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Author Ultra Simple 3 Steps plan to make Extra N100k Monthly in Telecom Business  (Read 2127 times)


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If you are reading on web, download app for this page @

Ultra Simple 3 Steps Plan To Make N100K Monthly in Telecom Business

To Read at your convenient then Install Mobile App that shows you how to Make Extra N100k Monthly in Telecom Business.
 Install the app, register and get your own webpage similar to this you are reading and  share your webpage to other people and you start to make money!!!

Ultra Simple 3 Steps Plan

:Step 1: Register as a member with the minimum registration of N5,000 and you get a web page similar to this you are reading containing your username and your phone number so that other people can register with your username automatically

Step 2: Refer only 3 people . How? Share your webpage link to social media such as Facebook wall, Facebook groups, twitter,  Whatsapp, Whatsapp groups, Whatsapp by broadcastTelegram, blogs, forums, by sms

Step 3: Upgrade to Gold member when you reach level 5.

To read thoroughly, Install recharge and get paid app Now on play store @

There are 3 ways of generating money through Recharge and get paid system

( 1.) Through Direct and indirect referral bonuses. upon your registration you earn 20% of any amount u signs up with, You Earn another 20% N1,000 from your direct referral that mean And when someone join through your username on your webpage

  • You also earn 20% of N5000= N1,000 from 3 people is N3,000
  • And you also earn 10% from your 2nd generation referral N500, from 9 people = N4,500
  • 3rd generation referral N250, from 27 people = N6,750
  • 4th generation referral N125, from 81 people = N10,125
  • 5th generation referral N62.5, from 243 people =N15,187.5

  • You introduce James you earn 20% 
  • James introduce Ajah you earn 10% = N500
  • Ajah introduce Musa you earn 5%=  N250
  • Musa introduce keny, you earn 2.5%  =N125
  • Kenny introduces Bello you earn 1.5% =N65.5

And from your 6th to 10th generation you earn 1% .When you reach level 5 then you upgrade to Bronze membership

 (2.) You earn leadership bonuses

 Leadership bonus are an accumulated Point value or PV for short accumulated over time

 If you signs up with N5000 basic package you get 20Pv

N10,000 bronze package you get 40pv

N20,000 silver package you get 80pv

N30,000 Gold package you get 120pv

N40,000 Diamond package you get 160pv

N50,000 Platinum package you get 200pv

N100,000 Executive Platinum package you get 400pvAnd as you signs up people and your down lines also introduces people your PV increases

And if at any time your team PV increases up to 10,000 PV the company pays you a leadership bonus of N100,000 cash ( Based on your team effort)
Again when your team PV increase to 25,000pv the company gives you a leadership bonus of N500,000 or an all expense trip to Dubia

Now when you & your team accumulates 60,000Pv you will b given a car or a leadership Bonus of N2,000,000 cash

So far so good when you & your team accumulates 100,000Pv you would be given a leadership bonus also known as a House fund of N3,000,000 cash.

When you upgrade to Bronze partner package, you 3 referrals also upgrade . So let us see how much you earn when your upgrade
  • You also earn 20% of N10,000= N2,000 from 3 people is N6,000
  • And you also earn 10% from your 2nd generation referral N1,000, from 9 people = N9,000
  • 3rd generation referral N500, from 27 people = N13,500
  • 4th generation referral N250, from 81 people = N20,250
  • 5th generation referral N125, from 243 people =N30,375
on this package you earn 1% N100 to the 10th generation level6th  generation referral N100, from 243x3=729 people=N72,900Let say from 6th to 10 generation, each person refers just one person each month, then you earn N72,000 + N30,000 upgrade to bronze-N102,375
7th generation referral N100
8th generation referral N100
9th generation referral N10010th generation referral N100

There are 7 different registration packages

  • BASIC MEMBER.................N5,000: You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N1,000 instantly plus 20PV. And earn up to 5th level deep of your downlines.
  • ✅ BRONZE MEMBER..............N10,000: You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N2,000 instantly plus 40PV. And earn up to 6th Level deep of your downlines.
  • ✅ SILVER MEMBER....................N20,000: You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N4,000 instantly plus 80PV. And earn up to 7th Level deep of your downlines.
  • ✅ GOLD MEMBER......................N30,000: You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N6,000 instantly plus 120PV. And earn up to 8th Level deep of your downlines.
  • ✅ DIAMOND MEMBER................40,000: You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N8,000 instantly plus 160PV. And earn up to 9th Level deep of your downlines.
  • ✅ PLATINUM MEMBER..................50,000: You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N10,000 instantly plus 200PV. And earn up to 10th Level deep of your downlines.
  • ✅ EXECUTIVE PLATINUM MEMBER..................N100,000You will earned back 20% of your registration fee, that is N20,000 instantly plus 400PV. And earn up to 10th Level deep of your downlines.

