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Author A Letter of Peace to You all from Italy  (Read 110 times)


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A Letter of Peace to You all from Italy
« on: March 21, 2020, 07:16:56 PM »
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  • A Letter of Peace to You all from Italy
     My dear brothers and sisters in Nigeria, I live in Italy - Milan, and
     I'm going to share with you and explain to you, "How life is here in Milan" during these difficult times and how I think you in Nigeria should lead your lives in order not to repeat the mistakes of the Italian people.

    We are currently in quarantine.  We are not allowed to take to the streets. The police are in constant motion and will arrest anyone outside his/her home.

    Everything is closed!  ... business, malls, and stores. Every street is  without any movement.
    We are having the feeling of the end of the world !!

    Italy, the country of  better living - full of life, is completely transformed as if it were a dark country of war.
    The situation is something I never thought would ever happen here! People are confused, sad, anxious and helpless, and often do not understand how this reality was imposed on them and when this whole nightmare will end.

    The big mistake was that at the start of the first hit people continued to lead their lives as usual and took to the streets for work, entertainment and feeling like a vacation period.
    But everyone was wrong and it is same i think would happen in Ghana you if you don't think certain precautionary measures!

    I beg you, be careful, this is neither a laugh nor a joke. Protect yourself and loved ones; your parents and your grandparents! 

    The disease is dangerous for everybody.
    About 200 people die here every day, not because medicine in Milan is not good, but because there are no medical places for everyone! Doctors choose who will survive and who will die! 

    All this is due to the silliness of the citizens at the beginning of the onslaught. They decided to continue their lives as usual, regardless of the new situation!

    Please, learn from the *mistakes*! Nigeria is an over populated country that could end up with a great tragedy if everything is taken for granted.
    Listen well now ,,,
    -Don't go out into crowded places.
    -Don't eat in public places.
    -Stay longer at home during this time!
    -Listen to the Ministry of Health guidelines.
    -Talk a meter away from people.
    -Don't come close.
    -Don't cuddle or accept a hug from any person.
    -Get a complementary and preventive treatment and learn from others' mistakes.
    -I recommend that you take vitamin C to boost your immune system.
    -Help professionals to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

    In Italy, the entire country is isolated, more than 60 million people in quarantine !!

    This would have been prevented if people had heard the instructions from the beginning.

    Take care of yourself love your life and the life of another, thanks ❤❤
     Please you can share the message to loved ones.


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    A Letter of Peace to You all from Italy
    « on: March 21, 2020, 07:16:56 PM »
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