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xx Money Making Ideas To Make You A Millionaire
December 07, 2013, 08:21:31 AM by clara111
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xx 100 Business Goal Motivators
July 06, 2013, 03:25:57 PM by Isaac Adeniran
100 Business Goal Motivators 

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xx 100 Business Boosting Ideas
July 06, 2013, 03:16:37 PM by Isaac Adeniran
100 Business Boosting Ideas

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clip 100 Money Saving Tips
July 05, 2013, 06:50:36 PM by Isaac Adeniran


The best way to save money is to avoid useless spending. Every Naira you keep is money earned and it’s tax –free’’. This is a good rule to follow. If you find it hard to save money, try to make it automatic by joining saving plan or periodic contribution and rotational collection.(You can read more about this idea in the book: Key Strategies To Raise Money For Small & Medium Businesses-NO 1 product of
Another hint for saving money is to save at least 10 percent of your monthly salary. Never use such money to purchase luxury items but for investment.
Read more about this from our publication: 7-Laws of Success

Is that ceremony necessary and essential? Unprofitable ceremonies and festivals are some of the ways money that could be used to do purposeful investment is wasted by the poor and medium class people. Avoid it. Is that purchasing a liability or an asset? Don’t waste your saving purchasing liabilities thinking of it as an asset, especially in the beginning stage of your business. If a purchase does not bring money to your pocket, it is a liability.
Different stores can have drastically different on the same brand name merchandise. Discounts can save some money for you. When you go for shopping, always make a list of exactly what you plan to buy and then allow yourself for maximum extra amount for unexpected bargain. Avoid impulse buying.
Take your lunch to the office. This can save you a great deal over the high cost of eating out. You save money, eat quality food, and also save a lot of waiting time.

5-9 Money saving ideas to fight inflation in Nigeria

10-19 Additional money saving ideas to fight inflation in Nigeria

20-30 More Money Saving Idreas to fight inflation in Nigeria


xx 991-1000 Money Making Ideas for Dummies
January 07, 2013, 01:32:06 PM by Isaac Adeniran
991-1000 Money Making Ideas for Dummies
991. Write and publish a monthly newsletter which helps those who want to give up smoking. The ability to give up smoking depends what's happening in a persons mind. A good newsletter could make the difference between success and failure.


992. Begin a confidential newsletter about how to get the best things from life. The best things in this case include: money, expensive property, respect an quality cars. Your newsletter should suggest some of the legal short cuts which can be taken.


993. At a crafts fair or antiques market have a stall which sells products related to Shakespeare. These might include: prints, books, audio cassettes, videos and posters.


994. In a city where there are many theatres, open a small shop which is devoted to selling things related to Shakespeare.


995. Publish a newsletter for expectant mothers. Provide subscribers with information and reassurance. Send each subscriber an issue which ties in with the stage of her pregnancy.


xx 941-990 Money Making Ideas For You
January 07, 2013, 01:31:00 PM by Isaac Adeniran
941-990 Money Making Ideas For You
941. Bring out novelty voodoo model brains. A voodoo model brain represents the brain of the target person and is marked with different areas such as stress, love, anxiety, pain, etc. Pins are placed in selected areas to stimulate the feelings associated with that area.


942. Set up a party plan business which sells gardening equipment and supplies. You might, for example, hold the parties in gardens during the afternoons. Once you have developed a successful presentation and range of products, increase the size of your business by recruiting agents.


943. Start a spring-water bottling and distribution business. Advertise for someone who owns a property which has a natural spring water supply. Negotiate a contract with the owner which allows you to bottle and sell the spring water.


944. Design and have produced novelty sex maniacs score cards and find trade buyers or sell by mail order.


945. Write and publish a manual which has a title like 'How to Start Your Own Mail Order Business'. Use classified ads and direct mail to sell this to business opportunity seekers.


946.Set up a mail order business which sells books and products related to ventriloquism. Produce booklets and cassettes which give instructions about ventriloquism and ideas for stage acts. Also sell props and dummies.


947. Bring out an 'ideas' newsletter for writers. In each issue suggest ideas for: locations, characters, events, phrases, use of words, etc. One of the main selling points of your newsletter is that it will help a writer to become a published author.


