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clip 5 Benefits Of Online Advertising
February 26, 2018, 08:23:20 AM by oneluv
5 Benefits Of Online Advertising
By  Ryan Costello

Online advertising is business for the modern world. Also known as online marketing or Internet advertising, the potential for success is huge. There are many strategies to learn and, while that in itself can prove to be pretty intimidating for a lot of people, the benefits of online advertising are varied.

So, in case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, we created this article to remind you what you’re fighting for. Here are 5 advantages of online advertising:

Benefit 1: Online advertising Is A Long-Term Strategy.

Let’s look at the facts. Whether we’re talking about a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, most of us own a gadget of some sort. Furthermore, we’re on the Internet all of the time. What does that mean?

Well, thanks to technology, customers have never been so accessible. Online advertising can generate leads from all over the world. But crucially, over half the population of the world is under the age of 30. And technology is only going one way, so online advertising is only just starting.

Benefit 2: You’re In control With Online Advertising.

The trouble with traditional advertising strategies is that it’s often hard to justify your ROI (return-on-investment) and keep on top of what you’re spending. Flyers, brochures, banners, cold-calling… it’s all the same. It’s really hard to execute a laser-targeted campaign. By contrast, online advertising is different. Yes, it’s still possible to waste ad budget, but if you know what you’re doing, you’re greatly reduce you’re exposure.

The main reason for this is data and analytics. You can drill down into many different areas and identify which parts of a campaign are working and which aren’t.

Benefit 3: Online advertising Can Be Extremely Effective.

Regardless of whether the advertising is paid or free, the Internet can deliver a global audience to your door. Identify your USPs, refine your branding and get your copywriting in order, then you can really unlock your true potential.

The key word here is: traffic. The idea is to establish trust and use clever hooks to convince and persuade consumers to buy into you, just as much as what you’re selling. However, bear in mind that any form of paid advertisement only really rents you traffic. If your budget runs out, that traffic stops. And so, therefore, does any potential revenue.

As such, you have two possible solutions. The first is to keep on top of your advertising and constantly measure your progress. That should greatly reduce the chances of having any wasted ad spend. The other option is to work on organic online advertising strategies. By embracing SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing, you could get quality organic results for free or on the cheap.

Benefit 4: Online Advertising Can Create A Big Fan-Base.

There’s arguably nothing as powerful as word-of-mouth marketing. It’s always been the stuff of dreams for business owners, but in days gone by, it was significantly harder to achieve. But now there’s social media, Internet forms and a whole host of ways that people can chime in and sing your praises.

Exemplary examples of customer service can now go viral. That gives you an amazing opportunity, because it means that you don’t necessarily need a massive marketing budget, a long history or a huge team to make a mark in your industry.

Benefit 5: Online Advertising Can Help You Reach A Better Kind Of Customer.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Surely any type of customer is a good one, right? Well, yeah. But online advertising can help you target people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Creating a buyer persona has always been important in business, but in the age of the Internet, you can find where these people hang out and display your online advertisements directly in front of them (and them alone). Take Facebook, for instance. There are about 1.79billion active Facebook users who use the platform month. You can advertise to people of a specific age, career and interests, to name just a couple targeting variables.
clip How To Earn N100K-N200k Monthly As an Adverts Agent
February 07, 2018, 05:20:48 AM by Wale Adeleke

You are cordially invited to join online Adverts Agent Associates and make N100k-N200k monthly as an online adverts Agent.
You will get the tips to earn income from these forms of advertisement
1. Your Locality Business  Homepage
2. Facebook adverts for businesses
3. Google AdWords adverts for businesses
4. DISPLAY banner adverts on 500 Small Business Directories and blogs categories

Let explain each form of adverts briefly
Your Locality Business Homepage LBH
This is a new innovative program to promote and advertise small businesses in each locality to target customers in that locality. We ave created LBH covering over 300 cities and big towns nationwide in Nigeria at .

