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Description: Get a FREE Mobile Phone Platform for your Business, Products and Services

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« on: June 11, 2013, 12:42:43 PM »
FREE Mobile Phone Platform
Get A FREE Mobile Phone Platform-MPP for Your Business, Products and Services

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Get  Mobile Phone Platform for Your Business

Why have a mobile phone platform for your business? Often the question is...
"Do I really need a mobile phone platform for my business?"
The short answer is "yes you do."

Your main website is not built for the small screen of the average smart phone. Yes it is true some phones have full browsers. But the full browser usually does not improve the experience.

And what do we know?
We know that more and more mobile phones with internet access are  in the hot little hands of your best prospects. We know they will be relying on them more and more as time goes on.

The need to be able to match your message to your mobile prospect is the foundation of "Mobile Phone Platform for your Business."

People often ask... "How does a visitor find my "Mobile Phone Platform business"? One way is through sending the link of your mobile Phone platform to people to bookmark or save on home screen of their mobile phones. Customers can easily interact with you.

Recently Google reported a 400% increase in mobile searches over a two year period. Most searches on mobile devices are for local businesses and small and medium businesses.

When a visitor visits your mobile phone platform on their mobile device special coding on the Naijasky Platform detects the mobile browser and serves the mobile version. This is fundamental "Message to Market Match." When you serve up a mobile platform you have matched your message to your audience.

Your mobile phone platform is not static but interactive to engage with customers and potential customers, because it is integrated with asnwer and reply request, comment, question, feedback and purchasing enquiries.

Your Mobile platform is also integrated with Facebook and twitter

You have to choose your words carefully for your mobile phone platform site. Too much and you risk losing your on the go prospect. Use headlines, bullet points and a very clear call to action. Bold your headings, colour text as needed.

Choose your top three services/products to make up your first three  posts

Finally: Put yourself in the shoes of your mobile visitor. Which information do they need quickly? Ask a few of your clients and customers for ideas on how much information to put on your mobile phone platform.
And remember a Mobile phone platform of your business will set you apart from your competition. The key is to take action and get one built.
To start, register FREE @  and follow the step below.

In case you have no time, we can do it for you for $10 (N1500) only . send details of your business info with pictures, adverts artwork (if any) to [email protected]. You can make the payment after completion.


1.   You must register @
2.   Register the business you want to CREATE mobile phone platform,  use the short form of the business as username
3.   Then go  to the council mobile platform where the business is located e.g (at the bottom, click the State, within the State, click the local council)
4.   Click NEW TOPIC and insert mobile platform name on the subject ( use as short name as possible that is easy to remember)
5.   In the Microsoft word space,  type the business name and other details
6.   Use your mobile phone to take as many as 4 pictures of the business and products.
7.   Upload the  pictures  one after the other.   
8. Click post
9.    Your mobile Phone platform url address is at the browser when your open it
10.   Open it and click modify and copy and past the mobile platform url below the information and click save
11.   Then use laptop/desktop/cybercafé to modify/edit ( we can do this for you)
12.    Use photobucket to save photos/images/banners and copy the code to the mobile phone platform ( we can do this for you too)

We can help you to modify your mobile phone platform in these ways as a Mobile phoe platform Helper

A. Bold the heading
B. Colour the headings and sub-heading
C. Make the pictues to be viewed on all mobile phones
D. Submit it to google webmaster search engine
E. Post it to our facebook wall

All these and more for $10 only ( N1,500)

You can also email your details to us @ [email protected] and we insert your business for you. just text your MPP URL to 08033181698 or 08120322436 . Then we will send you how to make the payment after completion of the modification/edition

NB: Are you looking for job, then give mobile phone platform to businesses and make money as a mobile phone platform helper. details @ http://naijasky.cim/ng/mbs

NOTE: we can advertise your business for you FREE you only pay for results. that means we display your business adverts and will be viewed FREE numerous time but you only pay when people click your adverts details @

NaijaSky MPP Team
08033181698, 08120322436

Earn Offline Income for Online Marketing  Local Businesses Listing and Products Display


« on: June 11, 2013, 12:42:43 PM »

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