948. Help people to get jobs by starting a C.V. design service. Conduct your own research into what information in a C.V. impresses employers. Basically, a good C.V. is professionally printed and presents the most important facts about a persons career history in a simple, clear way.

xx 891-940 Spare Time Money making Ideas
January 07, 2013, 01:29:48 PM by Isaac Adeniran
891-940 Spare Time Money making Ideas
891. Start a mail order business which sells started kits for being an amateur musician. Put the kits together from products which are already on the market.


892. Begin a business which makes cushions of unusual shapes. For example: star shaped, heart shaped, horseshoe shaped, or round with a hole in the middle.


893. Use the craft of embroidery to make attractive A-Z index cards. Instead of printed cards marked with letters of the alphabet, you make the letters with embroidery. A card index system can now look luxurious. Package the cards and get them stocked at bookshops and stationers.


894. Make either, commemorative wall-hanging tapestries or reproduce parts of the Bayeux tapestry. Use press advertising to sell these as highly collectible artefacts.


895. Hire a hall at a city centre location - Saturday would be the best day - and sell women's clothes at low prices.


896. In a tourist area open a market stall where you can print personalised T-shirts on the spot. Or start a mail order service which prints personalised T-shirts. If screen printing is used all the equipment can be made at home. Obtain and read books about screenprinting to get the know-how.


897. Start a postal service which hires out children's educational videos. A selection of videos should be offered for each age group. Produce a catalogue about your videos and advertise your rental service in a wide range of publications.


898. Bring out a product which consists of lots of small coloured wooden cubes. These can be used over and over again to make mosaics. Have this product stocked at shops or sell by mail order.

xx Part-Time Money Making Ideas
January 07, 2013, 01:28:32 PM by Isaac Adeniran

Part-Time Money Making Ideas

841. Deal in collectible bookplates. Promote the hobby of collecting bookplates by offering potential collectors a free selection. Thereafter send collectors a regular list of bookplates for sale. Also bring out and sell albums for storing and displaying bookplates.


842. Devise a programme which is designed to make a person more dynamic. A more dynamic, confident person has a greater chance of achieving success in life. Publish your programme and sell it by direct mail to business opportunity seekers.


843. Buy a portable children's mini-railway. Children can sit on the carriages and are taken up and down a short track. Hire out your railway for fund raising at fairs and money-making tourist sites.


844. Rent out large snooker tables and cues in a similar fashion to the way television sets are rented out. Rent them to householders, clubs, businesses, colleges, unions, etc.


845. Start a publishing enterprise which specialises in producing quality hand printed poetry books. Get these stocked at bookshops and sell by post to poetry lovers.


846. Devise and produce an easy-to-use system for cataloguing coin collections. Sell this through stamp and coin shops, or from ads in collectors magazines.


847. Be a crossword puzzle designer who specialises in a particular subject, such as football, photography or stamp collecting. Sell football crosswords, for example, to publishers of football magazines and programmes.


848. Publish a newsletter for people who want to become children's authors. In each issue include advice and information which will help children's authors to get work accepted for publication.


849. Produce and launch a correspondence course which teaches people how to write fiction for adolescents for profit.


850. Bring out a correspondence course about how to write screenplays for feature films. There is obviously a lot of skill involved in writing a screenplay and there are numerous people who would be willing to pay to learn.


851. Publish poetry in a way similar to music sheets. On a printed folded sheet feature a main poem and maybe 3 or 4 support poems. Get these 'poem sheets' stocked at bookshops and newsagents. The price might be the same as a daily newspaper. Also organise a chart of top selling poem sheets.


852. Use classified ads to sell a selection of English language newspapers from around the world. Buyers will include those who are curious about what overseas English language newspapers are like.


853. Start a service which writes persuasive monologues for individuals. For example, a C.V. designer helps a person get an interview, your service provides monologues for people to use at interviews. Or help people to get a date or to propose marriage.

854. Begin a gift service which provides a nostalgic selection of magazines from the month of a person's birth. Advertise your service in the columns or classified ads which feature other gift ideas.


