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Description: No referral and no downline stress program to earn income

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Learn and Earn Income Program
« on: March 16, 2018, 04:45:40 AM »
Is A Non-Referral Income Program for Earning Income Online ( You don't need to worry about referring people before you earn income)

Welcome to Learn and earn income opportunity and is a Non-referral Income Program for Wealth creation Program.

Program for: Learning and Earning Income

What Do You Really Learn

You learn so many things while you earn income. Some of what you learn are:
1. You learn To Raise Money without collateral for personal needs and business
2. Learn to be healthy throughout the year
3. Learn how to sell products and services on Internet successfully
4. Learn how to make money self-publishing ebooks, books, newsletter, video and audio books
5. Learn google business model and facebook business model
And many more. The packages a listed below, click the image to read more about each package.( We can also bring you whatever training skill acquisition video you desire to learn)

How Much Can You Earn
STEP 1: YOU EARN N10,000 and in multiples

: YOU EARN N50,000 and in multiples

STEP 3: YOU EARN N300,000 and in multiples

With this Learn and earn program, there is  no need to refer or pestering  anyone before you earn income.

 It's a Non-Referal Income Program-NIP, therefore you are cordially invited   to join and make money without worry about downline recruitment, don't miss this fantastic opportunity.

YOU'RE WELCOME TO Learn and Earn Income which is a non-referral income opportunity program

Members are empowered to discover:
 How to raise money without collateral
and How to sell products and services on internet successfully and impact other knowledge to members while members are making money simultaneously(at the same time while learning)


Sign up and confirm your registration
Registration is a one time payment of N5,500 or $30 and you get your 5 packages and a blog similar to this page you area reading but customized with you in step1

 Packages you can use to raise money, be healthy throughout the year, sell successfully on Internet etc.

Our Address is 2 Thomas Salako Street, Off Ijaiye Road, Ogba-Ijaiye, Lagos.
📞08033181698 08099874073,

After registration you will be sent/given your 5 packages andyour customize blog.   You can use one of the packages to raise money without collateral for your personal needs or for business or for real estate .

YOUR BENEFITS IN Non Referral Program

After confirming your Registration  (you get your 5 packages and blog)


Within Your Blog: You are in STEP1: You earn N10,000

 You continually earn N1,000 from everyone that joins and gets his 5 Packages and a blog.
Multiple Income

 When 5 people join  through your blog, you get N5,000, When 10 people  join through your blog, you get N10,000 and when 100 join through your blog your get N100K

Within Your Direct Partners:You area in
STEP 2 -You earn N50,000 (The people that join through your blog are your direct partners). You earn N500 from everyone that joins through all your direct partners blogs

When 50 people join through your direct partner you get N500 x 50=N25,000

You continue to earn N500 from everyone that joins through your direct partner Blogs

Within Your Indirect Partner
:You area in Step 3-You earn N300,000. Your indirect partners are the people who join through your direct partners blogs
 You continuously earn N300 from every person that joins through your indirect partners. If you have 100 or 1000 indirect partners, you earn N300 from everyone that joins through them.

Multiple income

When 100 people join through your indirect partners, you earn N300x100=N30,000
When 500 people join , you earn N300 x500=N150,000 etc

*How Do you track your Earn
*: Your GSM and  Blog Prefix URL Address are your tracking codes.
The Blogs address of all the people that join through your blog will be posted on your blog and your blog address will be in all your direct partners blogs and your indirect partners blogs.

1. You continuously earn N1,000 from everyone from your blog ,
2. You continuously earn N500 from everyone from all your direct partner blogs-hundreds of blogs
3. And you continuously earn N300 fromeveryone from  all your indirect partner blogs-Thousands of blogs

IN OUR TEAM WE USE AUTOMATED REFERRAL SYSTEM SO WE DON'T DISTURB YOU FOR REFERRALS. We Place people for you buy you just post articles of your choice and share.

Your work is to post  interesting articles you like  and share the  link to facebook page, facebook group and whatsapp to attract people to read your articles and then people see the banner  and join and you welcome prospects
Sign up FREE Now and then confirm your registration

Join our whatsapp group @ and let us succeed together
Please read thoroughly and ask questions in whatsapp group

Some of the packages you get are: Click each image to read more about the package

Printed paper copies available too but you need to send courier delivery money if  you need paper copy

Paper printed copies available but you need to send courier deliver money if you need paper copy


Transfer or make payment into any of these banks
GTB Saving Account No: 0118082100 name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale
or Zenith Current Account no: 1011979286  Name Adadis Ventures

After payment :
After payment, Send your details with blog code Zimmy-Oba-API by sms or Whatsapp to 08033181698

Your Sincerely,
Dr. Wale Adeleke 08033181698



Learn and Earn Income Program
« on: March 16, 2018, 04:45:40 AM »

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