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Author How to Make N10,000 a day from any City, LG and Town anywhere  (Read 135 times)


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How to Make N10,000 a day from any City, LG and Town anywhere

With the high rate  of unemployment,  a common situation young people face sometime or the other: they require money but donít wish to borrow from relatives or friends. Nor do they have enough bank balance and payday is still a few days away.

What could be do?

Most people might feel hopeless in such situations. Unless, they know how to make 10,000 nairas in one day.
Surely youíll wonder whether itís possible to make N10,000 in one day. Because it means you can earn as much as N300 000 per month, by working 30 days.

In fact, you can find task jobs right in your neighborhood or location
Actually, itís fairly easy and quick to make N10,000 in one day, if youíre willing to exert some extra efforts. Millions of people across the natio  in cities, LGs and towns will actually be earning N10,000 Naira in one day doing odd tasks and jobs. these jobs would usually be just somewhere around your home or even office.
You can earn some decent money from these. However, this too would depend upon the nature of work. and you can over many tasks a day that do not require any skill.
Indeed, it makes good sense to take more than one task job. That way, you can earn a lot of money during in a day.

How to make N10,000 in one day? Hereíre 10 legit ways to make quick money-

Legit & Proven Ways to Make10,000 Naira in One Day.

Finding skills and types of unskills jobs you can do is the best way to go about making N10,000 in a day. Because some skills and unskills work can get you a lot of money for working just a few hours.

Youíll be amazed by the number of individuals and businesses that require your work.

Iím listing some of the sills and unskill tasks which we called taskworks where you can make N10,000 in one day. And some of these tasks you can easily find in your area, town, LG and city.

We also promote you to get any of these task by adding your Details, the task works you can offer and your picture.
In addition to promoting you directly, we also add Local SEO to your information page so that more people can find you through Google search when they need the services you can offer.
We offer these services to your I formation free but we accept donation as little and N200, N500 or even more from you to enable us continue to support more people in more cities, LAG and towns.

Getting started is simple: download the app from Google Play and register yourself.

Youíll have to provide some information or credentials for background check and add your picture. since you get work where youíll come in direct contact with the employer.

After successful registration, youíll be known as ĎTaskworkerí. You can select the work on your app and upon getting confirmation, go to the address to finish the work. Those who need services can also connect with you .

Services you can offer
Skills and unskills work
You can offer one or more task depending on you.
Delivery if things  and good, Gardening, moving furniture, plumbing, all types of errands nob, house cleaning, purchases and deliver and deliver, food cooking,
installations driving, painting, electrical and electronic, proffreading, , computer and phone repairs all types of repairs , deliver food from various restaurants to customers( This means youíll pick up food packages from restaurants and deliver to customers); The customers or the restaurants can call you from your page. MC job,
special skills include handling high voltage electrical circuits, security fencing for houses and packing fragile stuff for movers, Errands: Running errands is an offline micro job. You simply fetch something for someone from a nearby store and get money.
 and  certain other work gets you as much as N1,000 for non that may not take you up to an hour. You charge for your work and the owner of the job will post reviews on the service on your page. You get any of these jobs within your vicinity then go to the location to complete the task.
You only do at 15% of the charge to us which we use to for administration expenses and platform  maintenance.

These can include running errands to nearby stores for groceries, delivering packages, food deliveries, gifts delivery, gardening, cleaning and lots more such as car rewire, cat battery charger

Register yourself to get alerts of jobs in your locality on your mobile and email. How much money you make depends on the type of work.

The Internet is full of all sorts of ideas on how to make money fast. Unfortunately, most of these donít work and are usually written to grab your attention to read something useless.

Others are scams where you might lose money and fall victim to identity theft.

But you neednít worry. Here, Iíll  show you some amazing and quick ways to make money. And all these ideas are simple and workable.
We just use the internett to make it easy for people to reach and contact you and for you to get task job to do. you to get alert on your phone or email


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