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xx How to her happy and true to yourself
January 15, 2018, 06:51:42 AM by oneluv
1. Realize this:
No matter what you say and how you say it, SOME people will never get it.
That's not your fault!
*Sad, But True!*

2. No matter how pure your motives are, SOMEBODY will still accuse you of ill intentions.
Stay pure anyway.
*Sad, But True!*

3. No matter how humble you are, somebody will still consider you proud. Stay humble, anyway.
*Sad, But True!*

4. No matter how generous you are, somebody will still call you "selfish". Remain generous, anyway.
*Sad, But True!*

5. Sometimes some of your greatest pains will come from those you gave the most pleasure.
*Sad, But True!*

6. Some of your greatest disappointments will come from those you gave your best appointments or commitments.
*Sad, But True!*

7. Sometimes some of the worst things you'd hear about yourself may come from those you speak the best of.
*Sad, But True!*

8. Not everyone in your ship is paddling in the direction of your dreamed destination.
Discernment is key.
*Sad, But True!*

9. Loving people sometimes means feeling used by them.
*Sad, But True!*

10. Sometimes, doing the right thing ends up making you look like a fool.
*Sad, But True!*

11. Tough as it seems, any evil done against you can become a seed for your promotion... It depends on your response.
*Sad, But True!*

12. I would rather appear foolish now and see the wisdom of the Almighty God unfold, than appear wise now and turn out a fool later.
*Sad, But True!*

13. Promotion doesn't come by fighting for your rights but by being faithful in doing what is right.
*Sad, But True!*

14. Those who will enjoy true promotion by the Almighty must be willing to forgive freely, forgive quickly and forgive wholly.
*Sad, But True!*

15. Those who will relish true promotion must be willing to serve many for free and selflessly.
*Sad, But True!*

16. Read with caution: Sometimes, to see the positive things Almighty God can do for you, then you have to be willing to stop what you can do in offending Him.
*Sad, But True!*

17. Without God's sign off, your biggest step can turn out to be your biggest mistake.
*Sad, But True!*

18. Pain has a higher potential to toughen you up than pleasure does.
*Sad, But True!*

19. Problems are easier to solve than people.
*Sad, But True!*

20. Many people will celebrate you only as long as your advancement doesn't exceed their expectations of you.
*Sad, But True!*

21. Some people get close enough to you just to find something bad about you to broadcast to the world.
*Sad, But True!*

22. Some people are quiet when you're succeeding but quick to point out your failures.
*Sad, But True!*

23. Hating those who hate you makes them your leaders, since you're following their footsteps.
*Sad, But True!*

24. Rather than react to a negative situation. Respond to your revelation.
*Sad, But True!*

25. Believe the best even when you're going through the worst.
*Sad, But True!*

26. They hurt you? Don't hold it against them. Hold them up in prayer.
*Sad, But True!*

27. Forgiving people is not just a good idea. It's a GOD's idea. Actually, more than an idea. It's an instruction.
*Sad, But True!*

28. How you respond to a situation can be more important than the situation.
*Sad, But True!*

29. Your ability to overlook an offence determines the degree of dominion you'd exercise over many other things.
*Sad, But True!*

30. Wisdom will help you solve problems. A large heart will help you accommodate people. You need both.
*Sad, But True!*

31. When all is said and done, let the fear and the love of the Almighty GOD in your heart pour through your daily walk!
*Sad, But True!*

32. The wise is he who takes lessons from the above, and with them benefit others!
*Sad, But True!*

33. Some people may think this piece is targeted at them. No. Everyone alive will need one of the points at some point or the other.
*Sad, But True!*

*Just be Happy!*
*Sad, But True!*

*Top of the day* send it to other group
xx This is really the mystery of life
January 07, 2018, 06:58:12 AM by naijatowns
In 1985, Dasuki arrested Buhari.
In 2016, Buhari arrested Dasuki.

In 1995, Al Mustapha arrested Obasanjo on the order of General Abacha.
In 1999, Obasanjo arrested Al Mustapha and he was jailed for 8 years.

In 2010, Prof Osibajo was answerable to Gov Fashola as one of his commissioner.
In 2017, Fashola became answerable to Acting President Osibanjo as one of his minister.

In 2005, Diego Simeone was under Fernando Torres. Torres was the Club Captain despite being far younger than Simeone; but He did what Torres ordered.
In 2016, Diego Simeone is now Fernando Torres coach. Torres now takes orders from Simeone.

In the 90's under Rawlings regime Dr. Spio Gabriel was the minister of communications and Mahama was his deputy.
Today John Mahama is the President and has employed his former boss as minister.

