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Author Why Power is powerful and juicy  (Read 180 times)


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Why Power is powerful and juicy
« on: July 14, 2020, 04:26:07 PM »
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  • Why Power is powerful and juicy

    Power is powerful and juicy that the holders don't want to ever part with.

    When it comes to power, people don't have enough and, instead to loose power, holders of power always prefer to die in power. That is why you see power-drunk and powermongers scattered all over the world, particularly in Africa.

    A british historian, Lord Acton, of the late 19C and early 20C who said "power tends to corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely" meant that the morality of individual tends to lessen when power increases. Isn't it the same thing the Yoruba people had in ming when they said 'b'yn b t lw lw w onw n h' - meaning 'wealth has a way of exposing someone's real character'.

    So, because power is attractively juicy and the holders want to hold on to it forever, to wrest it from the holder's hands has never been a tea party. Most often, violence is the main language power understands before it can shift base.

    In order words, power will remain in the hand of the hand of the Fulani at the national level and Ibadan in Oyo State as long as the regions that lack power are merely wishing to lay hold of power.

    'If wishes were horses, beggars will ride', a proverb and nursery rhyme that first appear in a collection of scottish poems in 1628 is still relevant today. Wishing is mere dream and no matter how good a dream is, action is needed to make it a reality.

    Currently, as far as I know Okeogun's wish to become Governor of Oyo State is not solid enough because we have not been speaking with a united voice about it. While some have mental wish for Okeogun governorship; many others, out of selfishness and  greed have a strong wish that the status-quo of Ibadan hegemony continues.

    We shouldn't be deceieving ourselves that we are one on the matter of Okeogun governorship. What we have been doing so far is what the Yoruba people often proverbially described as '...f'ko tt tann fn ra eni...'. And, as long as we are not serious enough to come together to demand for our rights the way we should, we are going to keep dancing to the cacophonic tune of a staccatoic music of unsonorous people heading to nowhere.

    From the foregoing, Okeogun has no strong wish, not to talk of a collective dream. Where is Okeogun dream? Who can tell me what our agenda is? Yet we are making noise about Okeogun this, Okeogun that! How many more years do we have to deceive ourselves when we know we are so sharply divided along religion, politics and town patronage lines? And, what concrete efforts, other than Whatsapp rhetorics, have put in place to solve these problems and forge out a dream for our region?

    If we don't have a dream, we can't be talking of a direction, focus and target. And, if all these are not in place, there is nothing we can do successfully.

    So, the first thing to do is to our house un order. We should work out strategies and modalities to get a new Okeogun consciousness that will promote genuine love for our region which will lead to unity of purpose. Unity of purpose will lead to a common dream and, with a common in place, productive actions will folllow.

    To me, this is the way out. We have to take action because what we don't pursue, we can possess. What we don't attempt we accept. Everything will remain the same if we keep dancing around it without any concrete steps to change it.

    Finally, to wrest power from Ibadan, we are going to need the contributions from Ogbomoso and Ibarapa. Here we are things have fallen apart and the centre has not been holden among ouselves, how are we going to reach out to other regions when our own house is not order?

    These are the things we should consider before we continue to waste resources of time, treasure and talent.

    Good morning and have a pleasant day ahead.


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    Why Power is powerful and juicy
    « on: July 14, 2020, 04:26:07 PM »
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