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Description: Life Changing Book Program

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  • Life Changing Book Program
    About  320 pages-life changing ebook for You
    Plus Opportunity for You To Earn 60% Passive Income 

    You can Use this Life Changing ebook called-The Working of the Power of God to create and manifest whatever you want in life-more money, ideal relationship and Optimum health and be healthy throughout the year. This can be described as 25 ebooks in one volume. each chapter is good enough to be a book on itself

    Parts of what you will discover in this LIFE CHANGING BOOK

    CLICK HERE for details of the Table of Contents

    1. Make Changes Easily: Let the Working of the Power of God Do "The Work" For You.
    2. Do You Want New Results? Find Your Passion. Want a Great New Future? Follow Your most Passionate Desires -
    3. How To Flourish in the Down-Economic for Those Seeking Success.
    4. Give a Gift and Get Rich- Like the Rich Do.
    5. Are You Attracting Success- or Hard Work and Struggle?
    6.  Your Attitudes are the Point of Attraction.
    7. Only One Way To Get Rich Quick-And Stay Rich.
    8. Make Easy Money In Spite of The Economic Downturn
    9. Train Your Mind, Inspire and Motivate Your Own Success.
    10. Change Your Mind and The Working of the Power of God changes Your Life.
    11. The working of the Power of God, Science, Experience & Intuition - Use What Works to Get What You Want.
    12. The Working of the Power of God & Stress Free Easy Money.
    13. Relieve Stress and Fear
    14. Stress Relief: Solution to Any Difficult Situation.
    15. Use Your Intuition to Guide You and Great Fortune will become Your Destiny.
    16. Inspirational Quotes
    17. Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate.
    18. Reinvent Yourself -- Into Wealthy & Healthy.

    CLICK HERE for details of the Table of Contents

    When You get this Life changing book, you also get

    Besides,you get your own mobile link containing your information and you  have opportunity to refer/send sms text/ping other people and earn residual passive incomes of about 60% directly into your bank account.

    When you order for Life Changing ebook, you also get these 3 ebooks FREE

    1.  BREAK THE LAW & GET RICH! If You Want To GET RICH, You’ve Got To BREAK THE LAW! Find out which Law? Read this bonus ebook
    2. Short code for wealth creation- Discover the short code for creating Wealth and double your way to a million Naira
    3.    Click the Mouse and Get Rich
         Plus these 6 Audio BOOKs FREE
    1.          The Science of Getting Rich Audio book
    2.          The Magic of Thinking Big Audio book
    3.          As a Man Thinketh Audio book
    4.           The secrets of Ages Audio book
    5.           The strangest Secret Audio book
    6.           The magic of Believing Audio book

    Life Changing Book Program
    Earn  Passive  Income

    You  Earn 60% Passive  Income directly into your bank account with the Life changing ebook called "The Working of the Power of God"
    What is Life Changing Book Program?
    Life Changing Book Program-LCBP is the use of your mobile phone text sms, BB pin, Whatsapps, Posting on your facebook wall information about the above product and you  earn additional source of  income through your own personalized  link containing your details information. You actually earn 60% profits and you can make about N625,000 profits
    You can use your mobile phone to send your personalized link to your friends and other people and they can view and read this information easily on their mobile phones and order for the  Life changing book-"The working of the power of God"
    Life changing book program is to help people to participate in our Global Home Based business Opportunity and earn income in Dollar month after month. When you make money Life changig book program, you can then upgrade yourself and join  Global Business opportunity.
    CLICK HERE  to read about the Global Business Opportunity.

    How Life Changing Book Program Works
    1.You can your personalized mobile link containing your information
    2. You send your personalized link to your friends mobile phone by sms text, BB ping, Whatapps text etc, by email or post it on facebook wall.
    3. They make order through your  link by paying  directly your income into your bank account and you get alert of payment into your bank account.
    4. When anyone makes order on your personalized mobile link or through internet web on your  link and makes payment, the person send details payment to Adadis Ventures  by sms text with details of the bank payment  and other numbers within your mobile web and they get their own personalized web link to text to their friends.
    People can read this page on both mobile apps platform  as well as on Internet. Mobile platform makes it  possible to reach more people and getting more result because more people read mobile text/BB ping/whatapps apps than email and can connect to internet with a mobile phone.  You can also post your link on Facebook wall, forum, blog etc

    Income Payment
    With  Life changing program of the book: The Working of the Power of God, and depending on your choice, you get 60% profits at once or in 3 multiple income streams of 20%, 20% and 20% pay directly into your bank account by the people you refer who order for the product . When someone orders the Life changing book through your link you get 60% profits

