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Online Local Council Business Project
Online Adverts, SEO, & Social Media Promotion Consults.
Services offer:
1.   We advertise Businesses to social medial such as Facebook, Facebook Groups, Fanpage, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn through a FREE adverts website blogs
2.   We place display banner adverts on our over 75,000 webpages covering all geographical locations online in Nigeria, Africa and globally. Adverts can cover local council area & multiple local council, state, multiple states, region, multiple region and Nationwide and globally
Adverts can be specific to local council area or to multiple councils
Adverts can be specific to a state or multiple State
Adverts can be specific to a region or multiple Region
Advert can be nationwide or globally
Adverts appear on blog categories such as politics, Business, small business ideas,health, Finance, Love, Automobiles, Security, brands, Internet, IT, Telecom. Love and relationship, different religion blogs etc
Adverts appear on local council small business directories

The platform is divided as follow:
Platforms for all local council areas
Platforms for all headquarters of local council areas
Platforms for all states
Platform for capitals of all states
Platform for Major cities and major towns
             Advert Rates
                Adverts with local council N 5,000 per month
                Local council business brands homepages N5,000
                     Advert with state N500,000 per state
                     Advert with region N2.5 million and it will cover all state, all state capitals, all   
                     Region, all major cities, all major towns and all local government headquarters.
3.   We create adverts webpage for businesses so that businesses can easily be found in goggle searching in any location. Locally or nationwide – called search engine optimization (SEO).
4.   We refer customers/clients to business and receive commissions on sales called Local affiliate marketing
5.   We publish Local Council Business brands homepages where each business is hyperlinked to its advert webpage
6.   We publish Local News, Local events, articles, Local festival, Local images.
7.   We publish video on Business events festival.
How Much can You Make
You can make N100,000 monthly through one stream or multiple streams of income as:
A  Basic partner for local council areas
Or as a Silver partner for states
Or as a Gold partner for regions
 Or as a Diamond partner nationwide and globally
With partnership referral:
 When you refer basic partner, you earn N1,500 direct referral income and N1,000 indirect income
When you refer Silver partner, you earn, you earn N3,000 direct income and N2,000 indirect income
When you refer Gold partner, you earn N6,000 direct income and N4,000 indirect income
When you refer diamond partner, you earn N9,000 direct income and N6,000 indirect income.
With services Referral
Local council adverts, you earn N1,500 direct income and N1.000 indirect income
State Adverts, you earn N150,000 direct income and N100,000 indirect income
Region Adverts, you earn N750,000 direct income and N500,000 indirect income
National/global adverts: You earn N3million direct income and N2million indirect income
Writing Competition
You also earn income from our writing and posting competitions. We organize writing competition and the best 3 are rewarded handsomely. More detail when you become a partner
How Do You Make The Money:
You get 30% of all the people you refer who become Basics or silver or gold or diamond partner.
In addition you get 30% of all the clients you refer.
You also 20% of all the partners referred by your referrals and 20% all all the clients refers by your referrals
You also share in  30% Profit Sharing PS quarterly depending on your partnership level- 1 Basic, 2 Silver, 4 Gold, 6 Diamond as mentioned above.
We reserve 30% of all Partner registration FEEs and 20% of the all services FEE for profit sharing PS quarterly.
For example, If one profit sharing is N10,000
Basic partner gets one profit sharing [1PS] -- N10,000
Silver partner gets two profit sharing [2Ps] – N20,000
Gold partner gets four profit sharing [4 PS] – N40,000
Diamond partner gets six profit sharing [6PS] – N60,000

How Does The Partnership Work
When you register and become a partner (Basic or Silver or Gold or Diamond) you get your own website and referral link.
     With your website you will see everyone that has joined through your link or those who has become partners. Similarly you will see the clients who have joined through your link for our services.
     Within your website you will also see your second referrals through your first referral.
You see how much you have earned through partnership registration as well as  through services you refer.
 Your income in transferred into your Bank account monthly .
Methods of referring people and businesses
Apart from talking to business and people directly, you can make all your money even if you don’t talk to people and business directly.
Other ways to refer people and businesses are:
1.   Through you FREE blog you get when you become a partner. The blog will be embedded with meta key words and meta description so that people can find you easily on google search
2.   You can also share your free blog to social media.
3.   Posting text words and your blog link to relevant facebook groups. You will know how when you become a partner
4.   By a display banner adverts for you that link to your free blog
5.   By posting interested topics, local news, events, articles and share to social media and when people visit your post, your banner will be at the top of you post. Your banners link to your free blog

Benefits Of Parnership
When you register and become a partner you get the following benefits. You can register as a Basic partner or as a Silver partner or as a gold partner or as Diamond partner.
1. You will be able to earn income monthly through services you refer and through partnership you refer.
2.  You get your own website to be able to see your referral partners, clients and your income.
3.  You get partnership referral link and client referral link and reference number
4.  You earn 40% income from the people you refer who become partners
You earn additional 40% income from the services you refer and clients you referred directly. You earn 20% from the people that your referral refer who become partners
You earn 20% from the clients referred by your referrals refer.
You earn Profit Sharing based on your partnership category as mention above.
You will be able to make 100% income from customers/clients referral program you offer

What you get when you become a partner
First you get all the benefits of partnership mentioned above. It is only when you become a partner that you earn fat income monthly. You earn direct and indirect referral income.
You get the following;
1.   Strategies on how you can get people through to register with you locally with state, region, nationwide and globally  through social media-Facebook group, Twitter and google+
2.   Strategies on how you can get  businesses through (without going from shop to shop) to advertise with you and attract local, national customers and clients using social media
3.   Strategies on how to get business through social media to subscribe to local council business brands homepages.
4.   Strategies on how to attract traffic through social media to your clients business.
5.   Strategies on how to advertise to social media free and eefectively.
6.   Strategies on how to refer customers/clients to business and make 100% income for yourself.
7.   Tips on how to place an advert in social media such as facebook
8.   Automatic referring blog with your Ref No
9.   Display banner adverts link to your Blog

Categories/Level of Partnership
Basic Partnership for local council platforms and categories blogs
Silver Partnership for local councils and states platforms and categories blogs
Gold Partnership for local councils, states and regions platforms and categories blogs
Diamond Partnership for local councils, state, regions, nationwide and global platform and categories blogs.
Registration FEE
Basic partner N5,000
Silver partner N10,000
Gold partner N20,000
Diamond partner N30,000
20% of every registration and service provided  for profits sharing (PS) quarterly. The profits are divided by the total of (PS) points.
  N5,000 indicates one PS
Basic Partner gets 1 PS
Silver Partner gets 2 PS
Gold Partner gets 4 PS
Diamond Partner gets 6 PS
     However, every partner earns 40% of all the partnership registration refers and 20% 0f all the indirect partners refer similarly; every partner earns 40% of all the business services he/she gets 20% of all the businesses referred by the referrals.

Who can be a Partner
Anyone with android phone or anyone who can click mouse can be a partner. These include: Individual, jobseekers, employed, students etc anyone who want to earn extra N100k monthly can be a partner. Business owners can also be a partner anywhere nationwide and globally. This is because once you pay for any of our services; you earn 40% if you are already a partner. And when you refer other businesses who pay for services, you alo earn 40% income. And when  your referral businesses refer other businesses you get additional 20% income.

Advert Text sample you can post on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
Partner with Local council business project and earn N100,000 monthly, details @ your blog link
Earn N100,000 monthly, partner with Local Council Business Project-LCB projects, detail @ your blog link

whatsapp me to become a partner Isaac 08033181698


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