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Author Why You Should Forgive Yourself When You Make Mistakes  (Read 150 times)


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Why You Should Forgive Yourself When You Make Mistakes
« on: July 16, 2020, 03:56:05 AM »
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  • Why You Should Forgive Yourself When You Make Mistakes
    • Sometimes I Wish I Knew Better
    “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.” — Napoleon Hill

    Think about a recent mistake and consider how things could have turned out differently for you. Whilst hindsight is a wonderful faculty, it can often make us feel guilt and remorseful for our actions. I want to reassure you that every choice we make is made with the awareness and level of consciousness available to us at the time. However, this does not excuse us from repeating the same mistakes.
     We are the product of our thinking and until we expand our consciousness, we are bound to repeat our mistakes. That’s where hindsight works to our advantage. With a new level of awareness, we can look forward to the future knowing we are not constrained by our mistakes but learn to make better decisions based on the past.
     Many people make mistakes they regret. How about you? Are you still holding on to regret from the past or have you made peace with them? I realize it is difficult to let go of the past. But, we can take comfort knowing we did our best at the time and hopefully we won’t repeat the same mistakes. This is why we must forgive ourselves but notice what we’ve chosen and simply choose again; this time more wisely.
     I’ve made countless mistakes in my 20’s regarding my health and career choices. Sometimes I wish I knew better, however I didn’t have the awareness as I do now and I was choosing to the best of my ability. In a recent conversation with a coaching client, she complimented me on my ability to help her overcome her challenges.
     As I considered the compliment, it reminded me of the countless mistakes I made over the years. In fact, gaining wisdom has little to do with the books I read, the courses attended or the people I surround myself with. Whilst they are important, it was the numerous mistakes I made, and the lessons gained that cultivated good judgement.


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