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clip How You Can Earn Money As A Freelance Writer
May 20, 2018, 01:23:14 PM by Wale Adeleke

How You Can Earn Money As A Freelance Writer

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WHAT IS A FREELANCE WRITER: A freelance writer is a great business model that allows you to get started with virtually no overheads that you can start almost immediately to earn money with a bit of time and passion. So many people think freelance writer is just for  professionals journalists alone but I have learned that the business model is so much more.

Training As a Freelance Writer
As a freelance writer you can choose one or two of the following: Freelancer content writer, Freelance article writing, Freelance copywriter, Freelance reporter or journalist.
As a Freelancer journalist reporter, you earn money writing- news-local news, political news, scene, images . As a freelance articles writer, you earn money writing articles for others or for yourself. And as a freelance copywriter-contents or articles, you earn money writing copyright articles for different companies and clients. Click Here to learn more

How You earn Money: You can earn money alone or combine freelance writing with freelance marketing or freelance advertising. We train people as freelance writers as well as freelancer marketer and freelancer advertisers.

You Earn money alone writing local news, articles, content articles and copywrite for others-individual and companies and get paid. When you combine it with freelance marketing and freelance advertising, you earn money advertising and marketing other business products or your products within the news, articles and content articles.
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You get FREE platform for workshop, practical, building portfolio and even use as samples for business, place business adverts and get paid.

You also get free platform to start to make money as a freelance writer. When you get adverts, we can also display it for you and you keep 100% profits.

Training FEE
is N5,000 only for training tip, how to attract traffic and how to get adverts. You get all you need to start earning income as a freelance writer.
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You start making money by joining our Freelance Affiliate Program by referring other people to become freelancers or freelance writers. You earn N1,000 direct affiliate commissions and N500 indirect affiliate income. 

Dr. Wale Adeleke
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clip How To Make Money As A Freelance Journalist
May 07, 2018, 02:26:05 PM by Isaac Adeniran
How To Make Money As A Freelance Journalist           

The journalism industry is dramatically transforming both in the newsroom and in the boardroom. Over the years, the way journalists report the news has changed and the newspaper business has finally started to adapt to the changing times, whether it’s pay walls, cutting back on its workforce or offering real-time updates to important news stories.

It has become a common trend in recent years for print and online news outlets to use freelance journalists and photographers to cover the news because of budget restraints, or not having enough staffers to report on a small media event or press conference. This is certainly where freelancers who want to make a name for themselves as journalists can step in.

Due to advancements in technology, freelance journalists have a wide variety of avenues to choose from to earn a decent living as a journalist, and it doesn’t always have to require wearing down the “shoeleather.”

        Here are some ways as to how a freelance journalist can make money today:


Before you start to initiate your journalistic endeavors, think about what areas you want to cover. Besides covering political and entertainment matters (two of the most popular topics), there are a wide variety of subjects that still need to be reported on: economics, finance, science, business, art and so on. Establish a specialty and then become the next Woodward or Bernstein.

Throwing a Pitch

Have a great idea for a news story? Do you have a scoop from a reliable source? Well, you can always pitch your local newspaper, or an online national journal with a news story that their staff hasn’t thought of or were unaware. This is an old-fashioned way for prospective journalists to get their foot in the door with a media venue.
Be sure to have the five Ws ahead of your pitch (who, what, where, when and why) and remain as confident as possible.


Establish your own brand by signing up for different websites (Digital Journal, Examiner, Guardian Liberty Voice and others) or by launching your own professional news website. Create a press badge, grab your digital voice recorder, get a good camera and attend some media events, scrums, or demonstrations, interview noteworthy individuals and start writing.

Although these websites mostly offer advertising revenue, a story might go viral and you can begin to earn passive income at the beginning. As long as you produce quality work then it’ll only be a matter of time until you’ll be known as a professional journalist and begin to get job offers or can work for more respected publications.


Do you have a HD camera? This might be your ticket to earning decent cash by attending press conferences, protests and other newsworthy events and filming them. More people are turning to YouTube to watch the news and if you grab good footage that no other journal was able to capture then it could be cited by major media outlets, which would then lead to incredible viewership.


