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« on: February 24, 2018, 03:28:28 AM »
Answer the questions in 2 minutes.
1. Animals that eat money are called...
A. Carnivores.
B. Omnivores.
C. Monivores.
D. Herbivores.
2. What is the natural habitat for naira-eating snakes?
A. Aquatic
B. Jamb headquarters
C. Terrestrial
D. Forest
3. The process by which a snake swallows money is called...
A. Phagocytosis
B. Engulfing
C. Pinocytosis
D. Embezzlement.
4. What will snake drink after swallowing huge some of money....
A. Water
B. Gulder
C. Hennessy
D. Non of the above.
5. What kind of snake can swallow 35M naira only......
A. Ejola
B. Python
C. Oka
D. Anaconda
6. In what country in Africa that snakes swallows money in an office......
A. Zimbabwe
B. Egpty
C. Naija
D. Kenya
7. The study of snake swallowing money can be best described as..........
A. Snakenology
B. Olelology
C. Corruptology
D. All of the above
8. If the snake is arrested and taken to the court by the EFCC will it win the case.......
A. Yes.... Since there's no evidence against the innocent snake
B. No..... The EFCC will win the case since the snake is not a politician.
C. Yes & No.
D. The Judge will throw the case out.
9. Snake that can swallow money is dangerous to be in the society because it may start robbing the banks....
A. False
B. True
C. Maybe
D. I don't think so.
10. Let assume the snake is sentence to jail how many years do you think he will spend in jail....
A. Just a year
B. 3 and half years
C. 43 years
D. Life in prison.
Bonus questions it carries 40 marks... Answer careful please.
If it turned out that it was the Jamb officials that swallowed the money but they lied against the innocent snake, what should snake do?
A. Swallow all of them alive.
B. Forgive and forget.
C. Demand for it's share of the money.
D. Leave Naija for Ghana.

Linkback: https://naijasky.com/jokes/1774/jamb-questions-2018/35542/
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« on: February 24, 2018, 03:28:28 AM »

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