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Become a Booking AppiTravels Affiliate and Earn Income!
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:04:21 PM »
GET Cheap Flights & Hotel
with Appi Travels   

Become a Booking AppiTravels Affiliate!

Join us here: http://appitravels.com/?id=muhire1

*You can join us or simply book your flight with me.


Appi Travels is a TRAVEL COMPANY which expects You & Me to make use of its portal that helps to provide high levels of residual income for its affiliate members; giving every affiliate member the opportunity to earn around 100$ to over 1000$ on a weekly basis; and even more!✈✈✈✈✈

with only 35$ as investment in Appi travels, i managed to get myself 5 accounts, i made 1275$ US Dollar in only 3 weeks! i signed 30 people as my Direct Refferals, i now have 130 people in my Team, this is the business that i have been waiting for! Vive APPI Travels!

Linkback: https://naijasky.com/travel/1779/become-a-booking-appitravels-affiliate-and-earn-income/35632/
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Become a Booking AppiTravels Affiliate and Earn Income!
« on: February 28, 2018, 01:04:21 PM »

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Re: Become a Booking AppiTravels Affiliate and Earn Income!
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2018, 03:14:49 PM »
My name is Marious Igwe.I am a Network Marketing Professional & Micro Business Consultant.

How many of us here would like to earn extra income per month?

Now let me blow your mind a little;

You can actually earn well over N1,000,000 every single month with this idea i'm about to share with you.. So stay tuned as I put you through and I also hope you're ready to learn?

Isaac B. Adeleremi from Nigeria.

I've earned well over $3,000 (over N1 Million Naira) in Appi Travels and i'm so excited cause the money keeps coming in for me.
The introduction of The Appi VIP package was a game changer because there's no day i'll check my Backoffice that I wouldn't see at least $30 or N10,800 Naira which I can withdraw whenever I please.__
Now, I can easily Save and also take cares of my daily needs with ease.
I am so happy because, Joining Appi Travels was the best decision I made when my Fiance told me about it.

Harrison McClordon in Canada.

I got very excited when I was told that members could earn in Appi Travels by purchasing the VIP package for just $35 and we could also earn without referrals.
And surely, I got some spillovers from my inviter within 2days of joining which also made me earn $24.
This totally blew me away that I started sharing this business with all my close friends and I earned an additional $278 in 4 days.

Appi Travels Is Real And It Truly pays.

So, What is Appi Travels?

Appi Travels is a travel company combined with an affiliate marketing opportunity that helps to provide high levels of residual income for its members.

Appi Travel Industry which is a $7.8 trillion market allows it's members to share profits from it's Products and Services, thereby, giving every member the opportunity to earn some extra $100 (N36,000) to $1,000 (N360,000) on a Weekly basis and also enjoy Free Travels both Locally & Internationally.

Now Let's Talk About How To Make The Big Money As An Affiliate Of Appi Travels;

You See, Appi Travels has 3 Packages and they are;

1). Appi VIP.

2). Appi Funds 2.0.

3). Appi Travels Even Up.

All these packages are linked to each other so members can earn from 9 different sources of incomes in this business.

In order to save some time, kindly note that in this presentation, we will only Focus on the VIP package but the Video guide that explains both the Appi Funds 2.0 and the Appi Travels Even Up will be sent here towards the end of this Presentation.

So let's Kickoff...

1) What is Appi VIP?

Appi VIP is a simple 4x4 Powerline where members can be earning between $25 (N8,000) to well over $1,000 (N360,000) on a weekly basis and i've got proofs to show you.

This new compensation plan will not only change your financial state but It will also help change many lives from all over the world with the People Helping People Concept we practice.

The Appi VIP Package has 3 levels of entry and they are:

1). The VIP 1,

2). The VIP 2 and

3). The VIP 3. 

How Much Does It Cost To join The packages?

The Registration fee into the VIP packages had been made very affordable for everyone.. therefore, anyone can come on board and earn a lot of income for themselves.

It Cost:

$35 or N15,000 Naira to join the Appi VIP 1

$250 or N95,000 Naira to join the Appi VIP 2

$500 or N185,000 Naira to join the Appi VIP 3

Note that everyone starts from the Appi VIP 1 package and then upgrade to the VIP 2 package from their Profits in the VIP 1 package after which they will upgrade to the VIP 3 Package from the profits they made in the VIP 2.

How Much Money Can I Earn In The VIP Packages?

Members can earn Monthly Residual incomes from each packages and the total earnings for each packages are quite interesting to know.

For The Appi VIP 1: The total monthly earning here is; $2,304 or N830,000 naira Monthyly.

You will also earn 100% Matching Commission of whatever your 4 referrals earn in their 4th level.

The Potential earnings with 4 referrals in the Appi VIP 1 is: $1,792.00 x 4 = $7,168.00 or N2.5million Naira

Therefore, your total Monthly earnings will be: $2,304 + $7,168 = $9,472 or N3.4million Naira.