We are creating the LBH to cover all the 774 local councils in Nigeria and all Africa countries and beyond. The project started about 5 years ago.

This first phase covers over  300 localities nationwide (Cities and Big towns).
With LBH alone, you can make N100k-N200k helping local bus i esses to attract more customers, increase sales and profits.

Businesses in your locality are display on your Locality Business Homepage LBH we have created for 12 months and renew yearly.
Each business display is then hyperlinked to what we called display adverts webpage on a platform that is already ranking 1st page of Google Search ( People can easily find any display business on st page of Google Search.

Note: Any business can choose to link the display bus i ess to his website, fan page, shopping page etc.
The adverts webpage we create for each business contains details information about the business, images  and contact information.

The advert webpage I embedded with Facebook button and other social media buttons . This will help to advertise the business to Facebook by sharing and LIKE.
The webpage is also integrated with feedback button and space and the bus i ess owners can reply when he registers on the platform.

How you make N100k-N200k with LBH alone

Each business s display, promoted and advertised for 12months and the subscriptionof or 12 months is N5, 000  only that is less than N500 per month. Out of this subscription, you as an adverts agent get N2,000.
When you get 10 businesses,  you make N2,000x10=N20,000
When you get 50 Businesses,  you make N2,000 x50=N100,000
When you get 100 Businesses,  you make N2000x100=N200,000

You an also introduce other people to join OAAA-online adverts agents association and also earn N2,000 referral bonus.

What you do as an advert agent

1. You reach out to businesses  in your locality by
A. Join your locality Facebook group-you get the tips of how to do this
B. Give Fliers to businesses directly- you get the flyer you can download  and make copies to give out.
C. Use bulk sms
D. Use banner adverts
E. Facebook adverts etc
2. You insert the businesses information on your locality listing page - you get the tips
3. You share the businesses information to social media-you get the tips
4. You publicize your locality business Homepage to people in your locality through Facebook groups and offline methods you get. This will help people to reach any business easily at finger tips
5. You have to pre-register at least 10 businesses in your locality and contact them after for confirmation. i will show you how to do this.

How do you start

1. Register and join Online adverts Agents Associates OAAA. Registration is N5,000. and you get 2ebooks and your own webpage website similar to this to invite others to join OAAA and tips on how to get businesses to subscribe and your website for business to subscribe
2. To be able to insert businesses information on your locality, you need to sign up  free and be approved.

How To make payment

To join OAAA Make your payment into bank  or transfer to any of theese bank  accounts below and you will be get your 2 websites and start to make real money:GTBank Saving Account Number: 0118082100

or to first bank current account number: 2017361503

Account name: Adeleke Isaac Adewale

After payment send your payment details and your name to me on  08033181698 by sms or whatsapp or call. Quote Ref No: LBH77

Other Adverts you make money from are

1. Facebook adverts for business
2. Google adverts for businesses
3. DISPLAY banner adverts on 500 small business directories in Nigeria.
4. Display banner adverts on categories of blogs on


You also earn 20%to 35% income( as explained above) when you refer adverts for for Top 500 Small Business Directories in Nigeria. Adverts banners will be display on top and bottom of categories on Businesses in the directories and on top and bottom of individual business adverts webpage

The Adverts Rates  on Top 500 small business directories

100 days on one directory  N10,000
60 days on 500 directories N1Million
100 days on 500 directories N1.7 Million
200 says on 500 directories N3Million
400 days on 500 directories N5Million

Yours Sincerely
Dr. Awle Adeleke
Project Director 08033181698

How I made N500,000 in 2 months on Locality Business Homepage alone
I join online adverts agent association and i decided to concentrate on Locality Business homepage using my android phone.
I visited some shops in 3 locality and gave the fliers and took a good picture of the shopfront with my mobile phone and upload them with details information of the businesses. I visted those businesses again and shown them what I've done. and they started paying the annual subscription. i introduced other people so that we can go in group.
example of what we did can be seen below in that image

if we can do it with no skill, you also can do it
David Adebayo
Agege Lagos

February 06, 2018, 06:39:39 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Bojusa is an online network marketing organisation launched December 19th, 2017

It has 7 stages and you earn in each stage..

