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clip One big lesson to Learn from Avengers - End Game
May 20, 2019, 03:49:04 PM by Andrew Freelance
One big lesson to Learn from Avengers - End Game


Firstly if you're not a fan of Superhero movies or Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, you might want to skip this article because you wouldn't like it.

Spoiler Alert for those who are yet to see the movie.

Yesterday I went to see the Avengers Endgame premier, i'm a huge fan of the Marvel series, ever since Disney took over they just turned the studio into a big blockbuster.

The movie was really great and also sad. Tony Stark ( Iron Man) & Natasha (Black Widow) both died and died for real in the movie.

It really shook everyone that the most beloved character in the MCU died to save the universe.

Anyways all that is story for another day, I just want to pass a message across what the movie really teaches.

Now back in Avengers: Infinity war, we saw Doctor Strange save Tony's life and exchange the Time stone for Thanos to spare Tony's life.

Everyone saw it as a dumb move, but remember Doctor Strange had earlier seen the future 14,605,000 times with different outcomes and in all those times, it was only once that they could defeat Thanos, so he (Doctor Strange) did everything he could to make sure that one event played out perfectly, even if it means sacrificing the time stone.

So fastforward to Endgame, Thanos was back again this time to wipe out humanity for good and the only person that could stop it and use the six stone against him was Tony Stark (Iron Man) and unfortunately the stone was so powerful that it killed him in the process.

So, with the stones in his possession Tony wished Thanos to never exist and Thanos vapourized just like he had done half of the universe in Infinity War.

Now my primary focus here is Doctor Strange, he knew what was up and exactly what was going to happen, that was the one chance in over 14 million which he told Tony they only had to defeat Thanos in Infinty War.

He (Doctor Strange) knew Tony would have to sacrifice his life to destroy Thanos for good and that's why he (Doctor Strange) saved Tony by exchanging the time stone for his life.

It's a sad story and it really got to me, but Doctor Strange did what not a lot of people could do, he sacrificed the most important thing to him right now, so they could win the battle for good 5 years into the future.

A lot of people could've fought to change things and maybe screw up everything in the process (at least we've seen that with a lot of other superheroes), but Doctor Strange was smarter, he knew he couldn't change anything, rather he banked all his egg on that micro-chance, that 1 in 14,605,000 chance they actually had to defeat Thanos for good.

That Zika is the real End Game.

That's a huge lesson to learn from strange, not everything would favor you, damn you might even have a shitty future ahead and the possibility of you succeeding might be the 1 in 14,605,000, don't be like most people who would complain and blame the world for their misfortune and end up loosing hope and turning useless or even becoming saddists & serial killers, rather be like Doctor Strange who banked on that only one shot they ever got to defeating Thanos, that 1 in 14,605,000.

That Opportunity only came once in 14,605,000 times and he made sure he was prepared to grab hold of it and make it worth the sacrifice.

Put all your eggs in that one single basket of hope, because no matter how things turn out in the end, that is your real End Game!!!

clip The world as the greatest teacher
May 20, 2019, 09:35:31 AM by Isaac Adeniran
The world as the greatest teacher

That's a perhaps funny headline, but if there is one thing to learn from the life of one of the richest men on earth (Charlie Munger) it's to see the world as the greatest teacher of all time.

Munger says everything we ever need in life, any lesson we can ever get tutored in has all already been established by mother nature on earth, and the more receptive we are to nature, the more indepth we tend to perceive things and see these lessons.

Think about electricity for instance, long before Micheal Faraday discovered the Electromotive force in magnetism that gives rise to a potential difference between conductors thereby causing electrons to flow (electricity), nature already had thunder storms and lightnings that creates potential difference between clouds to give the bright electric flashes we see during a thunder storm.

Or magnetism, long before the concept was made, earth itself has been a big ball of magnet with a molten dynamo at its core.

