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Ideas and tactics on how banner advertising works
« on: August 05, 2017, 11:44:42 PM »
 Ideas and tactics on how banner advertising works


It’s a form of online advertising through banners.

Banner advertising is also called display advertising (as opposed to text-only advertising) because of the visual nature of banner ads. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote a brand. The banner ad can take the visitor from the host website to the advertiser’s website or a specific landing webpage.

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A banner ad, or a web banner, is an advertisement displayed into a web page. The advertisement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) and hyperlink to a specific landing web

Thus, banner ads can be static or animated, depending on the type of banner adverts.

The static banner ad can be a simple image or a visual that is acting just like an ad but in the digital ecosystem you can click on it and get to the website or landing page of the advertisment.

We’ve heard  lots of questions around “What is an animated banner ad?” so we want to help you with an answer:

An animated banner ad (or web banner) is a type of digital advertising that is delivered by an ad server. The purpose is the same as the one for the static banner ad: to get noticed on the website and make the user click on it. 

Also you can call the animated banner ad a programmatically generated display or sequential visual that creates the illusion that the objects in the image are moving.


Banner ads are intended to generate traffic to business shop, store/office or to a website by linking to it or to specific webpage containing information about the location of the business. Also, web banners can function as regular, print advertisements: inform, notify about a new product, increase brand awareness and so on. 

However, most banners are clickable and their main function is to get clicked on to a a specific landing webpage or website. But we’ll talk about banner effectiveness in a few moments.

So, why use banner advertising?

1. Brand awareness – you can grow your brand awareness using banner ads so people can easily recognize your product or service. Brands like IBM, Apple, Target or Nike use  banner ads to grow their business.

2. Lead generator – it’s a great way to build your users base. If you are as SaaS you can use banner ads to get more users sign up and try your product/service.

3. Retarget your audience – if somebody came your store or shop or on your website but didn’t sign up on your newsletter or didn’t try out your product you can re-target them with banner ads.

Generally, banner ads are placed in a target geographical location to the business. 


One advantage of the online advertising over the traditional one is that its effectiveness can be easily measured. Regarding banner ads, the main effectiveness indicator is the click-through rate. The click-through rate (CTR) is calculated by dividing the number of users who clicked on the ad by the number of times the ad was displayed (impressions).

For instance, one might say that a certain ad has a click-through rate of 3%. That means that out of 100 impressions delivered, the banner was clicked on three times.

Therefore, the higher the CTR is, the more effective the advertisement is. It’s that simple.


When you browse across the Internet it’s likely for you to encounter all kinds of banners in all kinds of sizes. Lucky for us, there are some standards too. And their role is to reduce the amount of work for agencies when faced with the problem of creating many banners and similar sizes for different publishers.

1. Who is your main target and what do you want from them? Before you design a banner ad you need to know who is your core audience and what you want from them. Maybe you want them to click on your website, or to buy your limited sale product or to try your service for free. Think about that!

2. What is your value proposition? This will help you write the text of your banner and also choose a good CTA button text.

3. Choose a Standard web banner ad size – Because the publishers are usually using the standard banner ad sizes on their websites. So, if you pick another size you limit the reach of your banner ad campaigns.

4. Use readable fonts – You want the user to understand what you want to offer and what he can get if he will click your banner ad.

5. Use high quality photos – A very low quality photos and images used in a banner ad can create mistrust between the brand and the user. 54% of users don’t click banner ads because they don’t trust them.

6. Use your brand colors – If you want to create professional banner ads and you want people to recognize your brand on the internet I recommend you to stay close to your brand color.

7. Don’t overcrowd your banner ad – The simpler the banner ad is the easier you can communicate the right message to your audience.

8. Don’t forget to use a branding element (logo, company name or website) – It doesn’t matter how big you are in your industry, you need to use one of your branding elements to show the user that your company is behind that banner ad.


It doesn’t matter what kind of advertising do you want to do, there are a few principles you must stuck to it so that you can have an effective banner ad campaign.

The thing that I love in banner advertising is that it’s all about visual advertising. The visuals (photo, videos) go beyond text advertising and you can easily use buttons, colors, images, text or even animations to create an easy to understand message.

So, what are the principles that will help you start in banner advertising?

1. What do you want from your campaign – Think about your product/service and see what’s the specific idea you can build your campaign on.

2. Determine your budget – Advertising is something you pay to show and banner advertising is the same. You need to know how much money you want to invest in this banner ad campaign.

3. Who is your audience – Understanding who you want to advertise to will help you create a better banner ad campaign. Because you will know their needs and you will know how to design the banner ad to get noticed by them.


Banner advertising can be a real deal for your business if you know how to optimize it and get the best out of it.

Linkback: http://naijasky.com/introduction/1041/-ideas-and-tactics-on-how-banner-advertising-works/33712/
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