Stage 0........ N2,200
Stage 1.........N10,000
Stage 2.........N106,000
Stage 3.........N306,000
Stage 4.........N1,080,000
Stage 5.........N3,000,000
Stage 6......... N13,000,000

Registration fee is N2,700 for single account

But we are running fast track, whereby we register with multiple accounts.

We are working as a team here..

We are looking for 100 people to start this business.... Other batches come under us..

If you are interested in joining us, pay up and get enlisted..

You can start your business with as little as N2700.
Join us to know more about this investment

xx 10 online businesses in Nigeria
November 29, 2017, 06:30:53 AM by justin249
10 online businesses in Nigeria
The following are the major online business you can start from the comfort of your home. If actually want to venture into online business the following are the online business you can research on:
1. How to earn with clickbank
2. Steps on how to make money on Fiverr
3. Easy ways on how to make money blogging
4. Simple steps on how to make money selling books on Amazon
5. How to make money promoting CPA offers
6. How to make money from domain parking
7. How to earn with your skrill account
8. How to earn a decent income uploading videos on youtube
9. How to make money exporting local products from Nigeria
10. How to venture into online mini importation business
To learn more about all these online business visit
xx Naijasky adverts referral programme
November 13, 2017, 03:21:31 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Naijasky Adverts Referral Programme

We highly appreciate your good word!
What is Naijasky referral programme?

Refer to Naijasky for your local small to medium-sized businesses so they could benefit from Naijasky's easiest out-of-home advertising solution. Earn extra income  for every business that pays for Naijasky advertising based on your recommendation and we’ll even give a discount of up to 50% to new referral clients who decide to run a Naijasky campaign for months

For every referred bussiness
We’ll reward you with a payment of Fat income for every business that pays for Naijasky advertising based on your recommendation.

 The referral programme brings everyone .

It’s the easiest way to run a cost-effective out-of-home advertising campaign. Additionally, we’ll give a discount of up to 50% to the first three new referral clients.

How does this referral programme work?

Go to your local small to medium-sized businesses and refer to Naijasky’s easiest way to advertise. They can find all our advantages here on our website.
Don’t forget to tell your name to the business.
When a business follows up by ordering a Naijasky adverts campaign, it names you as the person referred them.
In 7 days we pay you a reward to your bank account that you have provided in the contact form. It’s easy as that!

For advertisers
When someone refers Naijasky to you and your business wants to take an advantage of our easiest way to advertise, simply contact us.
Name the person who referred you Naijasky so we could award them.

We’ll give you a dedicated assistant to help start a Naijasky adverts campaign and a discount of up to 50% to the first three new referral clients.

You can earn extra by putting in a good word or two for Naijasky at local small and medium-sized businesses. We’ll pay you fat income for every local business you refer to Naijasky. Go to your local business owners and tell them about Naijasky’s easiest way to advertise in a community. Just don’t forget to give your name so they would know who referred them.

It’s mutually beneficial. When a business follows up by paying a Naijasky advert campaign and names you as the person referred them, we’ll pay you a reward of 50%. Additionally, we will give a discount of up to 30% to the first three new referral clients who decide to run a Naijasky campaign. It’s easy as that!

start today whatsapp me on 08033181698
xx Earn Money on Internet Monthly
November 02, 2017, 09:47:44 AM by Wale Adeleke
Earn Money on Internet Monthly
Join Online Advertising Network

Join Online Advertising Network and earn 65% ( N3, ) of all the adverts you refer and of all the people your refer who join and 10% of the adverts refer by the people in your team. online advertising Network comprises of platforms for 774 local council areas in Nigeria @ and over 1000 towns platforms  Each local council has its online platforms and each major town/city has its online platform.

