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Author An Overview of Making N300k $1000 with SELF-Self Empowerment Leadership Freedom  (Read 765 times)


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An Overview of Making N300k $1000 with SELF-Self Empowerment Leadership Freedom


1. You get business page with  unlimited web pages ( for limited people within a state platform)
2. You choose 6 ways we suggest from 33 ways to monetize your pages .
 3. We insert those 6 ways to display on your unlimited business pages automatically.
 4. We show you how to draw traffic to your business pages with our strategy.
 5. We advertise those 6 ways for you by display banner  in all pages in your state platform and on all local councils pages in your state.
6. People order from you because they get cash back. Our  suggestion is that  you give customers 50% cash back.
7. You can make N50k-100k from each of these ways  and you only  pay us 10% for advertising your business pages.  You can continue to use the pages as long as you want.
You can also advertise your existing business Free.
Get your business page now before some else gets it in your state. Limited spaces available per state.

You get tips on each of those points.
You get your business page for N3,000 only and you also make additional using facebook to refer others, you get the tips. N1,000 per referral.
Start now and refer your friends before your friends refer you.

NOTE: Your Cash Back Page is different from your ads income pages on Google adsense pages and Amazon pages
You get a free copy of the ebook: How To Make Money Writing and publishing information ( articles, newsletter, ebooks, books etc]

Summary of Self Empowerment Leadership Freedom

In this section here, we will cover:

    The big picture
    An eight-step overview of how the revenue magic happens
    An introduction to your monetization partners
    A note about setting realistic expectations
The Big Picture

Since Naijasky launched in 2013, we have developed a time-tested way to help  interested serious people make money doing what they love doing posting info and sharing to other people.

We want to help you turn the thing you love to do (writing, posting and sharing your knowledge) into something that can earn you serious income and  money on the side while having fun and making friends along the way.

Please keep in mind that Naijasky is, first and foremost, a community for people  from each state, each local council, Africand and other countries globally who share information, and help others. Making money is a nice bonus, but it should not be your primary motivation. In other words, writing on your page works best as an enjoyable hobby .

Calibrating Expectations

We'd never want to mislead new people,  that's not who we are. Naijasky pages are not a place to get rich quick! You are not likely to see significant earnings from your cash back pages, Google adsense and articles mmediately and that is the reason you can start earning income referring people from local councils in your state.

With cash back like our Jumia cash page for you, you can begin to make big money from first month.  For local or national adverts, you need to have people reading your articles on regular basis for you to attract payment for adverts space on your page.

People who earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per month are very serious individual who combine many traffic strategies we suggest- writing info and sharing, refer people to get pages, boost post and link on fanpage, using flyers and cross marketing for local business, writing stories of street and businesses, town and category of businesses, post reviews of products from their link Te

In short, if you came to Naijasky for getting Rich quick mind set, we're afraid you've come to the wrong place. But if you love to work hard and earn money, we are passionate about you posting on your hobbies and interests on your pages, and consider helping others to be very rewarding, Naijasky is absolutely the place for you!
We'll Be Frank...

Naijasky is not:
    A place to get rich quick
    A place where you will earn money without putting in much effort

Naijasky is:

    A place to make posts and share information on your interests and hobbies
    A place where, you can earn a income in auto- pilot by posting your knowledge and expertise and share to Facebook and other social media.

Earn Offline Income for Online Marketing  Local Businesses Listing and Products Display

Offline Isaac Adeniran

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How it Works

    You publish articles offer useful or interesting information to readers on subjects you care about
    You sign up with  monetization partners
    People read your articles and occasionally  buy products from and get cash back and also click on ads.
You earn commisions on products people but through your page and you share your commison the customers and you also earn a percentage of the revenue generated by those ads (and Naijasky earns some to keep the site running)
    You receive your earnings ivianto your back account as in case  of Jumia affiliates program and cheque .

You earn money doing what your love doing for free on social media.


Offline Isaac Adeniran

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An 8-Step Overview

    A new person joins Naijasky Cash Back Program
People join CBP and add monetization programs of their choice, such as Jumia Affiliate,  Google  AdSense, the Cash Back referral Program, and the  Amazon Associates Program. Joining these programs is what allows our people  to generate income by making posts and sharing to Facebook and other social media.

 Now it's time for you to do what you  loves; writing, posting and texting  and make money on auto pilot.

You can write about almost anything you want on your pages on Naijasky as long as it's written in English and isn't offensive or spammy (please read what is allowed for further clarification).

A person who knows a lot about surfing might write about surfing. Parents or professionals may share their best parenting or workplace advice.

