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« on: April 01, 2012, 03:50:08 PM »
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    One the easiest and surest way to raise funds for investment is to pull scattered funds together. You can coordinate people of like-mind to mobilized scattered idle funds into useful funds based on trust and loyalty.
    Under this system you cannot lose. This is a system where by fixed number of people contribute a fixed sum of money periodically. The contributors then take the total sum contributed in rotation.
    For instance, ten people can contribute $500 or $1000 each (weekly, forth nightly, monthly or quarterly) one, two or three people take or share the contributed money in rotation. You may also decide to keep 10% of the contributed money in bank to give as loan to members on minimum interest for emergency needs.
    You can initiate or coordinate five to ten of such cooperative groups containing between five to ten members per group. It is different from the cooperative association in the following ways.
                  i.        No new member can join unless the rotational has gone round the entire members.
                 ii.        The members contribute a uniform fixed amount of money
                iii.        The system does not need a formal registration or recognition by the government coordinator of cooperative association.
               iv.        The money does not need to be paid back.
                v.        All the members must take the contributed money in turn. You do not need to declare what you will use the money to invest and many more advantages.
    If you have established TRUST among friends, your profession, co-workers, business associates, neighbors, social club, religion organization etc; you will find it very easy to raise money through this system. To be able to raise enough money through this system, initiate five to ten such groups. Then you need to go about it in such away that you will be the first person to collect that total sum contributed in all the groups. Let us see how much you can get by this system.
    A group of ten people with contribution of $500 each= $5,000; ten groups of $5,000 per group = $50,000 without collateral, without paying interest and without any credit rating and reputation.
    There are varieties of creativity of how you can use this system to raise money. Stop here temporary and think of how you can use your own idea to derive benefit from periodic and rotational collection.
    To be able to coordinate five to ten groups with you being the only person that is common to all these groups, establish your groups in these following:
    1)    Among your social club members if you have any
    2)    Among your religion faith members
    3)    Among your sport club members
    4)    Among your co-workers
    5)    Among people of your profession
    6)    Among friends of divers professions
    7)    Among your business associates
    8)    Among people of the same political ideology
    9)    Among your university mates alumni
    10) Among co-tenant
    11) In your neighborhood
    12) Among people of the same extended family
    13) Among the same ethnic, tribe or race.
    The list is inexhaustible. The only factor necessary for the success of such group formation is TRUST.
    This periodical contribution and rotational contribution can also be done at the level of corporation. Business cooperative association can also be done at the level of corporation. Business Corporation can organize it among other trust worthy Business Corporations. This is the primordial basis of syndicate finance for real estate business and other business
    CAUTION: such money must be invested in business where the capital is secured and can be reclaimed in case of any eventuality. Such investments are: real estate business, treasury bills and many others. Do not use such money where the initial capital base has the high risk. Do not be attracted to high profit hope for such money.
    You may not use this idea as given her exactly, however I am sure the idea can awake greater financial creativity from your brain. People have use varieties of the system in the past, people are still using it today and sure, people will continue to use it to raise money.


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    « on: April 01, 2012, 03:50:08 PM »
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