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Author Tooth Sensitive To Heat  (Read 35 times)


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Tooth Sensitive To Heat
« on: May 04, 2018, 05:30:38 PM »
Tooth Sensitive To Heat
Those are the most common four reasons for having a tooth sensitive to heat.
How can you tell if it will settle down? Or if the tooth will need treatment?
 The main clues are; WHEN the tooth is sensitive to heat, HOW LONG it is sensitive to heat, and whether it also reacts to COLD. Let's take these clues one by one.
  • WHEN is the tooth sensitive to heat? Obviously, it's going to ache after you have a hot drink. What I mean is - does it react IMMEDIATELY when you drink (say) a hot coffee? Or does it only start to ache maybe 30 seconds later, even after you have put your coffee cup down? This difference is quite important, and it's probably the OPPOSITE of what you're thinking. If the tooth reacts immediately on taking a hot drink, then the nerve is in a better state of health than if the ache starts 30 seconds AFTER you have swallowed the hot coffee. The chances of it settling down are better.
  • HOW LONG is the tooth painful for after you've had a hot drink? If it's less than 10 seconds, then the outlook is brighter than if it lasts for, say, 60 seconds or more. There's a better chance of the tooth settling down once you get the cause of the problem sorted out.
  • DOES IT REACT TO COLD? If the tooth is also sensitive to cold, and roughly equally sensitive to heat and to cold, then the situation is more hopeful than when the tooth is ONLY sensitive to heat, but NOT to cold. AND if cold actually makes your tooth feel better, then that's bad news.
So, in the BEST CASE situation, you might have had a deep cavity in a tooth, which a dentist cleaned and filled for you. And now you have a tooth sensitive to heat BUT ALSO to cold, which reacts immediately when you have a hot drink or a cold drink, but the pain subsides within 10 seconds or so. Most likely, the tooth will settle down on it's own. BUT if the tooth is also sensitive to bite on, then the new filling could be a little too high when you bite.
The general rule of thumb here is that, if the tooth has not settled down in about a week, you probably need to go back to the dentist to get the filling adjusted slightly.
At the other extreme, if you just have a cavity in a tooth, which is trapping food, which reacts to a hot drink AFTER you have already swallowed the drink, and COLD either makes no difference or makes the pain LESS, then the nerve is likely damaged beyond healing. Unfortunately you are then faced with one of just two options; getting the tooth extracted or getting a root canal to save the tooth. You can read more about these two options at GETTING A TOOTH PULLED    and   ROOT CANAL PROCEDURE.
So, if you have a tooth sensitive to heat, I recommend getting along to a dentist as soon as you can to get it checked and treated; thinly exception is if you've had a recent filling, and the tooth is sensitive to both hot AND cold, and subsides relatively quickly.
If you CANNOT get to see a dentist anytime soon, I recommend you take a look at my ebook  Toothache Survival Guide. This tells you EVERYTHING you need to know, including some home remedies to help you out!

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Tooth Sensitive To Heat
« on: May 04, 2018, 05:30:38 PM »

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Tooth Sensitive To Heat

Started by Isaac Adeniran

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Last post May 04, 2018, 05:23:01 PM
by Isaac Adeniran

Started by Wale Adeleke

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by Wale Adeleke
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