Similar to YouTube, if you snap some good shots of politicians, celebrities, demonstrations or other kinds of events then there is a good chance other publishers will notice and you can sell these images for the market price (varies by nation and industry). Post some examples on your portfolio page and potential businesses, political campaigns and websites will take notice.   
May 07, 2018, 12:07:09 PM by Isaac Adeniran

I did a little freelance writing on and off in college but I've been doing it seriously and consistently since March 2015. I started freelancing to earn more money so I could pay off my debt. At the time I started, I desperately wanted to pay off my student loans and high-interest car loan, but I was only making $28,000/yr at my full time job. I majored in journalism in college and love to write so when I saw people earning money from freelance writing, I wanted to try it too.
 I wanted to start writing about personal finance and to break into that niche, I got with a coach who taught me everything she knew. She had been freelancing for several years and supported her family of 4 with her income at the time so I knew I needed to learn from her. She helped me set up   my blog, pitch for gigs, work on my resume, etc. My first client actually reached out to me and was in need of a weekly staff writer. I was pretty excited.
 Mostly via referrals and cold pitching. I use Facebook groups and my network to land new clients sometimes, but most of the time, I just research potential clients in my niche and connect with them on social media then send a somewhat cold pitch.
 I realized it right at the beginning. When I first spoke with my coach, she asked me how much I wanted to earn monthly from freelancing. I nervously told her $1,000 per month, but I wanted/knew/hoped I would earn more some day. Seeing other people earn a full-time income from freelance writing inspired me and made me feel like I could do the same one day.

 My website has been the biggest tool. Without it, I don't think I'd have such a solid online presence and wouldn't have been able to land so many good clients. I have a few clients who have flat out told me that they don't consider hiring freelance writers who don't have a website/blog.

 I also credit my coach as being a great resource for me when I got started.

 I also like to use Grammarly to edit my work and make sure it's error free. Being a writer can seem challenging at first because you feel pressured to always spell everything right but people make mistakes all the time. Grammarly has been a great tool to help me edit my work and make sure I'm delivering the best content to my clients.         
 HOW MUCH CAN YOU EARN AS A FREELANCE WRITER?It's crazy how you can earn 6-figures a year from freelance writing. I know a few people who earn that much. It really just depends on your clients' budget and how much quality work you can get done. I imagine that your earning potential would not be limitless since your available time and energy are two big constaints, but you can definitely earn a lot of money quickly.
 I love how it's pretty easy to earn more. Traditionally in the journalism/content creation world, you have to start off with a low-paying position and work you way up over the years. With freelance writing, I love how you can just pitch higher paying clients or ask for raises when you want to earn more.
 After just a year of freelance writing on the side of my full-time job, I was earning around $2,800+ per month.
 During the first quarter of this year (Jan-March), I earned more than $14,000 from freelancing alone, which means I earned more than $4,600 per month on average.
The most rewarding thing about what I do is having the flexibility I need to be there for myself and my family. I get to pick my son up from school each day and spend more quality time with him. I also get to enjoy my home more and don't have to worry about asking someone to take time off.
 Back when I worked a 9-5 job, I would put off doctor's appointments because I didn't want to deal with asking my boss for time off.
 It also feels really rewarding to see my content and know that it's helping people. It's pretty cool to see an article pop up in a Google search or on social media that I wrote.
clip How to Make Money As A Beginner Freelance Writer
May 07, 2018, 11:48:49 AM by Isaac Adeniran
 How to Make Money As A Beginner Freelance Writer

To make money as a beginner freelance writer is one hell of a job. Freelance writers can work full or part-time, and earn a good income to help cover the bills. If you possess the skills and the motivation, you can define your own career.

While Google and other search engines keep hitting hard on bad content through their updates, bloggers, website owners, magazine and e-zine publishers, and other internet marketers are becoming more conscious of the significance of quality content. Quality content is what drives traffic and brings profit, the demand for freelance writers has been on the increase for some time now and it won’t end anytime soon.

