth. You don't necessarily need to put money into these program, but if you don't then your business growth will be significantly slower. Read on the LAUNCHPAD, you'll have a better understanding of leveraging when you're done.
    20. - Running business means checking your office daily, your office in SFI is your affiliate center, your alerts, news and streams can be accessed from there. By being informed daily about the goings in your business you become smarter businessman. Knowing what goes in your business, let's you make and figure new strategies to improve. Here goes a LAUNCHPAD about that.
    21. - Let's face it, even the veterans in SFI admits they still go back to the basics once in a while, so that means for the most of us who are relatively new and new to SFI we need training. We're in luck because SFI provides hundreds of dollars worth of training for FREE. Yup we are provided with free training. Visit this launchpad to know more about. Don't forget to answer the quiz at the of the lesson to collect your 15 VersaPoints.
     22. - SFI is one of the handful of companies and affiliate program wherein the founder is around each day to help and answer your questions directly. At SFI you have a question, you can get a direct answer from the founder himself, Gery Carson. That is a testament that SFI is here to stay, in fact it's been on here since 1998. SFI is REAL, SFI pays real CASH.
     23. - As with any real and lasting affiliate program, there is always a community of affiliates whom you know are ready to share and help out with tips and suggestions. Visit the SFI forum section under your support tab and brainstorm with other affiliates. Browse the forum for helpful ideas, you'll find most relevant discussions there. This LAUNCHPAD is about that and more so do read it and learn from it.

    24. - At SFI you can connect with other affiliates, this is called "a2a". It's the social networking of the program, share ideas on streams and send messages which you normally won't be able to do outside your team mail.
    25. - Of the many ways to sponsor an affiliate, e-cards are one of the easiest to send. Send to your close friends, family, colleagues. Or if you have an email list send theses e-cards  to all. Just make you don't overdo it otherwise your messages will end up in SPAM and THAT we don't want to happen and isn't allowed by SFI.
    26. - Every effort, time and investment you put in will be rewarded, so the more the better and that goes the other way too. You see in SFI, your residual income comes after you have made the necessary steps. It's not a "get quick rich" rich thing, you can get rich with it though. And there are no limitations as to how high you can go. Learn the RANKS and how it relates to income on these LAUNCHPAD.
    27. - After all the efforts, you'll of course be waiting for the rewards. Now we're talking money, that means you have to have a payment option with SFI. There are many ways to get paid but the best and most convenient is by getting the TRIPLECLICKS Matercard, you can use to withdraw funds in any local currency you prefer. You can even use to pay for your online purchases. Read on about it on this launchpad.
    28. - Success in SFI doesn't happen "by chance" it is based on rules, the SFI RULES of SUCCESS. Learn them all, apply them into your online business and you'll have started your way to success. 
    29. - So you are almost done with your first month in SFI, have reached the rank of Executive Affiliate and is wondering how will you get the 1500 VersaPoints for next. LAUNCHPAD is a one time action and so are some of the other tasks that offer free VersaPoints. These is where the doers are separated from the "tire kickers".  Make a Standing Order of at least 1500VersaPoints and you will maintain your Executive Affiliate Rank and that entitles you to the other benefits and more income with SFI. Remember that you need to have a minimum of 1500 VersaPoints each month, we'll here's the easy and quick way to do it.
    30. -  So you've finally made it to the end of the month, learned SFI and is excited to put your IM skills to proper and effective use. Congratulations and let the fun and earning  BEGIN!!!
    This post will total your VersaPoints to 1215 VersaPoints. you should be able to get the remaining 285 VersaPoints easily and will show you on the next post.

    STEP 3
    Intermediate Actions (Step3)
     Intermediate Actions For VersaPoints

    In the previous posts I showed you how to collect VersaPoints to get you closer to becoming an Executive Affiliate. Now I'm going to show you how to get that remaining 200++ VersaPoints. All of this are considered action points and can easily get you to the Silver Team Leader Rank, by the way, this actions should be completed within one month. Before end of the month for best results.
    The VersaPoints that we are talking about today will be coming from "Intermediate Actions" shown in your "to-do List". Follow on and click on each link showed here.

    Now let's start;
    1. (500 VersaPoints) - To collect VP from this action, you have to apply for the TripleClicks Masterard Cash Card. As, soon as you have US$20 balance on your SFI account you can apply for this. It can be used for purchases online and you can even withdraw your commissions from it. It's also a good way to promote your business TripleClicks. You may not be able to collect VersaPoints from this action immediately but once you get the funds then I suggest you apply for it.
    2. (100 VersaPoints) - If you have a blog or website install a banner on them and don't forget to put key codes on your referral/gateway links so that you will be able to trace who's signing up and from which banner.
    An example of a link with a key code looks like this; http://www.sfi(PUT NUMBER FOUR HERE BEHIND sfi).com/XXXXXXX/FREE
    Put the key code after your SFI ID number and remember where you posted with that key code so you will know which advertisement is bringing you results.

    The following links will give you 10 free action versa points. To receive credit for these actions, read and understand the content then click the VersaPoint icon (V shape picture ) located in the top right corner of the page.
    3. (10 VersaPoints) -
    4. (10 VersaPoints) -
    5. (10 VersaPoints) -
    6. (10 VersaPoints) -
    7. (10 VersaPoints) -
    8. (10 VersaPoints) -
    9. (10 VersaPoints) -
    10. (10 VersaPoints) -
    11. (10 VersaPoints) -
    12.…/Marketing/StandardReferralMethods (10 VersaPoints) -
    13. (10 VersaPoints) -
    14. (10 VersaPoints) -
    15. (10 VersaPoints) -
    16. (10 VersaPoints) -
    17. (10 VersaPoints) -
    18. (10 VersaPoints) -
    19. (10 VersaPoints) -
    20. (10 VersaPoints) -
    21. (10 VersaPoints) -
    22. (10 VersaPoints) -
    23. (100 VersaPoints) -
    This list gives you a total of 1000 VersaPoints, more than enough to make you an Executive Affiliate.
    Action point number 1, 2 and 23 need some special actions, like blogging, purchasing the S-Builder Coop from Tripleclicks and applying for the TripleClicks Mastercard. These two items make up a total of 700 VersaPoints. So if you weren't able to complete them that is ok. You can complete them in the future, you still got 200 from this list. Add 10 more VersaPoints, which you got from visiting and reading your Sponsors' greeting and its 210 VersaPoints. Add that to the VersaPoints from the post, 1215 + 210 = 1425 VersaPoints, you only need 75 more to become Executive Affiliate.
    There are several ways to get the remaining VPs. If you are qualified for E365 challenge for 3 rounds (3 weeks) then you are already an EA because at the end of the third round 175 VersaPoints from there. 2 rounds only and you've got 75 VP from there. That means you are already an EA. Also if you were a fast tracker then that means you are already an EA too. For those who weren't FASTTRACKERs and those that didn't make it to rounds 1, 2, and 3 of the E365 Challenge, you can still reach EA rank easily in your first month. This is done by doing you "to-do List" everyday. Remember you only need 75 VersaPoints more.


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    How To Become SFI Executive Affiliate on first month FREE
    « on: February 07, 2020, 09:59:33 AM »
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