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Money Making Ideas

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clip 6 ways men can escape poverty
May 20, 2018, 05:46:41 PM by Isaac Adeniran

By Sister Fridah Nakazwe

1. Get the right woman - Forget the slay queens and women with looks but zero brains. Get a woman who will not only support your vision but will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard and not a woman who just makes you hard. He who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtains favour and power to create wealth.
xx Are you interested in Bitcoin Mining?
February 25, 2018, 08:37:05 PM by Isaac Adeniran
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July 12, 2017, 04:01:00 AM by Gashi1234

Perhaps you have every thought about just how many people make an online search every day?

The United Nation agency did a survey predicated on international communications. Based on the United Nation's results, 3.3 billion people used the internet in 2016. For me, that quantity will grow every year because the internet is achieving deeper into other areas on earth. Currently in Nigeria more than 90 million people have access to the internet daily.

Exactly what does this fast development mean to the online-based business community? This means tens of a huge selection of opportunities to arrive for aspiring business owners to compete for a share in the internet market place.


We are actually in this era which I call this content age. Content has transformed just how business is conducted. By using the internet, anybody can reach hundreds of thousands of individuals with the click of the button. For instance, according to articles published on, Donald Trump comes with estimated 33.3million Twitter followers. Which means that he can market some of his brands or opportunities by just taking about any of it on his Twitter accounts?

Furthermore, he can also generate income by other brands and companies approaching to him to advertise their products on his account. The income opportunity is limitless.

People finally have the opportunity to spend money on joining an internet business opportunity they love. However, regardless of the freedom a chance can provide you, you may still find many things to take into consideration before taking the first step.

There is certainly one question to always ask you before taking the first rung on the ladder.


When deciding the type of chance to choose consider these questions: Will this specific kind of business work for me personally and my schedule? What's the potential income easy for this opportunity? Will this opportunity be within another 50 years? Could it be truly possible to produce a living and create a future for yourself as well as your family?

I am aware these questions may scare you but those will be the right questions to ask. You need to keep your eyesight in check. You'll also have to create all the conditions clear. In the event that you put your feelings before your fact, you might risk all of your attempts for nothing when it's all said and done.

Fortunately for you there are organizations of experts who offer free reports to the people who'll want to help expand understand why industry. Experts can also help you avoid the normal pitfalls.

Free of charge information about how to build your own brand from scrape and make millions in a useful way, click:

January 16, 2017, 09:56:07 AM by abioduno
If you want to be financially free.. Here is my advice.

Build your own business. Build your business while you are on a Job. Don't say you don't have the time, what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. If you can start with a job, fine. But don't just have the feeling that your salary will make you a millionaire...
Your boss's job is not to make you rich.

If you want a solid future, you need to create it, you can take charge of your future only when you take control of your INCOME SOURCE. You need your own business.

MTN came to Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted to invest in Nigeria, at a time when Nigerians did not have phones.

Even Zenith Bank refused to loan MTN cash to operate, UBA rejected MTN's offer but today see the difference.

What about Cowbell?

When they came to Nigeria, they made milk in a sachet, Peak was laughing at them - they said Cowbell was milk for the poor - but
they were right!

3-million poor people could afford N10 a day for a sachet of milk.

Do the math - 3 million people buying milk at N10.00- that was N30million every single day.

In a month they grossed N900million (almost N1billion).

Even Peak had to make sachet milk in order to survive in the market.

So what have people told you?

What have they said you cannot do, or you do not qualify for, or you do not have experience for?

They told Cowbell, they told MTN, but today the story has changed.

I have a feeling something is changing for you today!

They will change their strategies just to keep in step with you.

Don't listen to what people are saying or what life is showing you.


Success is not about where you graduated from, or what grade you graduated with, but what graduates
out of you.

Keep the spirit UP..
Believe in yourself.
YES, you can do it.

We are all on a journey of a thousand miles, we have already taken that first big, bold and giant step.

I want to recommend helping hands international to you as plan B as well as guarantee source of passive income for life.

It has made many millionaires within few months and still making many, if you want to be part of people to enjoy financial freedom 2017 and for the rest of your life,be your boss and deliver yourself and family from poverty for life.

click now the link below to learn more about this  the future guarantee opportunity
clip How to double your income
October 30, 2016, 10:13:28 AM by Charles Dickson
Attend this life changing seminar
How To Double Your Income

The  speaker has promised to pay 50% of the money for the first 20 people to register NOW.

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xx how to start an online business
February 29, 2016, 04:47:16 PM by justin249
learn a very simple way on how to start an online business visit  HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE
xx Make N5000 daily
October 28, 2015, 02:17:07 PM by Wale Adeleke
Boom to job seekers!
Be your own boss and Make N5,000 daily!
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Yours sincerely
Wake Adeleke 08033181698
clip 30 Ways to Make Extra Money at Home
July 28, 2015, 10:41:56 AM by Isaac Adeniran
30 Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

Listen – we all know the internet is full of “make money at home” scams, so we’ve scoured through thousands of different ideas to find you 32 legitimate ones.
These are all ideas that we’ve done before, so we know that they’re real and that you’ll get paid. Plus, I guarantee there are some in here that you’ve never heard of…
xx About Using Other Peoples Money
March 08, 2014, 12:22:46 AM by Isaac Adeniran
About Using Other Peoples Money
As goes with its name, getting business started with other people’s money is what entrepreneurs do today to gain great success; it can be hard to get resources other than that.

Benefits of Using OPM:

1.   OPM gives you freedom to do what you want; it allows you to take part in deals of which your own resources may not be helpful.

2.   OPM allows you to make your own choice, and do it.

3.   OPM saves time - that means shorter time to develop a business and run it well, rather than using your own financial support which requires a longer period.

4.   Potential of gaining wealth is no longer limited to your savings and investments of profits made.

Investors invest; some would go for high-risk investments, but generally, investors only invest in entrepreneurs who deliver their message well or attract their attention. There are some important factors to consider in order attracting investors.

Prepare a business plan. This is necessary, as investors would like to know about your business in detail. The main section of a business plan that may attract investors is the executive summary. It summarizes the whole business plan, and usually investors look at it before deciding to go through the whole business plan.

The system that evaluates entrepreneurs must be efficient. Why do you find investors and why particularly the one you want? Tell it. Show your potential. Do not depend on investors or other parties to develop your business. Show initiative and be proactive to get everything else needed for your business. However, do not attempt to change the system investors use to deal with.

Using other people’s money to start a business saves time; all you need is to have the initiative to get funds for your startup capital. However, there is no point to waste such an opportunity- use that money wisely to gain greater wealth. click here for more info

xx How to make $200 everyday without any investment
December 26, 2013, 06:10:28 PM by tinajonn
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I actually saw it posted somewhere and after reading the posts, I decided to give it a try and surprisingly, it came out to be what I ever wanted.

I have been looking for how to make money and when I stumbled on this site, wow it was awesome. Since I joined, I have made quite a lot of money and I am still making money from it.

There are many sites out there claiming this and that and at the end they leave you disappointed but I tell you, this is a site you CAN NOT do without if you are really interested in making money.

For more information, visit
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