How You Earn Income
You earn 65% commissions of all the people you introduce who register
Your earn  65% direct commissions of all the adverts you get
You earn 10% indirect commissions of all the advert get by the people your refer who join 

Other ways to earn income are:
Write Share Win Contest
WIN N50,000 MONTHLY: Chance To Win Monthly Prizes Worth Up To N50,000
Write  & Share it on Facebook/Facebook group/Twitter and win a cash prize offers you the chance to win amazing cash prizes
Post local/state/region news, story, articles, events and images and you stand a chance to win  cash prize.

1st Prize N15,000
2nd N10,000
3rd N7,500
N2,500 for 7 people

To join Online network attract a one time registration FEE of N5,000  and get a copy of
1. How To Make Money Line Google and Facebook Business Model
2. How To make Money from Local Affiliate Program
3. A website blog like this page you are reading containing your  special ID that enable you to earn income from people you referral, adverts you refer and adverts your referrals get.

NaijaSky Online Network is an Internet advertiser offering effective and cheapest internet adverts to attract local/State/Region/national customers.

When you join, you can invite other people to join and get referral income .
You also get adverts from local businesses in your locality and get 65% commission
You also get 10% commission from the adverts of the members you introduce.

Our effective and cheapest adverts rates are below. For full details of adverts CLICK HERE

One month-30 days is N1,500;
3 Months-90days N4,000
and 6 months-180 days N7,000
The cost for 1 year-12 months of service is only N12,000 paid in advance.

How To start

1. Register FREE @ and your registration will need to be approved.

2.Join Whatsapp group of Online network @

3.Join Online Network for Only N5,000 Registration FEE

4. You get your own Website blog similar to this one you are reading

5. And You get: 

A. How To Make Money Line Google and Facebook Business Model
B.  How To make Money from Local Affiliate Program

Your For Success
Dr. Wale Adeleke 08033181698
clip WIN N50,000 MONTHLY
November 01, 2017, 04:37:38 AM by Wale Adeleke
Chance To Win Monthly Prizes Worth Up To N50,000

Write Share Win Contest
Write  & Share it on Facebook/Facebook group/Twitter prize offers you the chance to win amazing cash prizes
Post local/state/region news, story, articles, events and images and you stand a chance to win  cash prize.

Criteria for selecting winners

1. Originality of post
2.Numbers of viewers

3.Number of posts

How To Start and Win

i. Register FREE @ and once your registration is approved, you can start posting
ii. Visit and click your local council to start posting news, story, articles and events

1st Prize N15,000
2nd N10,000
3rd N7,500
N2,500 for 7 people

Refer Adverts and Earn 40% Income.
Our adverts rates are below. For full details of adverts CLICK HERE

Our Effective and Cheapest Adverts Rates
One month-30 days is N1,500;
3 Months-90days N4,000
and 6 months-180 days N7,000
The cost for 1 year-12 months of service is only N12,000 paid in advanceIs FREE to participate in Refer adverts and earn

C.      Join Online Network

Join Online Network and earn 65% of all the adverts you refer and of all the people your refer who join and 10% of the adverts refer by the people in your team.To join Online network attract a one time registration FEE of N5,000Note: You can participate separately in one or 2 or all the three.

Your for Success
Wale Adeleke

Details of Adverts @
clip Reach Buyers with less than N50 per day
October 30, 2017, 04:49:35 PM by Wale Adeleke
Reach Buyers with less than N50 per day
To reach thousands of local, State, Region and national buyers

We have developed unique, innovative and creative online adverts and marketing strategy that brings results: more customers to your physical store, shop and office

Advertising with  DOES NOT only get your company featured on our website, it is like having your own micro website blog that ranks high on Google and other search engines for keywords that will drive local buyers to your business. Each of our advertising clients receive a FREE custom webpage blog about their local business on, this custom webpage blog is then optimized for keywords that drive loca/national customers/clients to your  business VIA search engine like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

You might already have a website that shows up for your name on Google but, does it show up for keywords that people are actually using on Google to find a product or service like you offer?