Life is like a COIN thrown up in the air. You can't really predict which side will turn up.

That Person you Despised/Ridiculed/Treated like shits and act like GOD over today, may have control over your Life/Career or Save your head tomorrow. NO ONE KNOWS TOMORROW!.

Treat everyone with respect and show some kindness because there will always be a tomorrow. Be good to all!
A Boss today might become a Subordinate tomorrow bacause there's no parmanent state in life.


Always stand for what is right, fair and just.
Like Mugabe said: "...treat the towel with care because the same place you used in cleaning your bottom today might be the same place you will use in cleaning your face tomorrow."


Who would have taught,Nokia 33/10 would be a forgotten phone in the midst of Androids.

No one knows tomorrow.....

clip A step-by-step guide to get richer, healthier, and happier in 31 days
January 05, 2018, 05:03:16 AM by Isaac Adeniran
A step-by-step guide to get richer, healthier, and happier in 31 days
By Shana Lebowitz

Forget old-school self-help. With this 31-day guide using the best life advice from 2017, you can head into the new year feeling confident to tackle anything.

If you don't yet have a plan for 2018, you might be in trouble.

Lucky for you, we've already made a plan for you. Above is our 31-day guide to starting off a healthy, wealthy, happy year. Each day is accompanied by a task, along with a quick explanation, below, of why it's important.

Read on to find out how to set yourself up for success.
xx What Time Should You Sleep By James Pang
December 30, 2017, 10:58:46 AM by naijatowns
What Time Should You Sleep
By James Pang

Is there a best time to sleep? There is a saying that sleeping early and waking up early is good for your health. How true is that? Is it alright to sleep late and wake up late?

You actually have an amazing biological clock ticking inside your body. It is very precise. It helps to regulate your various body functions including your sleeping time.

From 11pm to 3am, most of your blood circulation concentrates in your liver. Your liver gets larger when filled with more blood. This is an important time when your body undergoes detoxification process. Your liver neutralizes and breaks down body toxins accumulated throughout the day.

However if you don't sleep at this time, your liver cannot carry out this detoxification process smoothly.

·         If you sleep at 11pm, you have full 4 hours to detoxify your body.
·         If you sleep at 12am, you have 3 hours.
·         If you sleep at 1am, you have 2 hours.
·         And if you sleep at 2am, you only have 1 hour to detoxify.
What if you sleep after 3am? Unfortunately, you won't have any time to actually detoxify your body. If you continue with this sleeping pattern, these toxins will accumulate in your body over time. You know what happens next.

What if you sleep late and wake up late?

Have you tried going to bed very late at night? Did you realize you feel very tired the next day no matter how much you sleep?

Sleeping late and waking up late is indeed very bad for your health. Besides not having enough time to detoxify your body, you will miss out other important body functions too.

From 3am to 5am, most blood circulation concentrates in your lung. What should you do at this moment? Well, you should exercise and breathe in fresh air. Take in good energy into your body, preferably in a garden. At this time, the air is very fresh with lots of beneficial negative ions.

From 5am to 7am, most blood circulation concentrates in your large intestine. What should you do at this moment? You should poop! Pass out all unwanted poop from your large intestine. Prepare your body to absorb more nutrients throughout the day.

From 7am to 9am, most blood circulation concentrates in your stomach. What should you do at this moment? Have your breakfast! This is your most important meal in a day. Make sure you have all the required nutrients from your breakfast. Not having breakfast causes lots of health problems for you in the future.

That's the way to start your day

There you are... the most ideal way to start your day. After fully detoxifying your blood during your sleep, you wake up fresh to inhale beneficial energy. Then you pass out unwanted poop from your large intestine. After that, you take in balanced nutrients to prepare your body for a new day.

No wonder people living in villages or farms are healthier. They sleep early and wake up early. They follow their natural biological clock.

Living in city, we have more difficulty in following this sleeping schedule. We have good lightning, TV and internet to delay our precious sleeping time.

Following your natural timetable

Once I know the importance of our biological clock, I try my best to follow it. If I wake up early, I usually start my day on the computer. But when I see the clock shows 7am, I know it's the best time for breakfast. So I'll try to have my breakfast before 9am for best absorption.

What if you're offered a night shift job? I recommend you to reject it even the salary is higher. For long term, you may need to spend more money for your health problems.

What if you have assignment to do until late at night? Well, why not sleep early and wake up earlier to do it? Just shift your work time from late night to early morning. You get the same time. But your body will appreciate it.