855.Set up a mail order business which sells casting equipment, supplies and books. Potential customers include a wide range of craftworkers and hobbyists. Begin by learning everything you can about small scale casting then track down trade suppliers of products related to casting.


856. Devise and invent puzzles and word games. Sell these through specialist magazines and newspapers and to book publishers.


857. Start a business which brings out a library of children's stories on audio cassettes. Have these stocked at toyshops and bookshops or start a monthly club.


858. Compile and publish a bulletin which informs subscribers of photography competitions they are eligible to enter in this country and around the world. Advertise in photograph magazines.


859. Set up a mail order business which is devoted to selling products designed to increase a persons attractiveness to the opposite sex. Products might include books, cassettes, courses, systems and aids. Produce some of the products yourself.


860. At a tourist site earn money from painting a persons name on a print. The name thus becomes part of the picture. For example, there might be a hoarding of posters in your picture and a persons name becomes one of the posters. Design and produce the prints yourself.


861. Produce an aerial video of your area. Duplicate this and have it stocked at video hire shops and other local shops.


862. Publish a newsletter about human interest stories, unusual facts, interesting paragraphs, etc. Subscribers would include people who produce their own, regular, amateur publication. They would use your newsletter as a source to provide fillers for their own publication.


863. Start a school of English and give lessons to an ethnic group who want to improve their written and spoken English. You might give tuition either in your own home or at hired premises.


864. Start a dating agency or marriage bureau specially for the separated or divorced. Use local advertising to attract clients.


865. Begin a business which specialises in organising romantic breaks and holidays. Arrange for courting couples, newly-weds and mature couples to have breaks at hunting lodges, cottages and castles.


866. Earn from teaching people how to find a lover or life partner. You could hold classes in a hired hall, produce an audio cassette course, give lessons in your home or write a manual.


867. Produce painting by numbers outlines specially designed for hobbyists. For example, do outlines of locomotives, or background scenery for railway modellers. Sell these from ads in hobby magazines or get them stocked at modelling shops.


868. Begin a service which organises a telephone chess playing club. A member might have four chess boards and pieces next to the phone. When a member has worked out his move on each board, he telephones his opponent.


869. Put together a mail order catalogue which has a wide range of business posters. The posters might be about: inspiring, sales efficiency, hard work and saving energy. Send the catalogue to most businesses.


870. Make a selection of leather wallets for playing cards. For example, a pocket wallet or a wallet for attaching to a belt. Include a pack of playing cards in each wallet. Have them stocked at a wide range of shops.


871. Begin a venture which arranges for business and sales meetings to take place at exotic and unusual venues. For example, a businessman can negotiate a contract with a client at a castle, or on a yacht or in a sightseeing plane.


872. Put together a range of spoken word audio cassettes. Have them stocked in video rental shops and rented out as an alternative to a video.


873. Make hand-painted badges. These might feature: a tiny traditional painting, an abstract painting, witty statements, popular symbols and funny faces.


874. Set up a business which organises record, stamp or book fairs. Find a venue, sell places to stall holders by placing ads in hobby magazines and publicise to attract customers.


875. Attend pop concerts, festivals, fairs and other large public events and sell funny hats and baseball caps.

876. Start a theatrical play of the month club. Operate this like a book club but sell only theatrical plays. The club will not offer discounts on publications, but you can send copies of the latest plays opening at theatres.


877. Sell Jazz memorabilia by post. Start a world-wide search for products to put in your catalogue. The products might include: photographs, slides, posters, old magazines, duplicate press cuttings, books, video and audio cassettes.


878. Begin a board game of the month or quarterly club.


879. Sell unusual musical instruments from your own catalogue, by post. For example: folk music instruments from Third World countries, and early musical instruments.


880. During the Christmas season, form a group of carol singers. Hire this group out to parties, restaurants, wine bars, and night-clubs.


881. Bring out folders specially designed to hold sheet music or knitting patterns. Sell these from either, suitable shops or ads in publications read by people who collect sheet music or knitting patterns.


882. Make fashionable patchwork sweaters and have them stocked at shops. Alternatively, sell the sweaters from a stall at a market fair.


883. Start a school for pop or rock group management. Your students will include those who aspire to become a manager or leader of a pop or rock group. The course might be taught by post or held as a class.


