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Author Insight Into Dental Crowns  (Read 811 times)

Description: What are Dental Crowns

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Insight Into Dental Crowns
« on: August 10, 2017, 01:03:05 PM »
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  • Insight Into Dental Crowns

    With the rise in the problems related to tooth decay, teeth care and replacement techniques have attracted the attention of many across the world. One such technique is the placement of dental crowns. Let us have a look into the details of having a tooth crown in this article.

    What are Dental Crowns

    A dental crown denotes a cap that has the shape of a tooth. This is often placed on top of a tooth to regain the size, structure, strength, shape and appearance of the same. Crowns generally cover all visible portion of the tooth and are seen well above the line of the gums.

    Types of Dental Crowns

    There are basically 4 different categories of crowns used by dentists.

    Metal Tooth Crowns: This type of crowns is made up of gold, nickel, chromium or palladium alloys. They are very durable and support the process of chewing. They prove to be resistant to the wear and tear that teeth generally undergo. The biggest disadvantage of this type of crown is the color of the crown that is very much visible when placed in position. If you want to have a crown for tooth that care located at the backside, then this type of crown would prove to be the right choice.

    Porcelain-Metal Fused Tooth Crowns
    : This type of crown looks natural and can be rated next to the ceramic type if the natural aspect of the artificial teething is considered. However, they are often subjected to chipping and breakage.

    All-Resin Tooth Crown:
    This type is pretty cheap compared to the other types of crowns. However, they might not prove to be durable and are very much prone to fractures.

    Ceramic or Porcelain Tooth Crown: This type of crown is the best choice when the natural appearance is considered as the most important factor. However, they are not strong and are subjected to wear and tear. However, they prove to be a remarkable choice for those with metal allergies.

    Should you opt for a Dental Crown?

    If you have a weak tooth that has been cleaned recently, you might want to resort to a dental crown in case where most of the tooth has cracked already and is likely to be subjected to breakage.
     If you have broken a part of your tooth accidentally, then a tooth crown can pacify your needs better.
     If any of your teeth has decayed thoroughly and has been filled with fillers, you might need a tooth crown in case the filled section is very large and is subjected to breakage.

    To support a dental bridge that you have.
    To cover up severely discolored teeth
    To cover up the teeth that are out of shape
    To cover dental crowns implant if you have any!

    For your dental crown and other dental treatment contact Dr. Wale Adeleke 08033181698. Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria


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    Insight Into Dental Crowns
    « on: August 10, 2017, 01:03:05 PM »
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