This Image will give you an idea of how much is paid at each level of the VIP 1👆

For The Appi VIP 2: The total monthly earning here is; $22,080 or N7.9 Million naira.

You will also earn 100% Matching Commission of whatever your 4 referrals earn in their 4th level.

The Potential earnings with 4 referrals in the Appi VIP 2 is: $20,480.00 x 4 = $81,290 or N29.3million Naira

Therefore, your total Monthly earnings will be: $22,080 + $81,290 = $103,370 or N37.3million Naira

This Image will give you an idea of how much is paid at each level of the VIP 2👆

For  The Appi VIP 3: The total monthly earning here is; $51,040 or N18.4 Million naira.

You will also earn 100% Matching Commission of whatever your 4 referrals earn in their 4th level.

The Potential earnings with 4 referrals in the Appi VIP3 is: $47,360 x 4 = $189,440 or N68.3million Naira

Therefore, your total Monthly earnings will be: $51,040 + $189,440 = $240,480 or N86.8million Naira

This Image will give you an idea of how much is paid at each level of the VIP 3👆

By the time you've upgraded into all the 3 VIP packages, it means that, you will have 3 profits centers that will be working for you and you will be earning the following on a monthly basis;

$9,472 or N3.4million Naira from VIP 1,

$103,370 or N37.3million Naira from VIP 2 and

$240,480 or N86.8million Naira from VIP 3.

That's over $350,000 or N127 Million Naira Monthly

Isn't this great?

Can I make Money Without Referring Anyone Into the Appi VIP Package?

Yes You can... As a matter of fact, anyone can earn money in the VIP package even without referrals most especially if they have active uplines whom they get spillover from. and i guess you're excited about that already.💃💃🕺🕺

For example, if your direct upline happens to personally refer 20 people into the biz, 4 of the 20 referrals will be placed under him while the remaining 16 referrals will be given to his downlines so they can also earn in the business.

Can I Withdraw All My Earnings Even If I Didn't Refer Anyone?

No You Can Not Withdraw All Your Earnings Without Referrals... And what do I mean by this.

For Example: if you earned a total of $500 (or N180,000 naira) in your Appi backoffice which you earned from the efforts of your upline and the efforts of the downlines you got from your upline, you need to have some referrals in the business to claim those funds and that is because, someone worked very hard to make you achieve that income in your Appi travels Backoffice.💰👌

Here is the simple Withdrawal Rules to Favour Everyone:

1- If you refer 1 person, you will get 25% of all the commissions you earned.

2- If you refer 2 people, you will get 50% of all the commissions you earned.

3- If you refer 3 people, you will get 75% of all the commissions you earned.

4- If you refer 4 people, you will get 100% of all the commissions you earned.

Therefore, All You need is just 4 referrals in total.

This is a fair way to get everyone to build this business very quickly and also assist others to earn as well (Remember, this is a People Helping people business).

What's the Advantage of this plan?

With this plan, members can earn even before they refer anyone into this biz and they can use their proofs of earnings to get their 4 downlines without struggling hard to do so.

I'm very certain that, if you happen to earn $1,000 (or N360,000 naira) within the next 2 weeks, you'll definitely do all you can to get your 4 referrals so as to claim the earnings as quickly as possible isn't?... lol

That's exactly how exciting it is to build this business.

When Do I Make Withdrawals?

Members can withdraw their earnings every Monday of each Week of the Months... This means withdrawal is weekly in the VIP package.

Starting from the VIP package, members can also upgrade to the Appi Even Up package and the Appi Fund 2.0 package where they can make withdrawals on a daily basis (i'll post a video guide explains these 2 Packages in details).

Methods Of Withdrawals

In Nigeria and South Africa, members can easily withdraw their earnings into their bank accounts by entering their bank details in their Appi Travels backoffice.

This is so fantastic and I'll send a video guide below on how to Withdraw your earnings into your Bank account.

Globally, members can withdraw their money either through; Bitcoin, Ethereum, SolidTrustpay, OkayPay, Dusupay mobile money transfer (for African countries) and Perfect Money... Therefore, there's no limitations when it comes to making your withdrawals in Appi Travels.

Is Appi Travels A Ponzi Scheme?

Nooooo... Appi Travels is not a Ponzi Scheme because;

1. Ponzi schemes are illegal get rich quick schemes that could crash at any time, while Appi Travels is a lifetime Travel agency that give people the opportunity to promote the company's services and also earn some pretty 6 figure incomes monthly.

2. Ponzi do not offer any product or service while Appi Travels offers products or services like cryptocurrency acquisition, travel services, website sales, Social Media Training Courses e.t.c.

3. Participants of ponzi schemes make money only from registering new people while people earn money in Appi Travels from recruiting and rendering booking services for customers.

4. Ponzi are money doubling scams while Appi Travels doesn't promote such.

These are but a few...

Can I Earn Money In This Business & How Will I Be Helped To Earn Money In This Team?

