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clip How to cash in and Make money on cashback
May 05, 2019, 12:13:12 PM by Isaac Adeniran
How To Cash in and Make Money on Cashback      Cashback for Almost Everything

You to get paid to upload receipts
You simply take a picture of your receipt and get money.
We are offering cashback to shoppers for virtually all offline transactions. It is kicking off this weekend, and it is inviting all Nigerians to test its platform.When something seems too good to be true, Moneywise would normally recommend you trust your gut instinct and steer clear. But with cashback, you really can get money for nothing.It’s easy to be confused by the term ‘cashback’. For years, it meant (and still does) asking the supermarket cashier to add money to your checkout total in exchange for some notes. But, gradually, over the past few years it has become the smart shopper’s trick to get more for less.You can shop online and get money back. You can pay by credit cards and get money back. You can pay your bills and – you guessed it – get money back. It’s not without pitfalls, but learn how the different systems work and you could find yourself hundreds of pounds better off each year.details coming soon.Take Picture of Your Receipts & Get Money On all local purchase by you and your friends and referrals, you earn cash back. simply snap and give  a photo of your receipt and earn cash. In return, you earn rewards in the form of cash.

Earning cashback is even more simple than it is on online cashback sites. Shoppers only need to snap a photo of the receipt onto the CardPow app, and if approved (there are some prerequisites), you’ll just need to wait a certain number of days before you can cash out.
The idea behind Card back is simple. You get paid a certain percentage of your purchases as cashback, based on the amount shown in the scanned receipt.

How to make money taking photos of your receipts
How many receipts do you just chuck straight in the bin or find laying around your house? Why not use those receipts to make yourself some money? You could be using receipt apps on your smartphone, that will pay you just for uploading pictures of your shopping receipts.

How to make money with receipt.
  It’s really quick and easy. The basic idea is that you take a picture of your receipt after you’ve been shopping and upload it . It literally takes a few seconds to do. Photos must be clear and show itemisation, date, time and shop.
It doesn’t have to just be a supermarket shop, you can snap your receipts for clothing, at boutique,or restaurant, trips and the like. Receipts need to be dated within the last seven days. You collect points or cash and when you’ve reached the minimum payment threshold, you will be paid cash.How To StartTo start you need to register so that you will be able to login and upload the receipt. Register FREE at https://naijasky.com/registerIf you want to earn on what other people buy, you also need to register free @ https://naijatowns.com/cbAre a business owner? and you want to partner with us to send consumer to you who buy from you and pay your directly. Customers will come to your physical store/shop or office and buy and pay you . Register FREE @ https://naijatowns.com/bizownerWhat do you do if there is no business in your local community offering cash back? Contact business in your area and tell them that you are a member of Naijasky Cash Back-NCB. Tell them that we promote businesses free and send customers to them and they only pay us commissions when the people we send buy. Tell them that the business owner determines how much commission he pays in percentage or fix amount for the purchase.Tell the business owner to register free and user the business name as username @ https://naijasky.com/register and submit the business full information with pictures of products @ their local government platform @ www.naijalga.com and to also fill the form @ http://naijatowns.com/bizownerThanksDr. Wale Adeleke 08033181698
Coordinator: Naijasky Cash Back Team
clip Do you know you are more than what you think of yourself?
July 14, 2018, 07:35:17 PM by Openyourmindtonewopportun
In 1896, Thomas Edison, the great inventor who invented the electric bulb, was working on an idea to design a car when he heard that a young man who worked in his company had created an experimental car.

Edison met the young man at his company's party in New York and interviewed him about the car. He was impressed!

He had the same idea as the young man but he was considering electricity as the power source while the young man used a gasoline engine to power the car.
He slammed his fist down and shouted "young man, that's the thing! You have it! I think you are on to something! I encourage you to continue your pursuits!"

With these words of encouragement from the most highly respected inventor in the United States at that time, HENRY Ford continued his work, invented a car and became wealthy.

On December 9, 1914, Thomas Edison's laboratory and factory got burnt. He was 67years old and the damage was too extensive for insurance cover. Before the ashes were cold, Henry Ford handed Edison a cheque of $750,000 with a note saying that Edison could have more if he needed it!

In 1916, Henry Ford relocated his home to the building next to Edison's home and when Edison couldn't walk and was confined to a wheelchair by his doctors, Henry Ford also bought himself a wheelchair so that he could run wheelchair races with his friend and mentor!

Thomas Edison made Henry Ford believe in himself and got a friend for life!

Don't ever be jealous of other people's success. If you can't win a race, help the person in front of you break the record!

Putting out the candle light of your neighbour in the dark will never increase the brightness of yours.

Your candle will not lose its light when it lights up another candle. Getting the job done is more important than who gets the glory!

