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7 simple tips that will instantly boost your confidence
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:49:38 PM »
7 simple tips that will instantly boost your confidence.

1. Increase your self-efficacy by building your competence. Think about your strengths, what is really important to you and what you want to achieve in your life, focus on learning and modeling from experts in those areas and empower yourself with knowledge. This practice will increase your competence.

2. Set up small and achievable goals. Goal setting will help you identify your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Achieving small goals will boost your confidence and bring in more success and more confidence.

3. Pay attention to your body language. A confident body posture includes a relaxed smiling facial expression with your chin up. Stand tall and straight, keep your legs aligned with your shoulders, keep your shoulders back, and place your hands on the side with an open palm.

4. Manage your mind state. You become what you think most about. Learn to pick up and reframe the negative self-talks that affect your confidence. Use visualization to create a positive mental image about yourself who stands tall and feels confident, and project this image in your mind more often during your day.

5. Watch your speech and moderate your pace and volume, this also relates to your breathing. Take a deep breath and speak slowly. Lower pitches generally are more pleasant to hear.

6. Get to know yourself. Write a journal about yourself, what are your strengths and principles? And what are your limits and weaknesses? Self-realization helps you build even greater self-confidence.

7. Develop your strength and manage your weakness. See the good in everyone. When you able to see the good in everyone, you only focus on the positive side of everything and this will help you develop a positive mental attitude, which is will reinforce your confidence.


It’s never too late to become a confident person and bring out the BEST in you! You have absolute control to become confident in any given situation in your life, let go of your past experiences and memories that hold you back and make you settle for less. Here comes the old saying, “Self-confidence is the BEST outfit!”

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