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xx How to make your face pimples free
August 15, 2016, 11:04:38 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Pimples, medically known as Acne Vulgaris, is the most common skin problem which affects virtually 100 per cent teenagers in many forms. Nowadays, a good number of adults in their late 20s or 30s are faced with the same problem. A good knowledge and a few lifestyle tweaks can help one prevent acne or reducing its severity.

Keep your scalp oil free and try to shampoo often. As acne occurs due to excessive oil production by the glands over our faces and head. We must also avoid oiling our hair as that would lead to dandruff and acne precipitation or exacerbation.
Wash the face gently at least twice daily. This will not only reduce the oiliness of your face, it will also keep it clean and this helps combats the bacteria which causes acne production. For this, a non-oily soap or face wash should be used. Remember to stroke your face gently while washing as excessive scrubbing might increase the inflammation.
Try to use minimal cosmetics over the face as this blocks facial pores and causes acne. Always use ‘non comedogenic’ products or consult a dermatologist when in doubt.
Avoid getting waxing on the face or massages or facials with oily comedogenic products. Always ensure which products are being used and ask your doctor if they are suitable for acne prone skin.
Avoid smoking; smoking is directly linked with the intensity of acne.
If you wish to make dietary changes, you can reduce the intake of dairy products such as milk products which have been known to increas acne production. This must only be done after consulting a dietician.
A strict NO to the use of steroid creams over the face when you have acne! Seek the advice of a dermatologist before applying any cream recommended by your friend or family as they may contain steroids.
Avoid stress and stay happy, as a happy face is a beautiful face.
Acne maybe associated with hormonal problems in the body, the most important being PCOS, in which acne usually occurs with weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles and thick facial hair. If you experience such symptoms, you must visit a dermatologist right away as this would need weight reduction and some medicines to treat the disorder.
If despite these recommendations; your acne persists, then  you must visit a dermatologist and do not use any product without consulting a skin specialist. In this era of technology, you can also make use of phone reminders and other devices to help you remember these simple hacks.

Dr. Manjul Aggarwal, Consultant with Department of Dermatology, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, India
xx Anti-Ageing Skin Care
June 23, 2012, 10:22:39 AM by Success Writer
Anti-Ageing Skin Care
‘Anti-ageing skin care’ is a very poplar concept in today’s world. Today everyone wants to hide
their age using anti-ageing skin care procedures (and a number of people are successful too).
However anti-ageing skin care is not achieved by any magic potion. ‘Antiaging skin care’ is
about discipline. It is about being proactive. Antiaging skin care is retarding the ageing process.
Here are a few tips for proactive anti-ageing skin care:
xx Reducing Wrinkles: Tips To Try First
June 23, 2012, 10:17:47 AM by Success Writer
Reducing Wrinkles: Tips To Try First
When it comes to reducing wrinkles, you really have to take your needs seriously. There are a
number of factors that play a role in the health and well being of your skin. It is often hard to
understand how products work and why they may not work even if they promise to do so. If you
are considering wrinkle creams and a regimen of facelifts, you may go broke in the process.
Before you do all of that, consider going through a process of determine the very best solution
for your needs.
The first thing to consider is the health of your skin. Your skin needs to be healthy if you are to
keep it from looking old too fast. In addition, it will allow you to look young and healthy. Just
because you have wrinkles, though, does not mean that your skin is unhealthy. In fact, it just
means that your need to take a closer look at your overall health. The place to start is with your
• Do you eat healthy foods such as a diet that is rich in deep colored vegetables?
• Do you eat a lot of foods that you know are not healthy for you?
• Do you eat foods that are overly greasy?
All of these things can cause many areas of your body to not function in the right way. If you
are looking for a solution to your wrinkles first start with improving your overall diet. This means
giving your body the necessary nutrients through the food that you consume. Many people
make the mistake of assuming that what they eat doesn’t matter. If you are getting wrinkles
early on, it could be caused by your lack of a healthy diet. Improve your diet and improve your
overall health as well as your skin’s look.
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