You're probably already an expert at more things than you realize! Of course, a little bit of research is always a good idea too.
    Once the people chooses a topic and researches it, she then writes an article and fills it with interesting and helpful content including text, links, images, videos, and other media where appropriate.

You can write story about different businesses in a street, you can write about a category of business in a town e.g Top restaurant in Uyo or best tourist center in Minna .
You can write about your experience on internet and with a program that you have experienced scam so that other people can be careful.

You can write review of products you bought.

 Naijasky writing interface, makes creating articles easy.
    Posting is the next step after writing an article and add relevant images.  with our SEO integrated , if your article is original,  it will also be crawled by search engines  and appear on first page of Google search for relevant key words.



Offline Isaac Adeniran

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Next, readers see your display banner adverts we insert and  products that are placed on published articles and the author can earn commisions from sales and money from these ads.

  As the article gets more readers over time, it will continue to earn money for its author. The more visitors an article gets, the more money that author stands to earn from commisions and adverts.

    You then post and publishes more articles (and occasionally updates your older articles to make sure they stay current and correct) and continues to make money as they are read.

Writing lots of articles is the key to making money on  Cash Back page and your adverts  revenue income. Remember, the most successful pieces are well written, informative, and useful to readers.

Articles may be monetized by several premium adverts and affiliate partners: Jumia Affiliates Program, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, the Naijasky Cash Back Adverts Program,  selling adverts spaces on your pages and listing of businesses and local cash back Program.

One of the ways you earn income is
 Google AdSense. On  Your Naijasky pages adverts are placed on every articles (except for those that have ads turned off). You will recognize Google AdSense ads because they will be labeled. Google AdSense ads may be Pay Per Click (PPC) ads (if someone clicks on an ad, you will be paid from that click) or display ads (if someone simply views the ad, you will be paid from that view). If you haven't signed up for Google AdSense, we recommend signing up so you can begin earning on  your Naijasky  pages. You can also visit the Google AdSense Help Center for more information on AdSense and how it works.

Google AdSense is required in order to add additional income  for your cash back income and Naijasky Adverts Program and your Amazon Program, using your own Amazon Associate ID.

To earn from Amazon, your preferred Amazon program must be active in your Earnings Settings and you must feature Amazon products in your articles through the use of Amazon link.

The main differences between your Cash Back page and Google adsense and Amazon

    With Amazon Associates, your relationship is with Amazon, and  and you and your customer .Amazon will provide reporting and issue payments to you.

 With cash back, your relationship is with  Jumia and you and your customers, and Naijasky will provide reporting and issue payments to you as part of the Naijasky Adverts Earnings Program.

 Most people earn more via Naijasky cash back program than they would on their own using Jumia Affilate.

    You will be paid by Google in dollar and Jumia pay you in Naira to your bank account.
  Googlw issues payments via cheques.

If a clicking visitor purchases qualifying products on your share of the impressions you make 100% of the commission from Jumia.

The Naijasky Adverts Program

The Naijasky Adverts  Program is a great way to earn from your social media traffic.

With the  Naijasky Adverts Program, You earn FAT commissions when people get cash back pages and others pages through you especially people from local councils in the State you are based. You get the tips to automate referring people from all local council on your state.

How the Adverts  Program Works

In the usual Google AdSense arrangement, you google code will be on your Adverts Program Pages

 Standard AdSense ad unit will be served and paid directly to you by Google .

If you are part of the Ad Program, you will be paid by Google AdSense for the ads

What kind of earnings can you expect?

Like many  other people fromndifferent states nationwide in the Ad Program, you will see significant increases in your combined revenue (Ad Program + Google AdSense + Cash Program) compared to what they earn from Google AdSense alone if you work alone.

What kind of ads will you see in the Ad Program?

The Ad Program draws from a number of high-quality ad networks, including Google, many of which are exclusive and only work with the largest publishers.

How will payment work?
You earn from naijasky  referral for cash back monthly directly into your bank account and you see details on your profile page on Naijasky.

Revenue Split with your customers on Cash Back is totally in your hands and customer will be advise to post purchase code to your profile so you can track it from your jumia affilaite page.

1. Register free at if you have not done so.
2. Register with Jumia as affiliate at and get your IF
3. Get your Cash back page by making payment into or make trasfer  of N3,000 only to :
GTBank Saving Account No: 0118082100
Name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale
After publish 10 qualities articles before you apply at
Start to make money before you apply for Amazon associates.

Yours for success
Self Empowerment Leadership Freedom
Wale Adeleke
3 Owodunni street Ikeja Lagos
2 Thomas Salako street Ogba Lagos



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