With this, try to follow this timing as close as possible. Make it your daily routine. I'm sure you will feel fresher and more energetic all day long.

xx Why you don't judge for things you don't know
December 21, 2017, 11:05:40 AM by abejoye
A girl by name Fatima went to school in the neighbouring village where she wasn't known well.

For three weeks, she came to school late and every time the teacher punished her.

On the fourth week, Fatima didn't attend school at all and many thought she had *GIVEN UP* on school due to the everyday punishment.

However, Fatima reported again on fifth week and this time she came earlier than everybody.

When the teacher came to class, Fatima was punished for not attending school the previous week but the teacher was also kind enough to commend her for coming early that day, stating that the punishments had finally yielded some results.

Just then, Fatima asked if she could say something and the teacher gave her permission.

*She started :*

_"I've been raised up by a single mother without a brother or a sister. Five weeks ago, my mother fell ill and was hospitalized. The three weeks I came late, I had to prepare something for her every morning and pass by the hospital to deliver the same. Unfortunately, mother passed away last week and that's the reason I didn't come to school. We buried her last Friday. Today I came early since I didn't have to prepare anything or even pass by the hospital. And now that she is gone, I will always be here early''_

As she sat down, no one in the whole class was able to hold their tears, the teacher was not spared either.


How many times do we judge others for things we know not ?

We ask questions like :

- When will you get married?
- When will you have kids ?
- When will you find a job ?
-When will you buy a car?
-When will you build a house?

Do we attempt to understand their situations or we just judge from the *case scenarios*

Some situations are not relative and what we think could be very far from the truth.

Don't assume you know what others go through or that people move in the same pace or direction as you

_*Life is far from that..*_

Just be kind enough to love one another as God has commanded,
 take time and kindly find out why your friend is not phoning,
 why your messages are not being replied promptly,
why they haven't visit,
why they are not coming to worship,
 why someone is missing in our midst as a colleague, friend, brother or sister,
why someone is always late etc

*Be kind always.*
*Be nice to others*
xx N limit to whom God can use to bless you
December 16, 2017, 05:01:34 AM by abejoye
It's long but pls read it.

It was about eight o’clock when her son who was asthmatic developed some complications. He had to be rushed to the nearest hospital about 1km away or else it would be fatal. She called a neighbor who had a car but the neighbor said the car had no fuel; she called the pastor who said he had visiting pastors from USA and could not leave them alone. She decided to carry the son to the hospital; she could not imagine loosing her only child to the same sickness that had killed the husband few years earlier. She had a problem with her leg and could not move fast enough and the son was also heavy for her to move faster. Along the way she met people rushing home from work who just stared at her. She tried to beg them for help but they assumed her. She also tried to stop passing vehicles but they never responded. She fell many times but she had to keep moving. Then a man who was mad and used to roam the streets Unclad noticed her. He came running towards her and took the son from her. She could not talk but just pointed the direction of the hospital. The crazy Unclad man could understand perfectly well what she meant since he saw the desperate boy struggling for breath. He put him on the shoulder and told the woman “all will be well” as he ran towards the hospital. The doctors on seeing the crazy man knew something was really wrong, they attended to the boy immediately. Ten minutes later the mother arrived and the doctor broke the news “if he was brought five minutes later, he would have died” . God doesn’t have to use Bishops, Pastors, family, politicians & rich people with cars to rescue or bless you. No matter what may come your way, no matter what you are going through, your life is in His hands & He has good thoughts for you. I know you will make it. For there is a friend in God who will wipe away your tears. The Word says for with GOD all things are possible! SHARE After Reading..The instructions are to pick four people that you want God to bless. I picked you. Please pass this to at least four people you want to pray for and a copy back to me. This prayer is powerful, and prayer is one of the best gifts we receive. There is no cost but a lot of rewards. Let's always pray for one another. The prayer: "Father, Thank You for each and every day You have blessed us here on earth. Thank You for Your tender mercies. Thank You for giving us friends and family to share these joys with. I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those I care deeply for who are reading this right now. Where there is joy, give them continued joy, Where there is pain, give them your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence. Where there is need, fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings." (If you choose to send this to more than four people, you are truly blessed to have such friends God told me to tell you that everything you're going through is taken care of. If you  believe in Him send to 8 people. And in 53 secs watch who calls.
xx Why no special demons that operate in December
December 11, 2017, 03:40:14 AM by abejoye
There are no special demons that operate in December, it is lack of planning and unnecessary competition that leads to all manner of tragedies this period.

