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Author How To Earn extra N50,000-N100,000 Monthly Using Your Mobile Phone  (Read 4081 times)


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How To Earn Extra N50K-N100K Monthly Using Your Mobile Phone

Join Mobile Phone Income Opportunity Now!

Earn Extra Income with Business SalesBooster Page

How to Earn Income Giving Business SalesBooster Page to Local small Businesses in Your Community Using Your Mobile Phone

We Make Business Show up on First Page  Google Search

You make money using your mobile phone to help local small business, give business salesbooster page to small local businesses in your community anywhere nationwide in Nigeria and you help the business show up in google search first page.

For the past 5 years, we have creating abd developing the  platform to accommodate millions of small businesses from over 1,000 communities-towns, cities and local councils nationwide in Nigeria, Africa and Globally  @ and @ Each online community can accommodate unlimited number of local small business salesbooster page . And each business also has unlimited pages for interacting with customers, add info and photos.

No technical skill needed. We do the technical aspect for you and you make 60% per business and additional 10% per business that your friends that you introduce insert.

  You can reach  the businesses in their shops street by street which is the ost effective or through Facebook groups( i will show you which groups), SMS, whatsapp and even through flyers. Read details below.

Join Mobile Income Opportunity Now! Register now and start to insert businessess and also introduce your friends before your friends register before you and introduce you.

You can also join Mobile Income Opportunity  Whatsapp Group  Click here or @

It's very simple, get the information of the businesses in your area, upload the information and photo of the front shop and we complete the rest and you earn 60%.

We embedded Meta key words and meta description for individual business so that people can find the businesses on first page of Google search.

Note: The business owner can also insert additional business info and upload photo after claiming tge salesbooster page and we do the technical part

You  capture the names of the businesses, information and front picture, send the link to us for technical meta key words and metal description. We also get the business listed in the community small business directories under its category.

The businesses make payment by transfer or payment into bank and you receive your income into your bank account.

What You Need to Start

All you need is  your mobile phone to snap the front photo of the business with signpost banner of the business  and upload it to your local online local council platform or community where you decide to work available at htttp://

Within your online community platform, use your mobile phone to insert the business name on the subject and insert the name of the business brief info about the business on the space provided and upload images. Click attachment, then upload. Note that this photo can be change when the owner claim the sales booster page and the name

How Much Money Can You Make Monthly

You also make money when you introduce other people anywhere nationwide. You can introduce the opportunity to other people through Facebook group, whatsapp, sms and word or mouth. You earn 50% when you insert business and you earn additional 20% when the people  you introduce insert  businesses. You Make NN500 per micro businesses and small shops that claim business page and name by paying N1,000 and you make N750 per salmall business that pays N1,500 and N1,500 by each business that pays N3,000 and N2,500 for businesses that pay N5,000 such as hotels, big restaurants etc.

Online community  will be allotted to you  and can take unlimited salesbooster pages with each sale booster business page has unlimited web pages for posting info, images , interaction with customer: feedback, review and testimonies.

For each micro business pay N1,000 and you get N500 per business and you make N200 per business by your friends. When you introduce other people that insert businesses, they also get N500 , you get additional N200. That means you get N200 when someone you introduce registered and also get N200 per each business.

When you introduce 5 people that are inserting business like you and all these 5 people insert 40 businesses per month working only 20 days getting 2 businesses per day, you make N200 x200 =N40,000 in addition to your own income of N500 per business you refer and you also insert 40 businesses in a month -N20,000 . Total income in a month is N40,000 plus N20,000=N60,000 and is because you are just starting.

Besides, you can insert up to 100 businesses per month which is average of 3 to 5 businesses per day.

Imagine how much you can make when you introduce 10 friends who insert 1000 businesses, you make extra N200,000 in addition to your own income.

How To Contact Friends and Businesses

4 Ways To Contact Friends and  Businesses

Use Social Media: You can post information with your page link about salesbooster page to facebook group. You make business show up in google first page. i will show you the type of Facebook group you can join to get result.

2. You can send Bulk SMS to friends and business GSM about salesbooster blog adding your link. We can help you send bulk SMS at N1.50K.

3. You can use whatsapp Groups to reach friends and businesses.

4. You can print out the introductory letter and give to businesses directly in your community. and you can talk to business directly . And you can use flier and words of month to introduce friends.

