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clip How to cope with long distance relationships
March 03, 2018, 05:24:21 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Coping with long-distance marriage

No one imagines living separately from their spouse. However, this is the reality for some people especially if their partners had to move due to job related issues. These tips will help you cope with a long-distance marriage

Display photos

According to, displaying photos of you and your partner in a spot where you can regularly see them helps a lot. The idea is that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ may have some validity; so, keeping a photo of your partner in view helps keep them alive and well in your psyche. Although it will take much more than photos to keep your union strong, it doesn’t hurt to have a visual reminder of your partner’s existence as proof that they do exist and how much you love them.
xx The school founded by God
March 03, 2018, 05:08:33 PM by Isaac Adeniran
If you marry the right person, everyday is Valentine's Day.

Marry the wrong person, everyday is Martyrs Day.
Marry a lazy person, everyday is Labour Day.
Marry a rich person everyday is New Year's Day

Marry an immature person, everyday would seem like Children's Day.

Marry a cheater or liar, everyday will become April Fool's Day.

And if you don't get married, everyday is Independence Day!

Marriage is the only school where you get the Certificate before you start.

It's also a school where you will never graduate.

It's a school without a break or a free period.

It's a school where no one is allowed to drop out.

It's a school you will have to attend every day of your life.

It's a school where there is no sick leave or holidays.

It's a school founded by God:

1.On the foundation of love.

2.The walls are made out of trust.

3.The door made out of acceptance.

4.The windows made out of understanding

5.The furniture made out of blessings

6.The roof made out of faith.

Be reminded that you are just a student not the principal.

God is the only Principal.

Even in times of storms, don't be unwise and run outside.

Keep in mind that, this school is the safest place to be.

Never go to sleep before completing your
assignments for the day.

Never forget the C-word...Communicate.

xx How to make your husband very romantic
March 03, 2018, 04:50:05 PM by Isaac Adeniran

Last month my neighbour went to complain to her

*Daughter:* Mom, I can not stand my husband. I want to kill him but I don't have the courage to do it, Can you help me?please!

*Mother:* Yes my daughter, I can. But there is a small problem . You will be forced to make peace with him first so that none will suspect you for his death. You are going to be so much good and kind to him, take care of him.

Be romantic, grateful, patient, loving, submissive to him. See him as your kid not your mate or subject... be less selfish, more just, more listening to him, take all the rubbish from him, don't nag or criticize him.

My daughter, I know you can do it, so don't doubt yourself. Work starts this evening. Can you ?

*Daughter:*  Yes mom.

*Mother:* Ok, it's .... Well take this white powder which is the substance to kill him. Every day, you'll pour a bit in his food and he will die slowly.

*After 30 days, daughter returned to give feedback to her mother.*

 *Daughter:* Mom, I really no longer want to kill my husband again. He is soo romantic, loving and caring person. Now I like him, he's changed and became softer than before. What can I do to prevent the poison?

*Mother:* Hahahahahaha

*Daughter:* Why are you laughing? Is it too late to save my husband's life?

*Mother:* No, my dear!. You don't have to worry. What I gave to you was cassava flour. He will not die.

In reality, it is in you that the poison was. When you fuel hatred and resentment in you, it kills slowly even more than a poison, so I had to work on you instead of your husband.

*Daughter:* Hmmmmmm. Thank you, sweetest mum.