8 WAYS YOU MAKE MONEY IN TELECOM BUSINESS?You get paid whenever you do any of the following:

1. When you register, you get 20% of the package you choose to start with.

2. When you sell or buy data you get 10%.

3. When you sell or buy airtime, you get 2%.

4. When you refer anybody, you get 20% of the person's registration amount.

5. When your referrals refer others, you earn between 10% & 1% (2nd &10th level).

6. When members of your team recharge airtime, you get 0.35%.

7. When members of your team subscribe for data, you get 1%.

8. You will also get paid for your subscriptions and your team's DSTV, GOTV and Startimes subscriptions plus electricity bill payments.With our ultra simple 3 steps plan, referral is easy. just share the  link of your webpage containing your username with people.And just like the way you save money into your bank account and use such money to buy airtime, data, pay for cable TV subscription by dialing a code, you can do the same thing using your RAGP VTU but RAGP is different because you get 2% to 10% of your money back anytime you make payments through your VTU account.

Now, isn't that awesome?


With our ultra simple 3 steps plan, Choose basic registration packages N5,000
Contact  me on 08033181698 to register and get your free webpage similar to this page you are reading.
To Register directly use the username:  mobileapp as referral ID and  register directly on the website @ 
After your registration, your get your own webpage and your phone number and ID will be added to your own web page.

Basic Membership Registration:N5,000 : You get back 20% i.e N1,000 plus 20PV and earn commissions up to the 5th level deep of your downlines.

Bronze Membership Registration: N10,000: You get back 20% i.e N2,000 plus 40PV and earn commission up to the 6th level deep of your downlines.

Silver Membership registration: N20,000: You get back 20% i.e N4,000 plus 80PV and earn up to the 7th level deep of your downlines.

Gold Membership Registration:N30,000: You get back 20% i.e N6,000 plus 120PV and earn to the 8th level deep of your downlines.

Diamond Membership RegistrationN40,000: You get back 20% i.e N8,000 plus 160PV and earn to the 9th level deep of your downlines.

Platinum Membership Registration:N50,000: You get back 20% i.e N10,000 plus 200PV and earn to the 10th level of your downlines and can for qualify for 100K, 500K, and 2M bonuses.

Executive Platinum Membership....N100,000: You'll get back 20% i.e N20,000 plus 400PV and earn to the 10th level of your downlines and also qualify for 100K, 500K, 2M, 3M, 4M and 6M bonuses.

For me to do your registration for you and start with our Untra simple 3 steps plan
 Send your registration FEE of N5,000 to me by making transfer pay your money to the  account below:

Account Name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale
Account Number: 0118082100
Account Type: Savings

Send the  below details to me and your account will be ready in less than 10mins

_Full Name:
_Phone No.:
_Your Bank Info
_bank name:
_acct name:
_acct. no.:
_acct. type:  (saving/current)

Note: Mistake should not occur please for smoothly activation

How to register  on your own

1. Visit

2. Use referral ID: mobileapp

3. Fill the form

4. Select paystack as Payment method

5. Pay with ATM card


What is the name of the company? RECHARGE AND GET PAID NIGERIA LIMITED

What is the name of the CEO? Mr. Ositadinma Oshopo

When was the company founded? 2015

What are your products? VTU vending of AirTime and Data of all GSM Networks; Cable TV Subscriptions such as DSTv, GOTv and StarTimes; and PHCN, WAEC, NECO coming soon.

Do you have an office in Nigeria? Yes, a Corporate Head Office in Abuja FCT, as well as an office in Ibadan and a Training Centre in Calabar.

Is the company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC? Yes, we are CAC registered and we are also licensed by the National Communications Commission (NCC).

Are you sure this company won't fold up like others? We are very sure because it is a legally registered and licensed corporate entity recognized by the laws of the land and especially because it deals in products that have a PERMANENT market ie as long as we have human beings, these products will ALWAYS be in demand.

How do I join your company? Get back to the person who introduced or first told you about the company and signup through him/her . Join our team with any of our members closer to you anywhere nationwide.

Must I refer anyone before I start making money? No! You can make money from distributing VTU and other products alone if you so choose. Once you join our team you contact will be included on this app page. Share the app with people on your Facebook, Facebook groups and whatsap and whatsapp groups, insert the app link on your whatsapp status.

Why should I target leaders to join me? Because they have influence on people already. You said referring people is very good.

What is in it for us if we do that? The mouth watering compensation plan for referrals and VTU bonuses is a beautiful reason for those who refer others.

How many people am I expected to directly refer? At least 3 and is very easy once your share this app with people.

Can I refer more than 3 people directly? Yes, of course you can! In fact, the more, the merrier and better for you! Continue to share this app to ore people to install and join.

Do spillovers help my downlines? No, they don't.

How does having more Direct referrals help me? It increases your chances of having active downlines and helps you earn more referral bonuses, PV and VTU bonuses.

Our Membership nationwide:
Once you join our team, you can add your own name and phone number in your state

FCT  Abuja

  Abia State

Adamawa State

Akwa Ibom State

Anambra  State

Bauchi State

Bayelsa  State

Benue State

Borno  State

Cross River  State

Delta State

Ebonyi State

Edo  State

Ekiti  State

Enugu  State

Gombe  State

Imo State

Jigawa State

Kaduna State

Kano  State

Katsina State

Kebbi State

Kogi State

Kwara  State

Lagos State

Nasarawa State

Niger State

Ogun  State

Ondo  State

Osun  State

Oyo State

Plateau  State

Rivers  State

Sokoto State

Taraba  State

Yobe State

Zamfara State

Useful Articles Links

ThanksWale Adeleke:
Team Leader:


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