884. Put together a postal service which sells personalised: golf-balls, cricket balls, snooker balls, tennis balls, etc. The exact method of placing names or initials on the balls can be worked out by you. If you can solve this problem, a lucrative market is waiting to be exploited.


885. Set yourself up in business as a music concert promoter. Approach a local pop or rock group and offer to organise a gig for them. If your first gig is successful slowly work your way up in the concert promoting business.


886. Write and publish a newsletter which is about how to sell simple information by post. In each newsletter suggest new ideas for the kind of information which can be sold. Also review the latest offerings by other information sellers.


887. Bring out a book or audio cassette which has a title like: 'How to get a World Record'. Include information about how to get a record accepted and give ideas about feats which might be attempted. Sell through bookshops or by post.


888. Design and make doll's clothes for collectors or manufacturers of dolls. Either make the clothes to order or produce a mail order catalogue which gives full detail of your range.


889. Use cheese-cloth to make your own range of fashion clothes such as blouses, skirts and shirts.


890. Design and make, or import, kimonos. Sell by post or get them stocked at suitable retailers.
xx 791-840 Simple Money Making Ideas
January 07, 2013, 01:27:04 PM by Isaac Adeniran

791-840 Simple Money Making Ideas

791. Produce and distribute a video encyclopaedia about flowers, plants, trees or birds. This should present films about your chosen subject in alphabetical order. Try to get national and international distribution organised.

792. Sell by post information and advice about antiques. Provide clients with a confidential service which identifies and values antiques from descriptions and photographs. Also give advice about care, cleaning and storage of individual items. Produce leaflets about your service.


793. Take a course in basketry. As you develop your skill slowly begin to sell what you make. When your work reaches a high enough standard, go into business full-time.


794. Start a service which provides businesses with a security conscious paper collecting, shredding and disposal service. Have impressive leaflets printed to promote your service and send them to businesses.


795. Create a home-based debt collections service. Get a job with a debt collection agency and learn all you can before you strike out on your own. At first specialise in one type of trade and, if successful, expand into collecting  debts for other trades.


796. Produce a series of audio cassettes about Confucianism. Have them stocked at healthfood shops and bookstores. Or sell by mail order from ads in off-beat publications.


797. Design and manufacture business maternity clothes for businesswomen. Have them stocked in maternity and other women's clothes shops and sell by mail order.


798. Make videos for people who want to sell their business. Each video is designed to show a business in its best light. In the video, interview customers, look at its standing in the community, etc. Your video should help achieve the highest possible sale price for the businesses whose sale you promote.


xx 741-790 Money Making Ideas for Everyone
January 07, 2013, 01:25:48 PM by Isaac Adeniran

741-790 Money Making Ideas for Everyone

741. Organise weekend breaks where individuals can have their career assessed by professional career advisers. Advice should also be given on how to develop a career or how to make a change. Advertise in up-market or business publications.


742. Bring out a careers guide to self-employment. Sell this through as many bookshops as possible. Hopefully this guide will become an annual publication which will appeal to a new crop of people every year.


743. Make life-size string puppets. Each puppet is controlled by someone standing on a roof, balcony or scaffold. Use for promotion or entertainment.


744. Begin a mail order firm which sells personalised everyday objects such as pens, towels, handkerchiefs, notepads, combs, etc. Produce a catalogue and advertise in up-market publications. Offer customers hampers of personalised products.


745. Run a business which deals in the memorabilia of a region. You can buy your stock from various sources, for example, history books from publishers, photographs from photo libraries and films and videos from film making and film distribution companies.


746. Write and publish a newsletter which is specifically for budding and practising freelance writers. Give the newsletter a title like: 'Freelance Writer'. Give ideas and tips about how to sell work and have a section for articles, letters and classified ads.


747. Become a wholesaler of spoken word audio cassettes. You act as the middleman between publishers and retailers. This is a growth area and it might not be long before every bookshop has many shelves of audio cassettes. Will these cassettes be supplied by you?!


748. Set up a mail order business which sells plans, equipment and supplies for making mosaics. Produce a catalogue and advertise in crafts magazines.


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