Of cause You will earn money in this business if you are willing enough to follow the simple guide we will give you in the registered members group.

The way we help everyone to make money in this business is that, we run this exact training everyday (except on Sundays) and all you have to do as a registered member is to invite your friends, families and even your enemies to come and learn about this business opportunity.

You will be taught how to get them to beg you for more info about the biz rather than chasing after them and this is quite simple to do.

Once you've invited them here by using our prospecting guides, I'll do the Talking on your behalf just as I am doing right now and I will also answer all their questions here, so they don't have to ask you too much questions.

All you have to do is to INVITE and that's all. It would not cost you a penny to invite anyone for this training and make money for doing so because i'm sure you didn't pay any transport fare or pay for gate fees and neither did you experience any Go-Slow before attending this training tonight.

This is Our Success Blue Print In This Team.

Appi Travels is a People Helping People (PHP) Business which means that we believe in helping each other to achieve huge success in this business.

We don't support greed and selfishness in this team but rather we support caring for each other and helping each other to succeed in this business.

Therefore, your upline who invited you here would help you to achieve massive success in this business by supporting you with referrals.

We also encourage you NOT to fold your hands and do NOTHING but rather, be supportive as you build this business along with your uplines so you can achieve your financial goals faster and easily.

If you follow our daily prospecting guidelines in the Registered Member's group, recruiting 4 people and also supporting your downlines will never be an issue for you, therefore, you will set yourself up to be earning between $1,000 to OVER $2,000 per week.

We Love every member and also care about everyone's success here and that's why we are succeeding in this team.

Hope you understand?

What Are The Major Benefits Of Joining This Business.

1). It can be done on a Part-time basis thereby, giving everyone of us the opportunity to earn some extra income without interfering with our Jobs or studies.

2).Payments are Instant in Appi Travels and You can make a withdrawal the same day you earned your commission.

3). Ability to add up to 6 different payment processors, i.e. Dusupay Mobile Money Transfer (for African countries), SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Okpay, Ethereum and Bitcoin wallet.

4). You can also will over your Appi Travels account to your kids over time.

5). Travel for free, if you have enough travel points.

6). Get cheap flights, hotel stays, and car rentals.

7). This business can be done on a mobile phone or any other computerized device you have with ease. Your phone is your office in  Appi Travels.

8). And you can Earn from 9 different income streams which was clearly explained in the video I will share with you.

How Do I Register Today?

1). You can purchase your $35 VIP 1 package by using EITHER; SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Okpay, Ethereum, MasterCard/Visa Card and Bitcoin wallet.

But we recommend Using MasterCard/Visa Card or Bitcoin for everyone since majority of people have access to a MasterCard/Visa Card and Bitcoin.

2). Fund your MasterCard/Visa Card with at least $39 or N15,000 Naira so as to cover for both the $35 Explorer Package purchase and the transaction fees.

3). You will register with the Referral Link of whoever invited you to this Orientation training today.

4) Download the registration Video from here or get it from your referrer so that you can register yourself successfully and also buy your $35 Explorer package without errors. Then, your account will be automatically activated within 30 minutes.

In Summary..

Being a member of Appi Travels company is more like buying a Franchise from this company with just $35 so you can make profits from booking flights, hotels and rent cars for people (I'm sure you have an idea of how expensive it is to buy a Franchise from companies like Domino Pizza, McDonalds, KFC and so on... it cost hundreds of dollars).

This means that you will own your own Travel Agency portal for just $35 without any middle men and also earn residual incomes on a daily, weekly and Monthly basis just by giving other people the opportunity to make money from the business.

And You also have the opportunity to travel all over the world for FREE as you acquire travel points for yourself.

So get Started in Appi Travels today and you will never regret giving yourself the opportunity to build a wealthy empire on the Internet.

This is the Part 1 of Appi Travels VIP Compensation Plan Video

This is the Part 2 of Appi Travels VIP Compensation Plan Video

This image will show u how to save any video you download on telegram to your phone gallery.

Go to the video you want to save then click on d option button (the 3 dots) & select 'Save to gallery'...

Here Are The Video Links

1a- Appi Travels Full Video Presentation Guide: https://youtu.be/1-nmm1KSreQ

1b- Appi Travels Even Up And Appi Fund Compensation guide: https://youtu.be/10Ql2E06BWA

2- How Pay for your Appi Travel Package with MasterCard: https://youtu.be/t504jxtKvOY

3- How to Buy Perfect Money For Appi Registration: https://youtu.be/IatA8Cus3Wg

4- How To Withdraw Your Earnings From Appi Travels with Bitcoin; https://youtu.be/c9evb9FpBiY

5- How To withdraw Your Earnings Into Your bank Account in Appi Travels: https://youtu.be/FakXDezXAi0

6- 28th day Earnings in Appi Travels: https://youtu.be/xhtXDFMX4MwOlu


Re: Become a Booking AppiTravels Affiliate and Earn Income!
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