    Multiple  Income  Streams  Option in 3 ways
    When you choose multiple stream option of payment in 3 installments, you get money into your bank account as:
    1. 20% Direct Referral, you earn 20% profit for every order directly through your  link and that is N1,000
    2. 20% First Indirect Referral:You also earn 20% First Indirect Referral N1000 from order through the  link of someone who have ordered through you, and that is N1,000 while he get N1,000 as its direct referral
    3. 20% Second Indirect Referral: In additional you get 20% N1,00 Second Indirect Referral through the  link of the person who order from your friend.That is Additional N1,000.
    For example when you send your  link by SMS Text, post on FB wall, BB pin or whatsapps to your friends and they make order you get 20%(N1,000), when you friends refer others, you earn 20%(N1,000) and when your friends’ friends refer others you get additional 20% ( N1,000).
    NOTE: You get a total of 60% referral profits at once or in 3 multiple income streams

    Summary of 3 Ways Multiple  Income Streams
    Direct income: 20% per order i.e N1,000
    1st Indirect profits: 20% per order i.e N1,000
    2nd indirect profits: 20% per order i.e N1,000
    You can calculate how much you can make with just 5, or 10 direct orders, or 50 1st indirect orders and with 500 2nd indirect orders
    NOTE: You continue to earn 20% directly into you bank account from all orders through your  link and you also continue to earn 20% from all orders through your 1st and 2nd referrals  links.
    NBB: Your GSM and bank detail information will be within your web/mobile pages ad your First and second referral so that you get your profits paid directly into your bank by people making the order and you  get text sms alert when order is made from any of the link you are present.

    In effect, you earn income by sending sms text or pinging or sharing your  link to your friends on mobile phones, Facebook pages and email etc . And you can do this with your mobile phone. Just text your  link and make money. The more people you text your mobile link to the better.
    There's No Limit To How Much You Can Make! It's Easy!! It;s LEGAL - We Do All The Work For You!
    You only  refer people to your  link, and when they make order, you get money paid into your bank account. We handle all the delivery of the books and the bonuses.
    All you have to do is share or text sms or even email your  link to your friends, business associates, clients, customers, and you can do it with your mobile phone sms text, mobile phone facebook wall, BB ping etc.
    PLEASE: Watch out for FREE seminar coming soon nationwide on the Life changing book and Life changing ebook program
    NBB: The paper form of the book will be out very soon and make available during the seminar
    System SMS Text You can send
    We have created text sms you can send  from the titles of the 25 chapters in the Life changing ebook-The working of the power of God. Choose one or more that you feel comfortable and send to your friends mobile phones. Remember to  include your  link.
    You can send any of these 20 text sms ads to your friends mobile phone or ping or post on your facebook wall to let other people know about this life changing ebook and you earn 60% income:   

    Methods of  Promoting The Life Changing ebook and the Passive Income System

    How to Order for the LIFE CHANGING BOOK
    3 STEPS TO ORDER FOR THE Life Changing Book

    How to Order for your own copy of the Life changing Ebook- The Working of the Power OF God and participate FREE in the Life Changing  Program  attached to it
    NOTE: (Life changing program is OPTIONAL, and you can order for the ebook alone and get all the bonuses if you are NOT interested in earning extra income). If you are interested to have the full information, pay the total sum of N5,500 ($50) only .

    1. Pay N5,500 to the Publisher- Adadis Ventures- Zenith Bank Account- Name: Adadis Ventures; Account No: 1011979286
    2. N1000 is for each of these partners
    A. Olubode Temitope:  ( GSM: 07084346957)
    B. Ijeh sophia Ewere : ( GSM: 08034356279 )
    C. Olofinmehinti Bola:  ( GSM-07032655095)
    3. After payment, text details of your payment to the GSM of the 3 partners above and also Text your Name, GSM No, Local council  and State where your reside( to create your mobile/web page),  email address for the ebook delivery and the fabulous bonuses and details payment of Teller numbers plus this  bonus code Ife101 to 08033181698.  You will get your products with the bonuses plus your mobile link containing your information
    When you make order, your details will be in A in your link  ad you get 20% and you will be  in B in your friends links that make order and you will be in C in the links of people that make order from your friends

    Get your copy of this Life Changing book now!  and participate in the Life changing book program FREE : It's Legal,Simple, Easy and works like Miracle!
    If you're not 100% satisfied - return it for a full refund after 60 days. If your decide to return it, you can keep the fabulous bonuses as FREE gift from me.
    Make your order now!
    Get Your order now, get your Life changing link, then send sms text or refer your friends and when only 5 to 10 of your friends make order, you get your money back with profits and you can make N625,000 in 3 months  once they make order and you start earning residual passive income

    Yours Sincerely
    Dr. Wale Adeleke 08033181698
    Tel:MTN 08033181698, Airtel:08120322436, Etisalat:08175824107
    Address:  3 Owodunni street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja ( (9am-3.30pm) or
    17 Awoni Murphy Street, Ifako-Ogba, Lagos.5pm-7pm


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