Author So you think we can have society without violence?  (Read 633 times)


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So you think we can have society without violence?
« on: April 01, 2012, 03:14:26 PM »
Mann: But people have to be organized in the form of government to provide things like national defense.
[/size]Getty: Government bureaucrats donít have any special powers to organize themselves better than other people. In fact, I have a theory that as soon as human beings call themselves government ó or organize themselves as government ó itís as if a reverse magic wand is waved. I call the phenomenon "faecal alchemy" ó as soon as a government bureaucrat touches anything, it turns to BS!
[/size]Mann: (After protracted laughing) Some philosophers claim that force is necessary to maintain an orderly society; that it wouldnít work if everyone took the law into their own hands, and that there must be government bureaucrats who are granted a monopoly on the use of force.
[/size]Getty: Now weíre getting down to the nitty gritty! George Washington said, "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." Many people repeat this quote like parrots, but they all seem to miss the main point: "Government is not reasonÖ it is force." You see, force or violence is a substitute for thought or reason. In general, government bureaucrats canít think or reason very well, so they use force or violence to impose their will.
[/size]Mann: (After a pause) But there are so many violent criminals; someone must use force to restrain them.
[/size]Getty: Children are forced into government schools, from which most emerge severely lacking in thinking skills. Because they canít think, they resort to violence. Part of the answer is to get the government bureaucrats out of education ó and out of everything else for that matter!
[/size]Mann: So you think we can have society without violence?
[/size]Getty: There will probably always be violence. But we donít need government bureaucrats to initiate violence against the innocent. Of course, there are times when violence becomes necessary in self-defense, but this doesnít happen very often. In any case, if you think violence needs to be initiated to impose your will, then I have a test for you: are you willing to personally initiate that violence yourself? For example, if you think your neighbor should be taxed, are you willing to take your gun, go to your neighbor, demand that he pay, and shoot him if he refuses?
[/size]Mann: (After a pause) No. I donít think so.
[/size]Getty: Government enables people to perpetrate violence by proxy in a cowardly fashion. They appoint government bureaucrats to perpetrate their dirty violence for them, so they donít even have to think about it ó they shut it out of their consciousness.
[/size]Mann: I bet not many people realize thatÖ

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So you think we can have society without violence?
« on: April 01, 2012, 03:14:26 PM »

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