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You can make money with SFI
« on: September 28, 2013, 02:32:47 PM »
Hello Teammates,
If you are not yet SFI affiliate sign up FREE now ans start to grow a second income CLICK HERE or go to

Greetings to you all.As we draw close to the end of the month,I'll urge you all to strive hard and achieve your set goals for September.

These are some of the FAQ that I want to share with you.

Q: What's going to make me more money? Referring lots of members to TripleClicks or sponsoring lots of affiliates? If I concentrate on sponsoring affiliates, how many do I need to sponsor to be successful in SFI?

A: It really isn't an either/or proposition. The key to making truly BIG money is to focus on Referring Members, Sponsoring Affiliates, and teaching your team members to duplicate your efforts.
So, yes, definitely use and share products, but also tell other people about the SFI business opportunity. When you do this, it's like cloning yourself. And with each clone, you earn a portion of every dollar in commissions they generate. Now you're no longer limited to just what YOU can do. Now you can be earning money around the clock and around the world, month after month after month.

How many affiliates do you need to sponsor to be successful in SFI?

You may be shocked to learn that just three to five is all you'll need to generate a significant, full-time income. Now let me elaborate on this!

Too many people get caught up in QUANTITY. They constantly sponsor dozens, even hundreds of affiliates, when it's QUALITY that is the real key. Once you've found or developed 3-5 topnotch affiliates, you're going to see a lot of great things happen with your commission check.

How do you develop quality affiliates? It's real simple: WORK WITH THE WORKERS!

When you see people who are working SFI in your group, work with them! Support them closely, and train them to do the things you do so that you are creating duplication and maximum leverage.

You see, it's more natural for us to let the workers in our group just do their own thing. After all, they went EA without you even telling them to, they're already bringing in new affiliates, contacting their team members regularly, etc. They don't need your help or support, or so you think.

Meanwhile, you're spending all your time trying to get the people who obviously don't "get it" to do something. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink?yet you continue to try.

You need to know that this is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing to build a successful business. I'm not saying you shouldn't follow up with those who don't immediately get active with SFI. You should. But don't spend ALL or even the majority of your time with this. And DEFINITELY DO NOT IGNORE your workers!

Indeed, the way you create those 3-5 "top-gun" affiliates that you need is by treating them LIKE YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON THEM!

If you're not in touch with your best, hardest-working affiliates at least every week (email, phone calls, chatroom, or whatever), I'm sorry, but you're trying to win a race with a car that only has one wheel!

How many affiliates will you have to go through to find your top guns? That's of course difficult to say. What I can tell you though is that they're out there, and you'll develop them so long as you deny your natural instincts and apply the proper focus (work with the workers!).

Just like in a deck of cards, you KNOW there are four aces. If you start working your way through the deck, the first ace may not come up for a while, but eventually it will so long as you keep going through the deck. And if you don't quit, you'll eventually locate FOUR aces. It's the very same principle with SFI; the aces are there.

Keep sponsoring affiliates, work with your workers, and success will happen. Let's make this challenge!

Tip: Don't waste time on skeptics or pessimists. They will NOT succeed in SFI or any other similar endeavor. They do not possess the qualities of a winner (this includes "rocking-chair advisors" who talk and talk, seem to know all the answers, but never act).

"Eagles don't flock--you have to find them one at a time." --H. Ross Perot

Any team member who wishes to get his/her own customized personal website to promote SFI can contact me via my primary email address;
[email protected]

PSS-My $100 cash gift awaits all PSA and CSA who achieve the E-365 Championship Badge!

That will be all for now,
Aim High! Dream Big!

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You can make money with SFI
« on: September 28, 2013, 02:32:47 PM »

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