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Author HOW TO VISUALIZE YOUR DREAMS IN 2019  (Read 75 times)


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« on: January 31, 2019, 10:30:26 AM »
*Visualize your dreams*
The only good thing you can do for yourself is not wasting your precious time on irrelevant things. No your visions and dreams write it down even the bible says it in Habakkuk 2:2 it says And the lord answered me,and said,write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
Let me share with you a story of a young boy of about ten year old, a man asked he what is your name and he answered and say my name is doctor bright now this young boy have a dream and a vision, he have seen his vision and at the same time visualizing it. Now when this boy grow up can he find his self in art class? the answer is no is not possible.  does it means that this boy haven't fail any subject at all since he realize his dream? The answer is no ,he did fail but he do rise up equip himself the more, so you that is reading this now it doesn't matter how many time you fail never give up, although your vision  may tarry just wait for it because it must surely come.
Vision is the ability to plan your future with the aid of imagination and wisdom. I will also go a bit far to classify vision into two stage, which are foresight and insight. I define Foresight as the ability to view your future with the aid of a telescope now telescope here simply means an optical instrument use to view something from a distance by making it closer. Insight simply means viewing something with your naked eye I.e viewing something within.
If you are asked the difference between successful person and a failure the clear difference is mindset  and attitude.
A rich man is that man with ideas and even though he fail he still rise up knowing his vision, knowing that there are bester things ahead  while a poor man is he that fail and never thing of rising up, a man with zero idea.
Let me ask you as a man would you like to marry a woman that is very ugly to the extent if you see her face in the night you will shout blood of Jesus!! but with a great ideas that will transfer your life for good Or a beautiful woman that when going out with her your prayer is that let this woman not speak because her words are destructive, the answer I got today in a conference was that 90% of men accept to marry the ugliest woman just to explore with the ideas, because an idea worth more than a million because one without an idea can be empowered with one million then he or she will lavish the money irrelevantly at the end of month/year you will go back to work as a cleaner. So I asked one man will you allow that ugly woman to seat in front of car with you, when you might have make? He said yes then I asked he why,how? Wouldn't you drop her and pick a gallant damsel as a wife? The said he wouldn't drop her rather he will use the money to wash her also call the best make-up artist to always be making her up,that every woman is beautiful. Yes you that's reading this massage please never give up because of your present situation, delay is never a deny, don't just give up like esau who because of the challenge of hunger and sold his birthright forgetting that his birthright can  give he food,shelter etc. God who created man put in us different talent and ideas; mine might be different from yours. In this case your challenges might not be food may be you wouldn't sell your birthright, but your challenges might be unemployment or one problem or the other and you selling your birthright is you giving  one reason or the other why you should not continue why you should die with your ideas, visions and talent. That's why grave yard is the richest; it is so because many potential, visions etc have been buried.
In this year 2019 learn to set your goal, always learn to visualize your vision never allow your goal or dreams or vision perish or waste ,any day you come across try to make out thing from it because a second's count's, in this year 2019. Say no to failure say no those thing that will distract you from your vision and ideas.



« on: January 31, 2019, 10:30:26 AM »

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