How to Make a Money As a Beginner Freelance Writer

Gather your resources

If you want to work and make money as a beginner freelance writer, you need your own PC, a dependable internet connection, and time to spare. You will write articles and other pieces as required by clients with your PC. With a good internet connection, you will be able to converse with your clients, submit articles, and carry out research before or during your writing tasks.
You need at least 3-4 hours of your day for your writing assignments. You may not spend up to that as a beginner, but the time you spend will increase as you attract more clients and get more writing jobs. If you don’t have any of these resources, you won’t find it easy to start your freelance writing career.
Write and publish some samples

Nearly all clients will ask to see samples of your work before hiring you as a beginner or a pro. If you don’t have any sample to show, getting clients will be difficult. So, write at least five sample articles on any subject of your preference.
To add credibility to your written articles, upload them to article directories or a simple blog. Sending unpublished samples will make most clients doubt if they were really written by you. But if you send them links to published samples that show your name as the author, your clients won’t doubt you.

Start hunting for clients and marketing your services

No client would want to hire your article writing services if they don’t know you have the skills to give them what they want. So, you will have to spend a lot of time on trying to get clients and promoting your article writing services on social media.
One of the methods you can use to attract clients is to register with freelance outsourcing sites like Fivver, Upwork, Elance, and Freelancer. These websites connect clients with freelancers with different skills, including article writing and content creating.
You can also get writing jobs by signing up with content mills such as TextBroker and iWriter. You will be able to select from a large collection of freelance writing assignments, complete and submit them, and get paid for your work.
Other methods to promote your freelance article writing services include telling your social media followers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are good examples of social media platforms where you can promote yourself as a freelance writer. You can also promote your services on forums and online communities like Warrior Forum, Nairaland, Naijasky etc. So, if you have been wondering how you can make money as a freelance writer, now is the time for you to act.

Focus on clients with recurring gigs

To make money as a freelance writer, you have to laser focus your attention on clients with recurring gigs that will offer you assignments months after months. These clients will become the bread and jam of your business.

You’ll know that you can expect monthly income because “client A” will always give you gigs to handle. You can even go to the extent of signing a binding contract with such client if the need be.
Note: Make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try as much as you can to have a mix of several clients within your circle. Just in case “client A” goes out of business, you might still have something to fall back on.
clip How Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer
May 07, 2018, 11:36:56 AM by Isaac Adeniran
How Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer

