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Join Blog Team Empower
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:38:49 PM »

Hello, and welcome to Blog Team Empower. I am Dr. Wale Adeleke.

A blog team empower is a blog written by a team of people making posts. That means multiple people contribute to the blog content by making posts.

Naijasky is a multi-platform media, website and blogs that deliver:
 Latest news, top stories, articles, across national and global politics, local streets and towns news,events, business, Business directories, products/services reviews,  stories of life, events and places around your town, entertainment, sport, innovation.

Naijasky is on desktop and mobile.
You can read and  post on any category your like or concentration on posting news from your street and town .Blog platform section is in major categories of human endeavors as you can see HERE

Blog platforms for each of the 6 regions as shown below

Different blog platforms available for Latest news from each state as shown at http://naijatowns.com/states

Read and post
local news from your street and town anywhere nationwide from:

http://naijatowns.com/ne -North East

http://naijatowns.com/nw - North West

http://naijatowns.com/nc - North Central

http://naijatowns.com/se - South East

http://naijatowns.com/ss -South South

http://naijatowns.com/sw - South West

Join Blog Team Empower-BTE NOW!, register FREE CLICK HERE

How To Make Posts

1. Make posts that you want everyone to know
2. Think before you post
3. Consider your audience
4. Ask yourself: Who is going to read my this post and how are they going to interpret my words
5. Like your posts and share your post to Facebook and twitter using the share button at the end of each post.
6. Post the linkback at the end of the post, add the subject and paste it on your whatsapp groups and about 2 facebook groups
7. Make sure you add relevant image to any post you make.

How To Handle Readers Comments on your blog posts

Comments are an important part of your blog post and deserve your time, attention and when warranted -response. Sometimes a comment should even be deleted.
Whatever technique you use, don't ignore comments

Here are a few ways to handle comments:

1. Read your comments regularly, especially if you have active blog posts that receive lots of responses

2. Respond to a comment by leaving a comment yourself or if a comment inspire you to write another post, you can mention the comment in your new blog post.

3. Delete Comments:
Quite a few comments come from spammers and has no relevant to the content of the post. Other comments that are worthy of deletion are from real people and are even on topic. Make choice on what kinds of comments need to be deleted.

You should delete comments that :

1. Are off topic for the post they are attached
2. Are personnel attack on the blogger or other readers

You can start to make post on what you like, local news and scene , reviews of products you purchase and services you receive, personal story about your experience, where you have been to etc.

Join Blog Team Empower now, register HERE

How to make money as a contributor in Blog Team Empower

1. You can participate FREE,  register Click Here . As a FREE contributor, you earn 30% of all the adverts you refer and display on your posts and other posts. You can invite your friend to register free and make posts. You also earn 30% of the paid members you refer. A paid contributor earn 60% of the adverts refer.

2. You share from pool of adverts income based on LIKE and Comments on your posts. One like-1 point income ans 1 comment is 2 points income. Total income is divided by total point and and the amount is multiplied by your points.

3. As a paid member you also earn referral income. When you  register FREE and become a paid member, you can delete and remove posts. You  earn 60% of all the adverts you get, local business listing that claim the listing page, bold top listing and other people you invite that become paid member.

4. More benefits of Blog Team Program are explain below such as earn 100% of your affiliate program income and opportunity to advert your own business FREE, and participation in International referral program.

As a member, update your profile and add  your picture/images by clicking your name after registration.

Registration FEE for paid membership is N3,000 and your earn N1,800 per person you introduce.

Our  introductory adverts rates on Blog Team Empower are

1.Top Bold Listing N1,000 per month

2.Display banner advert within a locality/blog category N1,500 per month

3.Claim business page so that business owners can upload images, reply to feedback, add more info and get short address for business page , claim business page FEE is N1,000 per year.

For more details information, register FREE CLICK HERE

Your For Success
Dr. Wale Adeleke
Contact: http://naijasky.com/contact/

Linkback: https://naijasky.com/blogs/2308/join-blog-team-empower/37710/


Join Blog Team Empower
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:38:49 PM »

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Re: Join Blog Team Program
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2018, 02:51:17 AM »
Other Benefits of Blog Team Program are:

1. Earn and keep100% income you make from your affiliate Program: if your belong to any affiliate program, you earn 100% from of the income you make from the affiliate program income through banners adverts, article writing and contents marketing of your affiliate products.
We display your affiliate banner for you Free and you keep 100% income

If you have not join any affiliate program you can do that. search Google for different affiliate program and your affiliate banners will be display on your dedicated blogging platform where you make posts .

You also post articles that people who will buy your affiliate products will read.  For example, if your affiliates selling camera, don't write about how to use camera but how to buy camera.
You keep 100% of all the money  your make from your affiliate program.
You can read about affiliate program from http://naijasky.com/affiliate-program

2. Become A Blog Team Program Associates Partner with International referral.

Introduce and refer people to join Blogging Team Program and Earn money: You will get tips and skill training . You earn $10 referral income, you earn matrix bonus, you also earn matching bonus . With the referral system you can earn between N2,000 to $3,000 with a few month. Referral banner will also be displayed on your dedicated postings web location.
 Registration to participate in our international Referral Program is $60 which is N9,900 with our exchange rate.

And participation in National Referring program is N3,000 and you earn N1,800 per referral.

Note that is optional to participate in the International referral program of $9,900

Blogging Team Empowerment  will empower over 100,000+ youths.  When you join and register as a paid member and you refer other people become paid member, you earn money with your special referring code. You earn N1,800 for every one person your refer.

3. Advertise your business free and  make money: Earn 100% Income advertising your own products and business free: if you have local small business or online business or program, you can advertise it free with a display banner adverts if you are a paid member.

4. Upload video and earn Money:  Earn 100% from your video adverts on YouTube: This will come as you progress. You sign up draw traffic through your dedicated web location to your channel on YouTube And you keep 100% of all the money you earn.
And many others possibilities .

Join Blog Team Program now Register Free @  http://naijasky.com/register
Earn Offline Income for Online Marketing  Local Businesses Listing and Products Display


Re: Join Blog Team Program
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2018, 02:51:17 AM »

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