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Author Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  (Read 1184 times)


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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
« on: April 01, 2012, 10:52:33 PM »
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  • Unless you win the lottery or get a chance to appear on the "Who
    Wants to Be A Millionaire" television show answering 15 easy
    questions, you better start realizing that you will have to work
    hard to achieve millionaire status.

    Almost every other day I receive an email with the subject
    "$50,000 in 90 days." I am almost certain that most people on
    this list have received this same email. All you have to do is
    pay a total of $20 for 4 reports, sign up 5 people under you and
    with the power of multi-level marketing, you will make over
    $50,000 in 90 days.

    Disregarding the fact that this pyramid scheme is illegal, the
    bottom line is that it does not work.

    Do you honestly think that you can make $50,000 in 90 days doing
    almost nothing. Wake up. It ain't going to happen.

    Success and riches will not fall in your lap. Sure, we all sit
    around sometimes thinking got lucky because they were
    the first search directory on the Internet or got
    lucky because they were the first online book retailer?
    Only if we had thought of the idea first! Right?

    I personally can't help but think what was I doing in 1994
    when the Internet was literally taking off and any idea was a
    "new" idea. I was still in university and really didn't give a
    hoot about this new thing called "The Internet."

    [Kick] Ouch!

    (That is me kicking myself for not giving a hoot!)

    But lets not try to kid ourselves. Companies like Yahoo and
    Amazon have worked hard to achieve the success that they
    deserve. There were hundreds of promising web sites that were
    around during the initial Internet days that have now long died

    No matter how much people try to avoid hard work and persistence
    or try to find the "lazy" way to riches, we ultimately find out
    that it is not easy to make money on the Internet.

    People who have amassed great fortunes were driven by the need
    to exceed. They were obsessed with the desire to make their
    fortunes and they never let that flame of motivation dwindle.

    There are essentially four steps that should be followed to
    achieve financial success.

    Firstly, you must have a plan. No successful person has
    succeeded without a plan. Do you plan on having the best
    recipe web site? Do you want to be the Internet's best portal
    for business web sites? Regardless of what your goal is, you
    need a plan.

    The second step is that you need to save. Your plan will need
    capital to get started and without any savings, you will have no
    money to porperly execute your plan. The rule of thumb is to
    save ten percent of what you earn. When you feel you have saved
    enough money, then you can carry through with your plan.

    The third step is to invest your money wisely. If you are
    starting a recipe web site, then invest your money advertising
    in recipe newsletters or other recipe web sites. Do not waste
    your hard earned money investing in foolish areas. If you are
    promoting recipes, do not advertise in a newsletter about

    Make sure you track your results so that you will invest your
    future earnings wisely. Find which advertising mediums are
    working best for you and producing good results. As long as you
    are making more money than you are spending, keep investing in
    those advertising mediums.

    The fourth step is to compound your investment. With the
    increased sales from advertising, you should reinvest your
    profits into additional advertising. Keep growing your
    advertising campaign instead of blowing your new profits at the
    local casino.

    One thing I have learned is that life is like one big soap
    opera. You never know what is going to happen next and things
    will not always go your way. With a proper plan, good savings,
    smart investing and continual investing of your new profits, you
    will eventually reach your destination.

    Will you ever succeed?

    Follow my advice above, and I bet you will!

    And that... is my final answer.


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    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
    « on: April 01, 2012, 10:52:33 PM »
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