February 08, 2018, 04:23:17 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Medically, a lady is mature as soon as
menstruation starts. Most women start menstruation by the age of
11,12,13, 14 up to 18years. If any lady fails to
menstruate by the age of 18, that's abnormality.
It is a disease; We should take note. But 11 to 18years is still acceptable...
Now, what we mean by menstruation is that every month, every lady will release an egg from the "ovary". An ovary is a house of eggs in a woman; the eggs that become baby in the future & the number of eggs in the ovary is limited; it cannot be increased. So every month when a lady starts to menstruate, an egg is released. Once a lady/woman releases an egg, it is menstruation. And once that egg waits for like 72hours in any woman's reproductive system and there is no
sperm to fertilise it, it comes along with menstrual blood; so it is wasted, but that is minus one from the counts in the ovary. So if you now start counting it, that means a lady loses eggs from the age of 11 like
that... 12eggs in a year, another year another loss, another 12eggs and so on. The pattern of eggs in a woman are in three phases, just like any fruit passes through 3 phases: 1st phase -
Unripe phase, not good to eat. 2nd phase - Ripe phase very good to eat, best time to eat. 3rd phase - bad phase. This is similar to the phases of eggs that will be released in any woman as she develops. We have some eggs that will be released in a woman in the first phase. It is the time when a woman starts to menstruate up to
18years, so from 11 to 18years is the first phase of eggs.These are the eggs that can be liken to unripe eggs like unripe fruit. Once a woman reaches age of 18, this is second phase of eggs. That second phase is between 18
and 24years. These are the best form of eggs
that a woman releases in her life. They are best in quality; they are best in fertility potential, best in everything you can be think of. Those are the best eggs. They are such that when any sperms hit them they become fertilised and develop baby immediately. They don't fail because they are very good. So the third phase is the last stage at age 24 and above.This is when the bad eggs will be coming up. So it is a consensus that if any woman wants to be very fertile in
her life, the best time to start that fertility period
doesn't want to stress herself go around before
conceives is between the ages of 18 and 24. So
marriage in that age range is acceptable
Dear sisters of 24years upward are facing risk of
infertility. I am not saying that every lady of age
24 will
neccessarily face risk of infertility but majority of
infertility cases is common among those who are
25years. You would rarely find someone who
within 18 and 24years facing infertility problem
if she has done abortions, uses contraceptives or
something similar. But ordinarily & naturally, they
not likely to suffer infertility. So that is the
position of
xx How sexual purity gives girls supernatural intelligence
February 03, 2018, 03:00:27 AM by Isaac Adeniran
How sexual purity gives girls supernatural intelligence!

Why are you just misleading these girls? Teach them safe sex and how to identify predators instead of deceiving them that sex is evil. It’s even the pastors of these youth fellowships that end up having sex with these vulnerable girls all in the name of fellowship. Having sex will not make you any less successful, you charlatan.08023455795

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

I’m so glad this column is frustrating some deadbeat Lotharios out there who have taken solace in the ever-needy, financially-incapacitated average Nigerian girl! I had planned to discuss 10 crucial things you need to do urgently in order to enjoy and make the most of 2018; however, I got a text message from one of these men which I needed to address and also further encourage you to preserve your virginity till marriage! Imagine a charlatan-detector who was not even bold enough to disclose his identity, telling me to teach you to practise safe sex! Imagine the devil telling me I’m misleading you girls by telling you to stay chaste till your wedding night. Since the inception of this column, there has never been a time when sex as ordained by God was regarded evil. And that’s why right from my very first article here, I’ve always included my final word which encourages you to abstain from premarital sex and extramarital sex! May the devil continue to get angry in Jesus’ name!

Girls…girls…girls, take it or leave it, if you want to stand out among your peers, if you want to be extraordinarily intelligent and be super-successful in life, your greatest weapon yet is your sexual purity now! It can fetch you just about anything! It is what you need to lay a solid foundation for a most beautiful future! BUT WHY THE HURRY TO HAVE SEX? In the first instance, when you have no time for boyfriends in your teens, you are not distracted and you have all the time and all your energy focused on your studies/getting good grades not wondering if your boyfriend is dating another girl, not worrying about the effects of contraceptives on your body, STDs, getting pregnant, etc. On the other hand, I can tell you for a fact and from experience that sexual purity sharpens your spiritual perception! It makes you spiritually intelligent and gives so much unsolicited information. Can you imagine knowing all the questions you have to attempt during your examinations even before the timetable is set? Can you imagine knowing the pitfalls the devil has designed to make you fail in life or stop you in your tracks from going forward? Can you imagine knowing the trouble awaiting you as a result of the next action you want to take? Can you imagine knowing what someone really thinks about you? Can you imagine receiving instructions all the world’s General Overseers put together cannot give you to conquer a battle that has made you wish you were never born? I am writing from experience! IF YOU’RE UNMARRIED AND SEXUALLY-ACTIVE, THE DEVIL SURELY HAS AN UPPER HAND IN YOUR LIFE!!!

January 30, 2018, 08:44:44 AM by Isaac Adeniran


Dave and Clara have been
married 4 over nine years
without children. They
stayed with each other
and hoped that they will
have a child before their
10th year of marriage
because they were being
persuaded by family and
some friends to get a
divorce but they couldn’t
let go because of the love
between them.

Months and
while Dave was returning
from work one day, he
saw his wife walking down
the road with a man and
they looked happy.

Another evening, while
Dave was coming back
from work, he saw the
same man drop her off at
the house. Dave became
angry and sad.