I know a young man who bought a car during Christmas, went to driving school for few days, and chose to drive to the village by himself. Unfortunately, he entered under a trailer on the highway, and everybody in the car, including himself died. That was a careless death. The best thing he would have done was to pay an experienced driver to take him to the village. Many people will repeat this same mistake from next week, and when they die, we will say it is the spirit of ember month. Africans have demonic names for all their mistakes. I'm not saying that there are no forces of hell on the highway, but if we do our part, God will definitely protect us.

I know that some of us will say "God forbid," but the competition to show who is the wealthiest person in the village this season is also why some people may not see 2018. I have always maintained that having cars and building houses, and using expensive wine to wash your clothes is not a sign that you're rich. Stop trying to show the villagers that you're now a wealthy person. If you're truly wealthy we will know. We know that Mike Adenuga is a billionaire because his companies are there for all to see.

To go through this season unscattered, you need rest. Jesus said: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. The rest He is talking about is not idleness, but having peace of mind while chasing after your dreams.

I will never forget what my brother told me many years ago. He said, "Good things will never finish." That phrase delivered me from unnecessary competition forever. Don't get me wrong, it's good to be motivated or inspired by the achievements of others, but don't let it put you under unnecessary pressure. Celebrate their achievements and move on.

If you cannot comfortably buy cars for now kindly relax. You think you have seen cars? You have seen nothing yet. You will see real cars within the next ten years. So if you cannot comfortable afford the 2017 model of your dream car, kindly wait for the 2020 model. Don't be lazy, but don't kill yourself because you want to belong.

If you did not plan to travel to the village during this festive season, kindly stay back and rest. Let me be frank with you, January is almost here. You must do two things before you travel. Firstly, don't tamper with your children's school fees. Secondly, don't tamper with your house rent if you're still a tenant. Don't forget that Christmas is only one day celebration.

Finally, experts said that fatigue is the major cause of road accidents in Nigeria! As an experienced driver, I understand what they are talking about. The moment you find out that you're feeling sleepy while driving, don't sit there and be pleading the Blood of Jesus. Pull over immediately and wash your face. Walk around and probably rest for a while before you continue the journey. It is better to be late than for people to add 'late' before your name.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!
xx Why It's risky to judge anyone by their habits!
December 10, 2017, 02:43:36 AM by abejoye
Can you judge who is the better person out of these three?

Mr A
1. He had friendship with bad politicians
2. He consulted astrologers
3. He had two wives
4. He was a chain smoker
5. He took alcohol eight to 10 times a day

Mr B
1. He was kicked out of office twice
2. He would sleep from morning till noon
3. He used opium in college
4. He drunk whiskey every evening

Mr C
1. He was a decorated war hero
2. He was a vegetarian
3. He never smoked
4. He never took alcohol   
5. He never cheated on his wife
6. He was a painter

You would choose Mr. C, right?

However, here is the sad revelation:
Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt! ( 32nd President of the USA)

Mr. B was Winston Churchill! (Former British Prime Minister)


Strange but true! It's risky to judge anyone by their habits!
Character is a complex phenomenon.

So every person in your life is important. Very important! Don't judge them, ACCEPT them.

The same boiling water that hardens the egg, softens the potato! It merely depends upon the individual's reaction to stressful circumstances!

Enjoy the journey of LIFE as you keep ACCEPTING others as they are!
xx Why you must avoid argument with strangers
December 10, 2017, 02:31:56 AM by abejoye
Why you must avoid argument with strangers even if you are right

Dealing with frustrated Nigerians. By Oladipo Akinremi

The purported Story behind the picture  of the dead man at onigbongbo bus stop in Maryland Lagos goes thus ...

"A danfo brushed his car, and the man left his car, removed his shoes and ran after the danfo, he tried to hold the bus but the bus conductor pushed him away and another danfo coming knocked him down and that was the end."

Relate this to the scenarios below:

Scenario 1:
Two men were involved in a road rage in the ever busy Nyanya road in Abuja. One brushed the other unintentionally.

The fellow whose car was brushed pursued the other fellow, blocked him, came out of his car with his wheel spanner and commenced to break the head lamp of the other fellow.

The other man refused to come out of his car, allowed the man in utter rage to satisfy himself and drove off. It might probably  cost him N100,000.00 plus or minus for him to fix his head lamp...but he is still alive.

Scenario 2:
A staff of the National Assembly, in an attempt to avoid knocking down an Okada rider who was driving against the traffic, rammed his car into a stationary vehicle.

He came out of his car and engaged the cyclist in a hot argument. Unknown to him the cyclist was armed with a knife, with which he stabbed the motorist to death and rode away. The motorist is dead and his family is mourning.