In essence all the blabbing is simply to say that whatever we can think of or have 'created' or 'invented' has in one way or the other already been done by earth on a large scale. They're numerous examples and that is why Charlie always refer to things as worldly wisdom.

One Worldly wisdom that is of interest to a lot of people is Apple's marketing strategy.

Apple is not the best product on earth, yet it is the most valued tech company to ever exist, the question is why? Well in my foolish opinion, I think it lies in their marketing.

According to Charlie Munger, one of the best ways to marketing a products is actually to not market it at all.

We've never seen an Apple Billboard in Nigeria? Or an online promotion of the latest iPhone in the market? But iPhones are one of the best selling phones in Nigeria. Why? It must be their marketing strategy.

Apple simply doesn't market, they innovate.

A lot of businesses today don't really do this, they focus on their competition rather than their customers. They want to do what the next big competitors are doing so as to beat them to the market at the expense of their customers.

Apple has their priorities straight and know better than fighting the game of competition.

They focus on improving their products and giving customers a better transcending satisfaction, and in return the competition & marketing takes care of itself.

Samsung on the other hand are killing themselves with taking shots on iPhones and stating reasons not to buy them, and that's why they would keep coming second or as Micheal Lebeouf puts it, they'll always be the 'er' company.

Something similar may have happened to me recently, a few months ago some dude started a copy of my business, stole my testimonies and copied my frame work word for word, including all the advert write-ups I made for my clients.

In brief, he reaped off my works. That wasn't a problem, I could always make 10X the same results and adverts again because it was my work not someone else. The problem started when he began tracking my clients and offering them an outrageous offer of N30,000 monthly for advertising, showing them my results as his proof.

That was terrible and before long I started getting messages from them that there's someone offering a better deal than I was giving and I should cut down my price or they'll port.

I had to think of this worldly wisdom from Charlie and refused shaking a muscle, maintaining my N50,000 monthly offer and well, they left.

At that moment it felt as if my business was going to crumble because almost everyone of them left at a same time.

I didn't take any offence in that because people can some times value money more than trust & reputation. A few however said no and stuck with me.

Long story short, the dude kept messing up for 2 months straight and before long I started getting calls from my clients saying they want back, doesn't matter my charges, it's either me or no one else FOR LIFE!

What joy, I was however tempted to hike my price, but I was super happy to have them back.

So what am I saying here? In business most times competitions would always rise, but our reaction to them would determine if the business would be at the top or start to crumble.

Imagine I had fell through the pressure and reacted to the competition by maybe making a N29K offer, I would be out of business by now and once I charge that low, I can never increase my charges again.

The dude was a competitor but today he is no where to be found and out of business.

That I feel is the worldly wisdom Charlie was trying to pass in his talk at Harvard.

The best form of marketing is not marketing, it is letting what we market speak for itself.
December 09, 2018, 10:22:17 PM by Isaac Adeniran

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xx get paid to process emails $15-$25 per email process
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xx How to start mini importation business with #10,000 and make #250,000 monthly
October 16, 2018, 10:06:03 PM by justin249
I want to welcome you to the world of mini importation business in Nigeria. This is a secret business most people don’t want to share with other people. There are a lot of Nigerians today who are secretly making cool cash from this online mini importation business. Discover My Well-Guarded Secret On How To Start Online Importation Business! Importing Items like Blackberries, Ipads, Wrist watches, Galaxy, Tabs, Andriod Phones, Laptops, etc and Make N250k to N450k Monthly Right Here In Nigeria.”
Online Mini importation business is a business you can start with a minimum capital of about #10,000 and make up to about #250,000 every month.
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Online mini importation business is a very good lucrative business.
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clip Launch A Profitable Ecommerce Business
October 16, 2018, 08:56:59 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Work With Me & My Team PERSONALLY to Launch
A Profitable Ecommerce Business...

My #1 Ecommerce Success Discovery
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If you're a good fit for our 1-on-1 ecommerce coaching program, what gets unlocked on the other side is an amazing chance to spend 4 days with myself and my team (in-person or virtually - that’s up to you).