We have over 6 years of online marketing and search engine optimization experience and will use our knowledge of search engines to drive massive amounts of traffic to your web page blog on, thus bringing you more business.

 Imagine having your company listed on the TOP of Google above your competition. As a member of Advertising Network, you will also be promoted frequently on FaceBook groups relevant to your business.
Since we only network with local/national consumers you will be the talk of the towns while advertising with us.
 Features of your adverts:

•   Full Page Unlimited Text;  Up To nine Images
•   Display banner/image adverts
•   Embed Video On Your Listing Page (Must Be Posted To YouTube)
•   Keyword Optimized
•   Guaranteed To Appear In Google Search Results (Page 1)
•   Social Sharing Buttons On Listing (FB, Twitter, Google+l, and more)
•   Promotion to Facebook groups relevant to your business, products/services
•   Unlimited Revisions of your listings basic information (Within Reason)
•   Ability to allow comments/feedback about your business
•   Off site promotion of your page and business on over 150 blogs and sites directories
•   Heavily Promoted By
•   Possible Yearly Award (Best Of Brands in your community)
•   Share Features To Help Pages Go Viral On Facebook – Twitter – Email and More.

Cost Of Adverts & Promotion: To keep in simple we offer all of our clients the same aggressive marketing perks and attention, we have one all inclusive package.

For less than N50 per day for an entire year you will have a team of local online and search engine optimization experts working to promote your adverts web page blog created on

The cost for 1 year-12 months of service is only N12,000
paid in advance. Once your listing fee is paid your page will be active onsite within 48 hours. Since it takes us a few days to implement our search engine promotion tactics, we do not start your yearly clock for 14 days after payment.

One month is N1,500;
3 Months N4,000
and 6 months is N7,000

How To Get Started

1.Send by whatsapp to 08033181698- info., Images (8 maximum) of Your Business or Logo along with the Ad Copy (Text) you would like on your advert web Page blog on You can use your existing website to gather information for your adverts and promotion. Create a new whatsapp group for your business so that you will be able to see the result.

2. Contact us for details by call/sms/whatsapp 08033181698

3. That’s it! Let us handle the rest – we will work hard to help your business grow online. We deliver local consumers to your business VIA online marketing! Within 10 days you will start enjoying the benefits of being a member of the Online Network.

Get started by contacting us today! We accept payment by direct payment into our bank or by transfer.


Yours Sincerely

Wale Adeleke
Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
08033181698 Online Network
xx Have you heard of AMICUS
October 15, 2017, 02:09:22 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Have you heard of AMICUS the best donation platform with 3 remarkable plans that has been in existence and paying since DEC 31St 2016

👉Min PH is N10,000
👉Max PH is N500,000
👉GH Growth is 40%
👉GH is 15days
👉REG. BONUS is N10,000
👉REF. BONUS is 15%

👉Min PH is N5,000
👉Max PH is N30,000
👉GH Growth is 40%
👉GH is 10days
👉REG. BONUS is N5,000
👉REF. BONUS is 15%

👉Min PH is N5,000
👉Max PH is  N10,000
👉GH Growth is 40%
👉GH is 5days
👉REG. BONUS is N2,000
👉REF. BONUS is 15%

After you Register go to My Profile and Click on Add Payment wire TO PUT UR ACCOUNT Details.

Then you go to Dashboard click on provide Help and pick d PLAN A,B,or C

👇Click here to Join our Telegram group chat

For registration link use the one below👇👇👇
October 15, 2017, 01:56:38 PM by Isaac Adeniran





*Would you like to discover legitimate online businesses that can save you from recession.*

*Would you want to create a wealth that can be transfered from generation to generation.*

*Come and learn how to make money work for you.*

*Join us live @ 5pm on a power packed seminar that would change your financial status.*

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*TIME: 5pm daily*


Don't miss this great opportunity because opportunity like this come but once.

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Follow this WhatsApp link to get started
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