There is so much Anger, Mental trauma and Lawlessness in the country right now.
As much as possible avoid arguments with strangers and when it happens, don't allow it to degenerate into scuffle or violence.
As quickly as possible, leave the scene.

• Note that the Nigerian legal system is still too weak to bring ALL criminals to justice.
Moreover, no level of justice can bring you back to life...

Pls, Your loved ones still need you. Let's Be Careful To Stay Alive!

Please share, this might save a life!  You can apply this principle in other areas of your life,  that's  why it is captioned  "Dealing with frustrated Nigerians". Oladipo Akinremi
xx imagine yourself as this fisherman
December 09, 2017, 11:43:09 PM by abejoye
True Story about a fisherman  which involves YOU. Read it till you believe what I am actually saying.

There was a Fisherman who was very hardworking in his job.  He used to go for fishing whenever he needed fish. The fish would stay in the house till when its over and he would go for fishing again.

One day....

When the wife of the fisherman was cutting the fish which her husband brought home...

She saw something that was unusual

She saw a pearl in the stomach of the fish.

She was surprised.

A the stomach of the fish???


My husband . .my husband...come and look what I found!!!


Its a pearl.

A pearl!!!

The fisherman took the pearl.

He went to his neighbour who sells pearls.

The neighbour stared at it and said,
No, I can't buy it.
Its value cannot be estimated.
But you can go to the Manager of sellers in the neighbouring village maybe he can buy it from you.

So he went with his pearl to the manager and told him the story.

He said, O my brother, whatever I own cannot buy this pearl.
But I have a solution for you. Go to the Cheif of this village , he is the only one who can buy this pearl .

Therefore, he went with his treasure to the chief's palace waiting at the door to get permission to get in.

When the cheif saw him he said: I always look for this type of pearls. I don't know how to estimate the price but I am going to allow you to enter my special store and you are going to stay there for six hours. You should take what you want and that will be the price for this pearl.

The fisherman said,

Sir, You can make it just two hours because six hours is too much for a fisherman like me.

The cheif said,
No, its supposed to be exactly six hours so that you take whatever you want.

The fisherman entered the store and saw an exciting scene.

A very big room; divided into three sections.

A section filled with diamonds , gold and pearls.

Another section with a bed that if you just looked at, you would fall asleep. 

The last section had all the foods and drinks that a person would desire.

The fisherman told himself;

Six hours????!

That's too much for a fisherman like me??

What am I going to do in six hours?

Well... I am going to start with the food in the third section.

I am going to eat till I fill my stomach.

So that I get enough energy to carry a large amount of gold.

He went to the third section

He spent two hours eating and eating and eating till he was done.

He went to the first section.

One his was he saw the magical bed.

He talked to himself again,

I ate till I got satisfied.

Why shouldn't I have some sleep so that I get more energy to carry a larger amount of gold.

This is an opportunity that will never repeat itself. What stupidity can make me lose it!

He went to the bed....cuddled and fell in deep sleep.

After sometime,
He heard someone telling him;
Wake up...Wake up you stupid fisherman. Time is over.

Whaaaaat????!I didn't take a thing.

Yeah just go out!

Please...I didn't have enough of what I want.

It has been six hours and You are just here....You just woke up from your unawareness.

You want to add more jewels??!

You should have worked to collect these jewels so that you go out and buy better food than even this.
And even more awesome and more comfortable bed than this.

But You are an unaware stupid man.

You only think in the box you are in.

Take him out!!

No...No ...please...please

The end of the story.

But the teachings haven't ended yet.

Have you seen that pearl?

Its your soul.

Its a treasure that is priceless.

But you do not know the value of that treasure.

Have you seen that store?

It's the Dunya.

Look at its greatness.
And look at how we have drowned in it.

And the jewels:

Are the good deeds.

And the magical bed:

It is our unawareness.

And the food and drinks:

Are our desires.

Now You....the reader of this story.

You have to wake up from your unawareness and leave that magical bed.

Go and collect those jewels beside you.
Before your time is over .

The fisherman got out without anything because his time was over.

Go and collect the jewels before your time is over;
That's your age.

Don't wait to regret when you are leaving this dunya saying take me back maybe I will do good but you are never given that chance.

When death comes , your time is over. You cannot collect any jewels.

We do not know when death is going to come to us and we meet Allah

Lets add our good deeds from now

Wake up and pray at night (Qiyamu laiyl) even if it's two Rakaats.

Give Sadaqa for it keeps you away from calamities

#SHARE and let other benefit
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