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Author 10 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur  (Read 478 times)


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10 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:20:17 AM »
10 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Did what you always felt called to do but were too afraid to?
I hope you wonder what might happen.

Have you Ever wondered what might happen if you actually went for it?

As I wrote about here , the entrepreneurship industry today is filled with shepherds, to the point where shepherds are perhaps over-represented in group leadership. What we need most as we navigate new waters in a *post-Circular culture* is not more shepherds, but spiritual entrepreneurs.
Whether you call it spiritual entrepreneurship or the gift of apostleship, what we need is a new generation of Apostle Pauls who forge out in new directions. Who experiment boldly. One would argue that apostle Paul is gone their time was different than this but there are still examples like St. Paul the apostle

Now, What do they exhibit!

*1. They Think Big, Too many businesses/ideas die of small thinking:*

We donít have enough
It wonít happen
Stop dreaming
Thatís plenty for now
Who will pay for it?
Leaders who serve an infinite God should never have their imaginations deadened by small thinking. Called entrepreneurs arenít. They think big.
They dream of what could be, not what is.
They see the opportunity in every obstacle.

*2. Believe God Can*

We serve a God who created amazing things out of nothing. *Why do we think he wonít do the same for his called entrepreneurs?*
Spiritual entrepreneurs believe he will. And they see him do it.

 Henry Ford once said,

*ďWhether you believe you can or whether you believe you canít, youíre right.Ē*

Before you dismiss this as positive thinking nonsense, remember Jesus couldnít perform many miracles in his hometown because of peopleís lack of faith. Then, moments later, he walked on water and fed 5000 because people in those communities had faith.
 *Helpinghandsinternational(H2i) started in Philippine with no car or incentives but today in Nigeria it has given over 350+ Nigerians brand new cars and numerous incentives*

 Spiritual entrepreneurs believe God can. And they see him do it.
Believe and trust God in your endeavors and it will come big..

*3. See Abundance, Not Scarcity*

Spiritual entrepreneurs see abundance, not scarcity.
Give a dying business $10,000, and theyíll think theyíre broke and need to conserve it.
Give $10,000 to a spiritual entrepreneur, and heíll see it as seed money to start something big.
To a dying business, 5 leaders is defeat.
To an entrepreneur, itís a start. Same facts. Different mindset. Attitude is everything.

*4. Think Vision First, Resources Second*

So what comes first? Vision, or resources?
Real entrepreneurs are very comfortable with the reality that vision precedes resources.
Casting a big vision (a solid, on-mission vision) will often lead to significant resources down the road.
Waiting for big resources so you can have a vision is a recipe for death.

*5. Invest In Personal And Team Development*

God chosen entrepreneurs arenít crazy spenders, but they see a key distinction between an expense and an investment.
They realize that going to conferences, networking with other leaders, buying books and doing whatever it takes to make themselves and their team better is an investment.
Sure, there are limits, but smart entrepreneurs will often spend a minimum of 10% of all the money they receive making themselves and their team better.

*6. Believe This Is Bigger Than Them*

Of all the criticisms levied at entrepreneurs, the most common is often that they have *big egos and itís all about them.*
Sometimes thatís true.
But most often itís not.
*Big vision does not automatically equal big ego.*
The best entrepreneurs humbly submit to God and are committed to a vision that is so much bigger than they are.
Personal humility combined with big ambition for the mission fosters incredible leadership.

Think about it this way. The reason weíre talking about Paul 2000 years later is that Paulís work wasnít about Paul; it was about Jesus and the mission of the church.
If your vision is all about you, it will die with you.
True entrepreneurs know that.

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10 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:20:17 AM »

Offline Isaac Adeniran

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Re: 10 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 05:20:59 AM »

7. Ship First, Improve Later

Perfectionists make terrible entrepreneurs.
If you havenít shipped on your vision yet because youíre waiting for ideal conditions or the perfect resources, you will wait forever. Here's why;
Big businesses  never started big. They usually started very humbly. But because they are led by entrepreneurs, those entrepreneurs at every stage made the most of whatever they had. An entrepreneur can launch a growing business in a dying building with little money.
Then they make all the improvements later as facilities and resources grow.

*8.  They Are Fine With Ambiguity*

Ask a dogged entrepreneur how theyíre going to do it, and the #1 answer is ďI donít know. Weíre just going to do it.Ē
Thereís something powerful in that.
If you have it all figured out before you launch it, your vision isnít big enough.

*9. Will Risk It All Without Guarantee Of Success*

Too many leaders hope for some kind of guarantee. Risk brings no guarantees because itís risk.
Spiritual entrepreneurs are okay with that.
Most entrepreneurs want to die trying. Usually they donít die trying, but the fact that theyíre willing to is crucial. Ironically, if an entrepreneur has a solid plan thatís on mission, they usually donít fail. But you have to be willing to fail for you to succeed.

*10. Never Wait For Consensus*

Too many churches/businesses will only move forward if there is consensus.
Thatís a critical mistake.
Consensus kills courage. By the time you have consensus, ideas are so watered down they are worthy of the committee that put them together.
Entrepreneurs rarely act alone (at least the smart ones donít). But theyíre ready to move ahead with a group of early adopters knowing most will eventually buy into whatever is being proposed once they see it working.

*11. Let The Critics Talk While You Act The critics will always talk.*

 Entrepreneurs know this.
They donít get weighed down by critics who criticize what others do and do little themselves.
How do you respond to the critics? *By acting.*
Just act while the critics talk. Youíll accomplish something. They wonít.

*12. Break Rules*

Quite obviously, you should never break biblical rules. And the great entrepreneurs never do. Their character is solid.
But youíre going to absolutely need to break some human rules if youíre going to disrupt the status quo.
Innovation always breaks rules. Why?
Because innovation never asks for permission.
It just innovates.


Re: 10 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Entrepreneur
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 05:20:59 AM »

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