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1. Abraham Lincoln wrote that,

"Wealth is purely metallic. The wealthy man has four attributes:
Gold in his palms;
Silver on his tongue;
Brass in his face;
Iron in his heart!"

2. A wealthy man certainly has money in his palms, pockets, wallet and reserves. The other man is either on queue to have, not aware he can have, or not interested enough to have.

3. Talking nicely derive from being nice from the inside. We all tend to do businesses with nice people; likeable people!

4. The tongues of the wealthy man is made of silver; it's coated with sugar and greased with honey. His inside is sweet. He's nice from the insides because he loves what's on the inside. This is probably why his tongue of silver attracts so much gold to his palms.

5. The wealthy man is commonly shroud. He follows principles rather than feelings. He's aware that businesses only thrives when friends and families pay for goods and services. He separates facts from emotions.

6. The wealthy man knows that the main requirement for attaining and sustaining wealth is to earn a little more than he spends, and to keep doing so until his God calls him to glory. He embraces this through thick and thin.

7. The wealthy man is stern but not wicked; ruthless but not cruel. He's prudent and frugal. He's serous about tasks and results. This is why he seems to have brass in his face.

8. There is a difference between the truly wealthy man and the other man who has amassed gold through dubious means.

9. The truly wealthy man is strong at heart; after all, there's iron in his heart! He's benevolent and charitable. The wealthy is generally kind and caring, being nice on the inside.

10. The wealthy man pays the wages and provides the tax. He supports the weak because he has what it takes to support; he helps because he's strong enough to do so; he's philanthropic because he has the gold needed for causes!

This is the bit I carry the capacity to send today.

Tomorrow, we continue with the next bit, the next set of paragraphs!

Until then, this is your friend, and fellow passenger, along the path to personal progress and happiness.

©Abib Olamitoye.

Be of good cheer.
Be happy.
Be fulfilled.
Be grateful.
Be blessed.

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« on: September 01, 2017, 01:37:35 PM »

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