What You Get When You Register and join Mobile Phone Income Opportunity Club

1. You get online community where you can insert businesses  or tell businesses to insert their business name and info to be able to boost sales, attract more customers and  show up in first page of google search.
2. You get a summary web page to introduce other people to join.

3. You get a registration page through which business can fill their details information.
4. You get an introductory letter you can download  and businesses.

How can you Start Now?

You need to register and  join Mobile Phone Income Opportunity

1. To be able to post and insert business, use your mobile phone, click sign in with Facebook @ and follow the step. This will enable you to make post and insert businesses. With this you have registered automatically.

You can also register directly at  and your registration will need to be approved.

You can also join mobile Income Oppoertunitu Whatsapp Group  Click here or @

2.   You need to fill the simple form @ this will enable you to get online community where you can make businesses to insert their info. When you fill the form, Insert MPI in the P column of the form.

3.   You need to indicate your seriousness by paying N1,500 registration fee to join and you will keep all the  payment you receive from the first 3 businesses you insert.. You will get a  webpage of your own that you can send to businesses.

However, you can also start FREE and start earning from commissions as mentioned above.

You will also get a small training you can use to get local businesses inserting themselve and and make you earn more and tips on the type of Facebook groups you can join to get result.

NB: You also get paid when the people you introduce are registered and when they insert businesses.

How To Make Payment

Transfer or Make Your  payment of N1,500 Regisyrayion Fee and you keep the payment from your first 3 businesses you insert, pay or transfer into:
Zenith Bank; Account Name: Adadis Ventures; . Account No: 1011979286 (Current A/c) and send  payment details by sms/whatsapp to Wale Adeleke on: 08033181698

You can also  transfer or make  payment of N1,500 registration  fee into any of the listed banks below:
GTB  Account No:0118082100 
First Bank A/c No: 2017361503
 Access Bank A/C No:0032137637
Skye Bank  A/C No: 1766706730 
ECO Bank: A/C No: 3481036750   
Account Name:  Adeleke Isaac Adewale : and send  payment details by sms/whatsapp  to Wale Adeleke on: 08033181698

You can also download introductoey letter  that you can give shops and businessess

Yours Sincerely
Wale Adeleke
3 Owodunni street Ikeja Lagos.

SUMMARY of Making Money with Mobile Phone Income Opportunity

1. You make money helping local business to increase sales by giving salebooster page and Page  address , making it possible for such businesses to come up in  first page of Google search.

2. You also make money referring other people doing the same thing just like you giving businesses sales booster page and page address.

3. You can reach businesses by online and offline methods: bulk sms (N1.50 per sms we do it for you), by facebook groups post( i will show you which groups to join ), i will show you the tips to make posts; by whatsapp groups and direct by flyers and capture images yourself using your mobile phone.

4. You don't worry about hosting and web maintenance
5. We do all the work and your share profits

6. You don't need technical skill, we do all the technical meta keywords and meta description.
7. Once you register you don't renew registration and you continue to make money .
8. More are coming of snap and get paid, award income opportunity, earn income with online community post, make money with banner adverts on your online community, sponsorship income, posting competition and much more coming.



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Re: How To Earn extra N75,000 Monthly Using Your Mobile Phone
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2017, 09:11:09 PM »

Because you are just starting, I will show you a strategy that  you  can use to get 100 businesses in a month and you work 1 hour daily for 20 days and you get a total of 50 businesses will make payment to claim the sales booster page, your make N500 per business i.e N500x50=N25,000

second, you introduce the opportunity to 5 people . each of them also get 50 businesses in a month, that is 5 people x50 businesses=250 businesses.
you get N200 per each business your friends insert, you make N200x250 businesses=N50,000
Your total income a month is 25, 000 you make plus N50,000-N75,000

Digital income opportunity is the trend. join other thousands of people who are already making extra income monthly

The best strategy is to capture the businesses from shop/store, upload them and we create the customized page  address on each business name , you insert each business name on the letter and give to the business. When the business claims the salesbooster page and and the address the business can insert more info and Photo themselves.


Re: How To Earn extra N75,000 Monthly Using Your Mobile Phone
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2017, 09:11:09 PM »

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