Be inspired, speak positively into your life and someone's life today, and possibly save a soul. Always aspire big and the possibilities of you achieving your dreams will emerge. Think positive always and believe in yourself that you can conquer your fear and obstacle along the journey of life.
clip How To Be Merchant Account Manager?
September 08, 2017, 11:03:38 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Localvantia is designed to cover essentially ALL merchants with products and services consumed locally. Now it is on a pre-launch stage and schedule to officially go public by October 2017. Here are some of the categories planned:         

How To Be Merchant Account Manager?

All SFI affiliates with the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate (EA), can start pre-registering their local merchants.

It’s this simple:
  • Visit your favorite merchant(s).
  • Take a good picture of their storefront.
  • Go storefront submission page to complete the pre-registration form for the merchant and upload the photo you took.
  • Monitor your list of registered merchants and results.
  • Approach them for further confirmation of their participation during near launching period.
  • How you’ll earn & receive VersaPoints
    • Simply make a purchase at a participating merchant…and get a receipt for your purchase.
    • Go to localvantia.com and fill out a simple Points Claim Form and attach (upload) a photo of your receipt as proof of your purchase.
    • Merchants will be invoices for the cost of your points.
    • Once the points have been paid for by the merchant, they will be added to your account.
    That’s it!  Simple and easy for you…and simple and easy for the participating merchants!
    • Accountants/Tax Professionals
    • Appliance Installation & Repair
    • Attorneys
    • Automotive
    • Bakery
    • Bars/Pubs
    • Beauty/Hair Salons
    • Books
    • Carpentry
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Childcare
    • Clothes
    • Coffee
    • Computer, Phone, & Electronics Repair
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Electrical Installation & Repair
      • Flowers
      • Fun & Entertainment
      • Gasoline/Fuel
      • General Contracting
      • General Home Repair
      • Groceries
      • Health & Wellness
      • Heat & Air Conditioning
      • Home Security
      • House Cleaning
      • Interior Design
      • Landscaping
      • Locksmith
      • Movers
      • Music
      • Notaries
      • [/l]           
        • Painting Services
        • Pest Control
        • Pet Care & Grooming
        • Photographers
        • Plumbing
        • Pool Specialists
        • Printing Services
        • Roofing & Siding
        • Restaurants
        • Self Storage
        • Sewing & Alterations
        • Snow Removal
        • Sports
        • Theaters/Shows
        • Trash & Junk Removal
        • Tree Trimming
clip Learn To Save Your Hard Cash When Shopping
January 08, 2017, 01:37:13 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Learn To Save Your Hard Cash When Shopping

Time was when shopping was a painful experience, a chore to be lived with. This discount program scheme has now brought the fun back into shopping. You can now shop online and offline and save a certain amount on your purchases.

Now, you may say that all this seems too good to be true, and might be skeptical about the whole idea. But all the skepticism becomes mud once you have the hard cash on your hands'.. Yes, the Cash Back. The Cash Back Rebate Program works once you make a purchase.

Our partners businesses where buyers save money when they buy have quality products and services. So you're purchasing from quality stores as well as saving on cash. It's a veritable windfall for you, so don't miss out on such opportunities

This can add thousands of Naira monthly to your income, tax-free, if you use shop and save opportunity for all your normal spending. So whenever possible, buy everything - even your smallest purchases - for maximum benefit.

If you have not signed up, you are certainly missing out.This company is going places in Nigeria for sure I can tell you. I really hope they can offer discounts on all things… their prices are not bad at all. Good for the entire family. Maximum savings on all shopping yearly.

To participate visit http://naijatowns.com/cb

December 23, 2016, 08:20:28 PM by Wale Adeleke

    Fair cooperation: If you have a high increase in sales, is it worth for you to sacrifice a fraction of this increase?
    What do you earn when your customers shop at other businesses?
    Would you like to create added value for your existing customers, acquire new customers effectively and increase your sales with a Loyalty Customer Program of superlatives?

The Cashback Solutions are the answer to all these questions!

   Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Are the following challenges also challenges for your business?

    Would you like to offer attractive added value without making a large investment?
    Would you like to lower your marketing expenses and still be able to market yourself successfully?
    You don’t want to feel like David, who had to fight for his business against the Goliath of the large corporations?
    Would you like to learn more about the market, its potential and about your customers in order to make informed decisions?

There is one simple solution for all these problems: Cashback Solutions

Cashback Solutions are the perfect tool for:

    Increase in sales
    Acquisition of new customers
    Customer Loyalty
    Precise addressing of target groups
    Informative evaluation of your business statistics
    Increased customer satisfaction
    Create an additional income

You can immediately start to benefit by becoming a NaijaSky Cash back  Merchant

Your increased sales
More opportunities for your business!

