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Author Do What You Are Already Doing and Make Money in 2018  (Read 2766 times)


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Do What You Are Already Doing and Make Money in 2018
« on: January 01, 2018, 02:55:53 PM »
Do What You Are Already Doing and Make Money

In 2018, do what you have been doing free and make money from it in 2018
Itís new, itís innovative and itís unique and free to join. What is that you are doing already that can make you money?
More than 95% of people who have social media accounts and android phones or laptop make posts daily about local news, local events, activities, jokes, gossip, happening scene, post, motivational and religion articles. Post pictures, image and events. Imagine that you are being paid by whatsapp or Facebook or google plus or Instagram making such post

     You can do the same thing now and earn income all you do is posts on your online local council platform and share your post plus link to social media. It is tree to start and you will get the simple training tips on how to do it.

Where do you make the money from?  is exactly the same way social medias like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn make money. Social media make money from display banner advert on your Facebook wall or on your twitter account or on the Facebook groups that you belong to and charge the owners of the advert. Your post and other peoples post on social media are sources of traffic to such a social media platform. As a result of this traffic, social media takes advantage of it to display banner advert of business owners on top, in between and bottom of individual post

     The same way, you also can place display banner adverts on top and buttom of post in your chosen online local council platform.

Secondly, you can also make money from what I called online Local council business logo/image Homepages. Each business subscribe to the homepage and get its business image/logo display. The image is the hyperlinked to what I called online adverts display blog containing contact info and details information about the business

In Summary:
1.   You register free
2.   You choose online geographical platform to make post
3.   You get the training how to make your posts and how to invite others to make posts
4.   Start posting on your platform the same way you post on social media
5.   Tell other people to start making post on your chosen platform and share post to social media
6.   Tell business owners that you can advertise for them and share it to social media and charge them
7.   We insert the advert for you and you earn 65% of your advert charge and we get N35% for administrative expenses and maintenance of the platform.
 You donít need to worry about developing website, paying hosting and maintenance. You only need to choose a specific pre-built online locality platform, make posts tell others and make money

Types of Advert

1.   You can place display banner advert to attract local customers for businesses  within one local council alone or multiple local councils platform advert rate N5000 per local council ( negotiable ). Adverts will appear within specified online local councils platforms.
2.   You can place display banner advert to attract customers throughout a single state or multiple states, the rate for state advert is N50,000 ( negotiable ) Adverts will appear within specified states platforms
3.   You can place display banner advert to attract customers from a single region or multiple region advert rate within a region is  N 2,500,000( negotiable ). Adverts will appear within specified regions
4.   We can place display banner advert to attract customers nationwide and even globally and the rate is N10 million ( negotiable )

How to start
1.   Sign up free now @  , then a new page will open where you can register so that you can start posting after training.
2.   Get the free training

   The posting platform is already ranking on first page of Google search
   The platform is divided into 774 local council platforms, cities and and big towns.
   You can choose to post online local council platform from
   You can choose to make post and make money on towns and cities platform  from:
   You can decided to make post and make money in state platform as
Join free now, get the training and start making money in 2018. We estimate about 10,000 youths to be making money from these online local council business projects. Donít be left behind.

Part of the training tips include

1.   Apart from local news where do you get news related to your chosen platform
2.   How to you post image
3.   How to upload customers advert
4.   How to browse the internet to get business advertise with you
5.   How to drive traffic to your chosen platform
6.   How to get people within your geographical platform to make post.

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Wale Adeleke



Do What You Are Already Doing and Make Money in 2018
« on: January 01, 2018, 02:55:53 PM »

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