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Upload photos and get paid
« on: May 31, 2019, 02:42:47 PM »
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  • Upload photos and get paid

    Most Smart phone on the current market have the high definition cameras. They will allow you taking great pictures at any time and everywhere. It is said that those pictures created by Smartphone are as high quality as the pictures created by high end digital cameras. Combine the advantage with the capability to upload your pictures online, your smartphone will be a great tool for make money online


    You take photos of:

      natural heritage sites, and landscape,
     tourist centers, emir palace, oba palace, obi palace, market place,
    parks, cave, wide life, landmarks, and rivers.
    hill, maintain, landmark road, buildings, hotels,
    events, festival, schools,
    national parks, forest, museum, amusement park, Game Reserves, Mountains
    Ponds, River and lakes, farm land, irrigation, cultural centers
        Buildings: landmark building such as local government headquarters, shopping complex, market building, shops, hospitals, clinic, plarmacy, offices
        Places of religious worship
        Fashion icons
        Public art in public spaces
        Art. All forms.

    upload those to your local government platform on , Name your photos well and you get paid.


    If you have been seeking for the effective solutions to make a large amount of money from Internet, then, The Get Paid Taking Pictures program made by Michael Davis is the best answer for you. this program is a wonderful program which shows you how to use Smartphone to earn money only by uploading the photos from your Smartphone. The Get Paid Taking Pictures program will help you use your Smartphone to make lots of money from Internet in a easy and safe way.

    General information about The Get Paid Taking Pictures program

    This program is a wonderful program which shows you how to use Smartphone to earn money only by uploading the photos from your Smartphone. It includes lots of useful tips and solutions about how to use your Smartphone to make the strong stream of income. In this program, Michael Davis has shared the strategies and the best solutions that help you earn lots of money from those valueless pictures in your Smartphone of any Smartphone firm.

    The other wonderful thing of this program is that getting a good chance to make a lot of money without having experience in geography or photography. Regardless your are professional photographer or a beginner, you could use this program to earn lots of money. The Get Paid Taking Pictures program will show you the best way to get lots of money only by taking images by using your mobile phone.

    On the current market, The Get Paid Taking Pictures program is the easiest method that help you make a huge stream of income from your Smartphone. Instead of only using your Smartphone as entertainment equipment, developed instructions in The Get Paid Taking Pictures program will help you use your Smartphone to make lots of money from Internet in a easy and safe way. It is said that Smartphone is a revolutionary equipment that not only help us entertain but also it help us change our life and create a huge resource of income effectively. You only use your smartphone to take beautiful pictures and upload them into website to earn money.

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    Upload photos and get paid
    « on: May 31, 2019, 02:42:47 PM »
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    Re: Upload photos and get paid
    « Reply #1 on: May 31, 2019, 02:47:47 PM »
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  • Can You Really Get Paid Taking Pictures And Uploading Them To The Internet
    December 27, 2014Get pictures, Scam reviewSteen   

    imageI have here today tried a new website which has an affiliate program that I can promote.

    But unfortunately I can not quite get it to hang with how hard it really is to sell pictures normally.

    I have done some research on the area and yes it can be done but it requires more than you know.

    But can you really get paid taking pictures and uploading them to the Internet?
    Well, what do you think?
    Is it as easy as it sounds here?

    You can read my position here.
    My Get Paid Taking Pictures Review

    Name: Get Paid Taking Pictures
    Price: From $ 69 down to 4.95 then there are additional sales of $ 14 and on up to the $ 69 again as the product costing originally
    Owners: Michael Davis
    Overall Google Rank: 0 out of 10
    Get Paid Taking Pictures, Product Overview

    imageIt is not a new idea to sell pictures.
    But Michael Davis has created an affiliate program, with a list of sites where you are able to sell your images.

    The program itself is a small review on how to make pictures on your smartphone or your digital camera and then sell them at some different sides who resell them to websites and others that will buy images online.
    The Good & the Bad
    The Good:

        It is possible to earn money by selling photos online.
        You can make money several times on the same image.

    The Bad:

        Itís not easy to take pictures as others will buy. And certainly not if you plan to take it whit your phone.
        You can simple do aGoogle search even find the websites where you can sell your pictures.
        There are a great contest in between photographers and there are many talented that really has some good pictures to sell.
        You must be more than lucky if you get a Picture sold for more than a few $

    Who is Get Paid Taking Pictures For?

    imageAs described, it is an affiliate program that you can promote. as I have written about it here.

    So if you build an affiliate website is definitely a profitable program to promote.

    True, there are some deep discount.

    But they will. Quickly turned to upsell so you can really get profit out of the program. In addition you get up to 75% in commission for a sale.

    I can not imagine that real photographers selling their pictures online can use this for anything.

    They know what equipment is needed to create good images that people will download and purchase.

    But I have even at a cheap price got a good idea , I have learned much more about creating good effect and found out how important pictures are online.

    Just not on this page, you can read more here where I build my online business up.

    There is also a lot training about the use of images.

    Itís actually just asking a question then There is always a member who has an answer very quickly ,or a training video where you get your answer fast.
    Get Paid Taking Pictures Tools & Training

    It is a very sparsely member area that you meet Here.
    It actually only took me less than an hour to see it all through.

    I actually just got few information I did not already know.

    But I take even as many pictures myself, and them Iím taking is mostly screenshots for this website.

    I have learned a little bit about finding the motive for pictures.
    But I think unfortunately Iím not able to take pictures that can be included in the contest with professional photographers.
    Get Paid Taking Pictures Support

    I have found a Facebook fan page which have some members and some likes on the pictures that they have uploaded.

    But I can not really find Michael Davis as a active member on the page itself.
    I have not tried to send him an email for more information.

    I feel pretty sure I need to upgrade to VIP members area for at all to connect with other members.

    I do not really want to upgrade more because I am afraid that I come out in additional sales that just keeps escalating minimum back to the $ 69 that it started on.
    Get Paid Taking Pictures Price

    imageI started with a price of the $ 69 but got a discount code which helped me down the $ 34 I click away but get there after an offer of $ 19 ok it seemed I was still too much so I click away but gets an down sale to $ 4.95 here I turn to and move into the workout.

    I am really glad I did not pay the full price to learn about images online.
    My Final Opinion of Get Paid Taking Pictures

    To be honest you will not be a photographer, just take some pictures of your smartphone.

    You must just remember that there are many talented photographers, who can not even create a full time income by taking pictures.

    They compete for a big market, but they are also a lot of tender.

    This is where you can apparently should come into the picture with a little bit of training you should then be able to Build yourself a brand and create a full time income by just taking some everyday photos from your smartphone.

    Yes it is easy to take pictures and and share them online, and itís also easy to find places where you can charge them and put them on sale.

    But to get someone to pay money for them is a completely different issue. Here I must say that I am more skeptical.

    It is right that in my social circle have a friend who has earned a lot of money as an international photographer.

    But she started as a 13 year old to work for free for a lot of photographers where she slowly but surely worked her way up the ranks and become a renowned photographer here almost 30 years later.
    She has both company and gallery.
    She lives by it and has won awards and is accredited.

    But to put it bluntly.
    You do not have a chance to capture a market with just a few images you have charged from your smartphone.
    Get Paid Taking Pictures at a Glance Ö


    Re: Upload photos and get paid
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    Re: Upload photos and get paid
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    Re: Upload photos and get paid
    « Reply #2 on: May 31, 2019, 05:05:34 PM »
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