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How  MLM Booster Club Helps You To Make Good Money in Helping Hands H2i

You Earn N1,400(70%) income when someone get MLM Booster Blog through your blog and you  can easily get money to add  more H2i accounts if your register now or use your income to register new account with our fast growing H2i team.

When you join MLM Booster Club, you easily get members to register with you automatically and build your team and earn income in dollar And make good money. Your earn income to register or upgrade your account

MLM booster club will help you as a new member to get downline easily and  TO MAKE GOOD MONEY in Helping Hands.

When you join MLM booster club you get your own blog containing information about MLM Booster Club as well as how people can join your H2i team

Everyone that join MLM booster club through you will be registered with your directly.

Membership FEE for MLM Booster  club to get your own blog  is N2,000 only and with this amount you get your own blog and you earn N1,400(70%) when some get MLM booster through your blog.

Benefits of MLM Booster  Club

1. You join MLM Booster club with N2,000 only and you get your own blog.

2. You earn N1,400(70%) income when someone gets MLM booster Blog through your blog

3.You easily get downline and members. People who get blog through you are your downline
4. You use your income to upgrade your MLM business or to start. (But is better you join our fast growing team now and use your income from MLM booster blog to upgrade later)

How  MLM Blog Booster Works

You use the Facebook share button on your MLM Blog booster to share your blog to Facebook and facebook group. You can also share to other social network such as Twitter and Google + etc.

Other people join MLM booster club through your blog, pay N2,000 only and get blog containing information on MLM and on MLM Booster club.

You get N1,400(70%)  whenever someone joins MLM Booster club through your MLM Booster Blog.

When 5 people join through you, then you register with our h2i team or you upgrade if you register now.

When 5 people join MLM booster club through you,your earn N1,400 x5=N7,000
All the 5 people that join MLM booster club through you will be in  your team and  you build your team automatically.

And when these 5 people or more join your team you earn more and  upgrade from one stage or level to higher level. you will be able to see how you grow from your website back office that you can login with your username and password.

Through the 5 or more people, new 25 people MLM Booster club and when these 25  people upgrade they are in your team, you are upgrade to higher  level or stage

Through the 25 or more people, 25 5= 125+ people join your team through them and when these 125+ people upgrade  you upgrade higher and earn more income.
 Because all your direct people will also continue to upgrade automatically, you will continue to upgrade.

Through the 125+ people, 1255=625 people join your team through them and when these people upgrade, more people are added to your team and you also uograde higher automatically.

your team will continue to grow from 625 to 625x5=3,125 people then to 3,125 x5=15,625 the 15,625x5=78,125 people. there is no limit to the growth of your team and your continue to earn good money just with starting seed of N2,000.

With MLM Booster Club you can easily complete stages in a fast moving network opportunity we recommend  or in any network of your choice.

Is affordable to start and easy to get people using facebook group and other social media network.
There is no limit to the number of people that can join MLM booster club through you.

Don't delay join MLM Booster Club now for N2,000 only and start to make good money automatically through the power of innovative internet -Blog and social media .



YOU DON'T WORRY ABOUT FOLLOW UP.(people automatically join your team)

Build your MLM Downline Team with MLM Booster Club.

What You Get When You Join MLM Booster Club

1. You get a blog containing information  on MLM and MLM Booster club and your blog Code. You can respond to questions and add more info on your blog.

2. You get new members to register with you automatically in a powerful MLM or any MLM of your choice.

3. You get a FREE short Url for your blog (take your name before some else takes it)

4. FREE hosting of your MLM Booster blog for 12 months

5. Your blog can be found on first page of google search with our powerful SEO-Search engine optimization (Meta long keywords and meta description) 

How To Join MLM Booster Club

1. Get your MLM Booster Blog Now, Make your payment of N2,000 now into any of the banks listed below and you get your MLM Booster blog on MLM and MLM Booster Club. After payment send detail of your payment by SMS or whatsapp to me on 08033181698

Make payment or transfer N2,000 into any of these banks:

  GTBank 0118082100;   First Bank 2017361503; Access Bank 0032137637; Eco Bank 0041068929; Skye Bank : 1766706730 Account Name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale. Text or Whatsapp me on Dr. Wale Adeleke  08033181698

2. Fill your details information on the form at http://naijatowns.com/club/#2 and insert OND217in the R column on the form.

3. Join MLM Booster Club Group on Whatsapp:

4. For you to be able to edit your blog, respond to question, update and add more info click sign in with Facebook @ http://naijasky.com/register  or you can register on it. Sign in with facebook will make your post on your blog very authentic and real.

Yours for Success
Dr.Wale Adeleke 08033181698
CEO -MLM Booster Blog

To join our fast moving Helping Hands Team. call or sms or what me now:

OMONUA OLUSOJI WILLIAMS,  09093994217, 08090726866.

To Know more about Helping Hands Visi: thttp://naijasky.com/articles/2051/h2i/28312/


1. You join MLM Booster Club with N2,0000 and get your on MLM Booster Blog containing your Blpg Code and GSM
2. You get N1,400(70%) from anyone that join MLM Booster Club through your blog

3. With just 5 people join MLM Booster Club through your blog, you earn N7,000 and can upgrade or  register  automatically with a powerful MLM opportunity and you earn good money or you can choose any MLM

4. Your build downline automatically. All people that join MLM Booster club through you are in your team

5. You don't worry about recruiting, finding downline following up.

6. You don't  disturb anyone, you dont pestering friends or family

7. You just share your blog as specified when you join MLM Booster club.

Please Read these MLM Booster  Club Training articles:

1. The Battle Between Traditional MLM and New School Internet Network Marketing.

2. How To Make Fat Income in Any network marketing business using Whatsapp-Facebook Group & Blog

3. How You Can Use Internet For Network Marketing

4. Four Reasons Why People Fail In "Old School" Method Of Network Marketing

5. Those Who Succeed In "Old School" Method Of Network Marketing

6. People Who Can Succeed Using Internet for Network Marketing

7. 3 Things To Succeed In Network Marketing
More training articles are coming.

To join our fast moving Helping Hands Team. call or sms or what me now:

OMONUA OLUSOJI WILLIAMS,  09093994217, 08090726866.

To Know more about Helping Hands Visi: thttp://naijasky.com/articles/2051/h2i/28312/

Linkback: http://naijasky.com/ondo-west/198/how-to-use-blog-to-make-money-in-helping-hands/31649/
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How to use blog to make money in Helping Hands
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