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clip How To Make N300k($1000) As Jumia Affiliate
September 11, 2018, 11:14:37 PM by Wale Adeleke
How To Make N300k($1000) As Jumia Affiliate
You can be making N300k Per Month as Jumia Affiliate using only your mobile phoneI will show you how you can be making N300,000 per month as a Jumia affiliate. Forget everything you know about about affiliate program. I will show you the tips, tricks and strategies you can use to make easy money as a Jumia affiliate.I will also give you what you need to make it easy for you to be making money using only your mobile phoneCLICK HERE to fill the simple form and a new page will open where you can read the full details and I will also send you tips on your phone. And if you are on whatsapp i will like to chat with you too.
xx 10 online businesses in Nigeria
August 30, 2018, 08:45:39 PM by justin249
The following are the major online business you can start from the comfort of your home. If actually want to venture into online business the following are the online business you can research on:
1. How to earn with clickbank
2. Steps on how to make money on Fiverr
3. Easy ways on how to make money blogging
4. Simple steps on how to make money selling books on Amazon
5. How to make money promoting CPA offers
6. How to make money from domain parking
7. How to earn with your skrill account
8. How to earn a decent income uploading videos on youtube
9. How to make money exporting local products from Nigeria
10. How to venture into online mini importation business
To learn more about all these online business visit
xx how to start recharge card printing business
July 28, 2018, 01:27:21 PM by justin249
Who else want to start recharge card/voucher printing business? but still find it difficult to start the business.
This is golden opportunity for you all, start recharge card/voucher printing business with us now and begin to make endless cash for life, remember this business is open for everybody, it's legal and real.
After you have gotten our materials we will link you up with our dealer that sells cheapest in Nigeria now to guarantee your financial success because there is much gain in recharge card/voucher printing business now.
1. Computer
2. Printer
3. Papers
4. Software
5. E-mail address
6. Internet connection
7. Start up capital
It can be any computer laptop, desktop, notebook etc. i always advice people to start this business using computer method and is not compulsory that you must own computer before you start, you can start with any computer even in a cyber cafe, business centre or any computer in your office, home etc.
You need printer to start this business which can be laser jet, deskjet (coloured or black and white) You don't need to own printer before you can start because you can start in any business centre but having your own printer is additional advantage.
Papers are compulsory, because for you to start this business you need to print this pins in paper which can be A3 or A4 before you can sale out the vouchers out.
Software is compulsory, for you to print and sale this voucher you need a sofware because the dealer will send you the pin number you paid for in encrypt form where the pin will be coded with the serial number it is the work of the software to separate the pin from the serial number and for you to understand the pin and print them out, if you get our material we will give you two softwares you can start with immediately.
E-mail and internet is considered compulsory if you are buying your pins from dealer that is far from you example you live in Abuja and want to from dealer in Lagos that means you need e-mail where they can send you the encrypt pins after you have paid for it and you will need internet to open your e-mail inbox.
But now we have compile all dealers contacts in Nigeria that means you can from the dealer in your state any where you are in Nigeria their is a dealer or dealers around you which you can work direct to their office and pay and collect the encrypt pins numbers and go to your office or home and print them out with your computer.
Start up capital is compulsory, for you to go into this business you need money which you will use to for the pins from the dealers which you can start with as low as N5,000 or N10,000 or above, remember the higher the money you put the higher the gains you will expect.
* You can make Between N10,000 to N50,000 if you start in small scale.
* You can make Between N50,000 to N250,000 if you start in medium scale.
* You can make Between N250,000 to N1,000,0000 or above if you start in large scale.
the ebook goes for #4000
for more information call this no.07030929561

Office address: no,1 cele way, off owolabi,cele egbe bustop,ikotun road,ikotun,lagos.

Phone no: 07030929561

But if you cannot come we can send you the ebook through email
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