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« on: February 13, 2018, 06:45:31 PM »
In this era of technological advancement, web development is at its peak. The internet world is moving on a high speed and since this 21 st century has recorded so many web developers and programmers, every one of them is craving for the best programming language. As technology grows, more and more changes are coming up and more programming languages are coming as well. Every business want to have the best website thatís appealing to her users.

Since web development and web programming is solely dependent on programming languages, every programmer and web developer want to keep up with the trend. Web developers and web programming cannot perfect their work without programming languages since they are the base for sending command to machine and awaits its response for the next task.

Having the knowledge of the latest programming languages is an advantage to these Tech savvies. So are you are an amateur in the world of web development? Are you looking for the top programming languages to work with, then youíre at the right place. In this post, after a rigorous research and review, I came up with top 5 programming
language used in website development.

1. JavaScript Programming Language
JavaScript programming language is one of the most accepted and resourceful programming languages widely used for websites developing. There are many functions of this programming language in web development and programming. It provides interactivity to your website. Web developers and programmers use JavaScript to add visual effect to websites. This programming language is unarguably useful since it can virtually help you in having interaction for your website. This programming language also helps in web maintenance. Developers use it to get rid of bugs. It is very easy to remove bugs from your website using breakpoint or unit test. JavaScript programmingalso helps to make website user-friendly.

Note: JavaScript programming is not the same as java programming.

2. Java Programming Language
This is a multi-purpose, computer programming language that allows a developer or programmer to run on any java platform without any trouble. Java programming language are mostly regarded as the ultimate language for web programming and development. Java is a reliable, secure and of course very fast. As a multi-purpose programming language java is an independent platform that can virtually on all other java support platforms. In fact java is just a perfect programming language web programming and web development. Java is also class-based language.

3. Python Programming Language
As one of the 5 top programming language for website development, python platform is a powerful high-rated, advanced and of course object oriented programming language. Like java, python is a multi-purpose programming language which can be used to virtually build anything. It is a backend web development, ideal for scientific, analyzing
data and hosts of other programs. Most web developers and programmers used this language for wide programming service such as building games, applications and other computer productive instruments. Python programming runs on LINUX with ease and all windows-based servers.

4. C Programming Language
The C programming language is yet another top programming language widely used by web developers and web programmers. It is also a multi-purpose programming language. This platform is known for its portability, fast and of course available in all programming. C programming language is also appreciated for its efficiency in writing system softwares and also for writing applications. However, this programming is ideal for beginners in web development and programming. It also has a supporting structured programming.

5. PHP Programming Language
PHP simply means Hypertext Preprocessor. It is one of the 5 top most widely used programming languages by web developers and programmers. PHP is appreciated for its efficiency in creating dynamic and interactive web pages. It aids fast and easy expansion of web applications. As an open source scripting language. This is also a functional and of course itís an object oriented programming. This programming is also a first class debugging platform. PHP programming also has control of many websites that Digg, WordPress, Magento, etc.

Final thoughts:
Programming languages are just an indispensable aspect of website development and programming. That is why it is very important to know the right and best programming language to use. There are other programming languages but if you are a web developer or programmer and you neglect the above languages, you should probably buckle up.



« on: February 13, 2018, 06:45:31 PM »

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