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Author A conversation that should be useful to us on Coronavirus  (Read 210 times)


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A conversation that should be useful to us on Coronavirus

Forwarding a conversation that should be useful to us...
Let's treat this with the seriousness it deserves. May the Lord preserve us and all that pertains to us.
Love you all my Sisters.

[21/03, 18:41] : I spoke with the consultant of the Infectious Diseases Unit, LUTH yesterday and he told me clearly not to listen to a single thing spoken by the government.
[21/03, 18:41] : A lot of people are already infected and are taking Armatem at home, meaning when the pandemic becomes full blown in Nigeria, it will likely be worse than China and Italy.
[21/03, 18:42] : Pls tell your family and friends to stay away from needless gatherings, no matter how “important”, keep your hands as clean as possible all the time, avoid touching anything outside your house, run away from anyone who sneezes or coughs around you.
[21/03, 18:42] : Pls I have a note of warning for all of us, especially those in Lagos.
[21/03, 18:42] : They are dealing with far more than what they are revealing and he warned that everyone should take caution as though the pandemic is already full blown in Nigeria.
[21/03, 18:42] : He said even those who recover from COVID-19 suffer close to 50% of lungs damage permanently, which means they will be on medication forever or they may die from complications in a few years after recovery from COVID-19.
[21/03, 18:42]: It’s not a flu like China makes people believe, it’s more like chronic pneumonia.
[21/03, 18:42] : The doctor told me the NCDC is telling suspected cases to self isolate when there’s no means of checking how well these people isolate. This means by the time  they start showing symptoms, they would have infected others.
[21/03, 18:42] : The virus like most viruses doesn’t last long in the body after incubation. Viruses have no “cure”, only the symptoms will be managed. The virus takes its course in like two weeks before the body develops antibodies to defeat it.
[21/03, 18:42] : This is the best possible way to curb the spread. This thing is not a joke at all. It is estimated to claim at least 80million people worldwide. Do all you can not to be one of them.
[21/03, 18:42] : Avoid people like the plague Cos asthma has weakened the lungs already and they won’t survive COVID-19.
[21/03, 18:42] : COVID-19 will almost certainly be fatal to anyone who has respiratory illness, kidney or liver disease before infection. Cos those organs are usually its target.
[21/03, 18:42] : If you have asthma, pls treat this like someone gave your name and picture to an assassin.
[21/03, 18:42] : This virus is not a joke whatsoever.
[21/03, 18:42] : More advanced countries don’t even have enough test kits, how much more Nigeria?
[21/03, 18:42] : Panic now and act like the crazy one now, so you can be the sane one in the end.
[21/03, 18:42] : It is capable of infecting every human being on earth and killing up to 10% of the human race.
[21/03, 18:42] : If you have internet, watch “the worst hit hospital in Italy” on YouTube and see what’s going on there first hand.
[21/03, 18:42] : I don’t even care what Lagos State wants to tell me.
If they like they should under estimate the virus..
on our own part.. let’s stay at home.

Stay Safe, Everyone.


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