Naijasky Members shop more often and spend more money at the NaijaSky cash back participating businesses  than other customers since they benefit from the NaijaSky cash back Benefits!

Take advantage of this potential and become part of our national Shopping Community.

Your New Customers
Small investment, big results!

With Cashback Solutions, you will be able to precisely reach out to your target group, to offer and communicate your exclusive offers!

This way, you can acquire new customers cost-effectively. They will also become your regular customers thanks to the NaijaSky Customer cashback Program!
clip cash back form
December 18, 2016, 09:38:12 PM by Isaac Adeniran
fill the form at http://naijatowns.com/cashback
clip Naijasky Launches Cash Back Rewards Program
December 18, 2016, 08:52:55 PM by Wale Adeleke
Naijasky Launches Cash Back Rewards Program

Naijasky launched a Cash Back rewards program, which allows consumers to receive  cash back on their purchases at participating businesses in all Local council areas nationwide in Nigeria
Users can sign up for the Naijasky Cash Back program by visiting the program’s website or by clicking the “Cash Back” link on the page of any participating business.

For more information CLICK HERE
clip How does the Naijasky Cash Back program work?
December 18, 2016, 08:38:13 PM by Wale Adeleke
How does the Naijasky Cash Back program work?

Cash Back on Naijasky allows you to visit participating businesses on your local council business directory and get up to 50% to 70% commission volume cash back from us on your purchases.

How it works

 You only need to sign up once, and then every time you buy at a participating business, cash back is automatically earned.  You’ll receive an email/push notification confirming the transaction and amount earned.  The program is free for all members and your bank account is credited by the 18th of the following month (more payment details below).

Buy your usuall purchases at your usual local store of a participating shop, snap your receipt and upoad the receipt to the shop webpage on naijasky.com and get cash back.
More information available at http://naijatowns.com/cb

Enroll now, you   can go to our register page @ http://naijasky.com/register . You can also enroll by clicking or tapping the "Get 10% Cash Back" buttons that appear on the business page of participating businesses  Enrollment is completely free and secure, and takes less than a minute to complete.

Find participating businesses Select from thousands of boutique, hotel. laundry and dry cleaning, business center, restaurants and other businesses – you can find them at the top of business listing on your local council area nationwide. link to your local council from www.naijaLGA.com .

Get paid every month Pay at participating businesses , and once a month we will automatically credit your bank account  by the 18th of the following month. For example, a transaction completed in September will be credited by October 18th. We'll also send you a notification when your account is credited.and send you a notification when your account is credited.

If you have any questions regarding your Cash Back payments, please contact [email protected]
clip Shop and Earn Cash back
December 18, 2016, 07:43:14 PM by Wale Adeleke
Earn Cash Rewards and Save at Local Businesses With Naijasky Cash Back

It’s true, Naijasky members love supporting local business. Now, you can earn money for frequenting the spots you love — and for checking out new ones, too! Naijasky Cash Back, our new cash rewards program for local businesses across the country, automatically saves you money when you shop at participating businesses.
It takes less than a minute to join the free Naijasky Cash Back program. Go to http://naijasky.com/register and sign up . You get up to 10% cash back on your purchases at thousands of businesses across the country.

Today, Naijasky Cash Back is available at a variety of shops, restaurants and bars nationwide in Nigeria through our participating partnership local businesses There are tons of great options throughout Lagos State, Abuja,portharcourt, Onitsha, Calabar, and more. Just Click “Cash Back” on Naijasky top navigation bar to find those nearby

. We’ll be adding more types of businesses soon so that Naijasky members can get cash rewards on even more kinds of local purchases. Cash Back isn’t available for online orders or food delivery — so make sure to use your enrolled Ref No when you head out to dinner or do your holiday shopping!
Sign up at http://naijasky.com/register and start earning money today.
For businesses interested in offering Naijasky Cash Back, email us at [email protected] to enroll.
xx Increase your Business Sales and double Profits
April 19, 2012, 06:04:56 AM by Isaac Adeniran
increase sales and double profits with Naijasky pay Per sales

Stop paying for newspaper adverts that yield no desire result. Instead we will direct buyers in your LGA  to patronize you  and buy from you .
And you pay us commissions and we give cash back rewards  to hundred of customers and your sales and profits will increase

How to start:
1.   Register FREE @ http://naijasky.com/register/
2.   PutGet business your business listed  FREE  in your LGA map page and you get FREE URL for your business forum. Your busineadvertised FREE
3.   Get Pretty URL for your business:

Go and register now @ Register FREE @ http://naijasky.com/register/  and getyour FREE business listed FREE and start enjoy increase patronage  and free adverts.
NaijaSky PPS Team
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