  • Pace yourself slowly once you start your career in writing work.
People often make the mistake in thinking they can handle a giant load of work once starting in the industry, people think it is too an easy feat that they can accomplish in a bundle of assignments.
Correction, once you start writing and assuming you never did before, you need to give yourself a gap to open your mind to words and let words flow from your mind like a stream, and I assure you it takes time to get yourself levelled to this.
Start by researching on blogs or websites that you would like to write for. Start your tasks little by little or one at a time, determine the frequency of your writing if you would commit to monthly or weekly. So before you overload yourself and not making deadlines, makes sure you are comfortable with the general work flow.
Once I started I over exhausted myself and my work lacked quality because I tried to overload myself. Pacing yourself correctly, you give yourself enough time and freedom to perfect yourself before your commit yourself to a job you can’t handle. I can guarantee you won’t be able handle a deadline fast enough without experience.
  • Uncover your interests when start your freelance journey.
There is so much variety to choose from, from online blogs, websites or magazines to printed magazines and possibly a lot more.
The possibilities are virtually endless. With each place you can write for each delivers its own unique flavour of topics. An easy and reasonable start, I would suggest to start with your own interests, as you can surely invoke more feeling into your own writing with things you are passionate about.
You can choose from personal financing, technology, how to guides, home living, personal blogging right up to gaming. Literally anything you want.
Do know that not everyone is well versed in certain topics and that is ok, it is good to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you can surely know what to focus more on.
I would suggest to try a different topic each assignment, maybe you discover that you are better writing about a certain topic than you thought, which gives you a window of opportunity as to be able to write more once you are ready.
Challenge yourself as well by writing about topics you have no interests in as it will allow you to improve your writing quality on future assignments regarding topics you have no interest on, which in the long run could benefit you because as a freelancer sometimes you will be given topics that are not your interests. Explore your options.
  • Advertise yourself, search for work in freelance writing.
Best things to do to get yourself in the industry is to advertise yourself as it is the most effective way to get a message across.
Send out emails requesting to be part of a blog, but the best way for people to find you and see your work is to also starting your own blog. Start of by sending emails to websites that you have picked out, and based on their topics etc.
Getting yourself out there will give you a lot of experience as well. If you have your own blog show that you want to be hired, let people be able to get hold of you and don’t be scared of an opportunity. Many websites also state they are looking to appoint more writers and that’s even better.
Social media’s such as Facebook, Tumblr and other sites is a great way to share your work, as this allows your friends and family to view and give opinions, and if it’s good they will share it. If you have your own blog set up these social media’s are a great sharing tool to share your articles and direct people to your page.
  • Ensure that your articles are of best calibre, securing yourself a better chance for work.
There are countless and numerous reasons one must always be sure that your advertised work is to the best of your ability, as people enjoy a well written article that is concise and grammatically correct.
Increase the size of your library, keep writing on as many topics as possible, take note of possible ideas that you can write about, and surely you will have a variety of work you can select which is most suitable to advertise.
A good article takes time and also extensive research and referencing, but it is all determined by the topic itself and the research you put into it. A lot of people prefer articles that have research put in to them because people want to read facts, facts they can understand.
  • Create your own blog if you are searching for work.
Same principle follows here as well; make sure your work that you post are of the highest standard.If the quality ofthe articles are good, people will get a good impression of you and maybe even start seeking out articles you have written. This will also increase your chances of work.
Having your own blog also allows people to see your writing style and the quality of your work, from here people can decide if you would be beneficial to them as a staff freelancer.
You get to have full access on what goes on the blog; you get to choose your topics as you wish. Blogs also get in a lot of viewers which is very convenient as many people will read it and share it with a friend and so it will continue until you have copious amount of viewers giving you even more of a chance to get yourself work.
Owners of other blogs can see your work and direct it to even better places which will really help you increase your chances.
The best thing about creating your own blog is that most websites offer this for free, with an added benefit of editing the look of your blog which makes it more eye catching or more fitting to your selection of topics.
  • Don’t under value yourself when looking for work.
Most websites have different rates of payments or starting rates.Establish what your rates are and stay fixed on you rates otherwise people can push you over and just walk over you taking advantage where they see fit. Understand that writing takes time,your time, and this must be paid for in order to make a liveable income.
Establish your rates based upon hours spent, research done, and the word count.There are many things one must factor in when you want to determine your rates, so keep all factors in mind and know your worth, under valuing yourself is not an option when you want to get yourself ahead
  • Never give up
Finding work isn’t always easy, even more so if you are yet to make a name for yourself. It will not always be easy, but hang in there.
Finally, if you discover that writing is definitely not for you, there are a lot of other ways to make it as a freelancer online. All you need to do is find your comfort zone.
clip Grafix artist
March 02, 2017, 01:13:59 PM by abejoye
Grafix artist

clip 10 questions to answer before publishing a book
August 26, 2016, 04:50:04 AM by abejoye
Everyone is capable of writing a book and has something unique to say, but many people don’t write or publish books. Why is that?

The truth is, many books never get published simply because most people aren’t sure how to publish a book. I want to share with you the 10 most important questions a publisher will ask you about your book.

Answer these in your writing and you will be able to publish your own book in no time.

If you want to get the quick start, ultra-fast tips to get your book written and published, you can click here. Otherwise, keep reading to learn exactly why you want to answer all of these questions.
1) Who is the Market for Your Book?

So let’s say you want to write a book. The starting point is to ask, “Who is the market for this book?”

When you work with publishers, they will ask you this in a variety of ways.

Essentially it’s the question that the owl asks in the deep woods.


Who is the writer?

Who is the book aimed at?

And you’ve got to have a very clear picture of these “whos.”
clip Paid Freelance writers needed
July 05, 2016, 06:14:19 AM by abejoye
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July 05, 2013, 05:15:50 PM by Isaac Adeniran


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