Two days
later, after a hectic day at
work, Dave was taking
water with a glass jug
when the phone rang. He
picked it up and the
person said ‘hello dear, I’ll
be coming to your house
this evening to see you as
promised. I hope .....’’
and then Dave hung up the

It was a male
voice. He was sure the
person was the man he
had seen with his wife. He
suddenly became shaky
with this thought, ‘’Have i
lost my wife to another
man?’’ At that point, the
glass jug fell from his
hand and shattered into

Then Clara came running
into the room asking, ‘’Is
everything okay?’’ In anger
he gave his wife a push
and she fell. She wasn’t
moving or getting up.

Dave then realised that
she fell where he broke
the glass jug and a large
piece of glass has pierced
her. He felt her breath,
pulse and heartbeat but
there she lay lifeless. His
wife was dead.

In total
confusion, he saw an
envelope in her hand. He
took it, opened it and was
shocked by its content. It
was a letter and it reads:

‘’ My loving husband,
words cannot express
how I feel, so i had to
write it down. I have been
going to see a doctor for
over a week and wanted
to be sure before I give
you the news. The doctor
confirmed it that I am
pregnant with a twin and
our babies are due in 7
months from now.

doctor also happen to be
my long lost brother
whom I lost contact with
after our marriage. He
has promised to take care
of me and our babies and
give us the best without
collecting a dime.

He also
promised to have dinner
with us today. Thanks to
you for standing by
me...... your loving wife.

As the letter fell from
Dave’s hand, there was a
knock at the door and it
was the same man he had
seen with his wife... and
he said ......’’ hello Dave, I
suppose am right, am
Max, your wife’s
brother.....’’And suddenly
he noticed his sister in the
pool of her blood .... he
rushed her to his hospital
but it was too late, his
sister, Dave’s wife was
gone and so were the

In our relationships,
which include our
marriage, we should not
be too quick in reacting
when we haven’t
questioned our partner or
spouse on what we saw
or heard about them.

Communication, Trust and
Patience are rare gifts we
can bring to our

Not everything we see or
hear or believe is right
about them.

And to every man or woman on dis platform, I pray that patience will have her
perfect way in you and you will want nothing because patience is that great virtue you need to keep any relationship working.

Pls share
xx How People are Destroying The Marital Homes Of One Another
January 26, 2018, 02:14:44 AM by Isaac Adeniran
People Unknowingly Destroying The Marital Homes Of One Another

In every marriage, the very first bond that necessitates the affection is the LOVE the couple had for each other.

Problem always arises if the TRUST of the LOVE is no more there. Research shows that many marital relationships begin to collapse when the couple begins NOT to see values for every of their action towards each other.

It becomes worse when some Muslims unknowingly facilitate these marital problems.

It is WRONG for a man or a brother to be extremely caring to another man's wife. The woman may understand your spirit of brotherhood in Islam. But a time would come that she would begin to think you are more better than her husband. And she would begin to devalue every bit of care or action from her husband. This makes their marriage fade away gradually. Brothers must STOP engaging in excessive chat with married women and also sounding sweet to them all the time in the spirit of "halal caring", and hiding under the fact that the woman is older than them after all. If you want a woman to care for , go and get married  to your own wife and stop doing "good boy" to other people's women. Yes, they would say you are a good and caring young man, but then, you would  be recorded as the igniter of divorce in disguise in a home that has been peaceful.

xx Responsibilities of men
October 21, 2017, 11:26:25 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Why do husbands in Africa die most times before wives? A husband in Africa in most cases is under intense tension because he is responsible for:

● *Children school fees*

● *house rents*

● *Electricity bills*

● *Medical bills*

● *Generator fuel & repairs*

● *Car fuel and repairs*

● *Feeding of family*
● *Clothes for children*

● *Sallah or Christmas and New year bills*

● *Furniture & House maintenance*

● *In-laws wahala/demand*

● *His own aged parents*

● *His siblings most times*

● *His wife's demands*

● *Vigilante bills*

● *Erecting Building*

● *Religious demands*

● *Family social bills*

● *Electronics bills*

● *Recharge cards*

● *Extended family bills*

● *Community demands*

On top of the above, he also faces:

● *Wife stress/insults*

● *Boss stress at work*

● *Police stress on the way*

● *Area boys stress*

● *Kidnappers fear*

● *Friends stress*

● *Economy stress*

● *Fear of job loss*

● *Unemployment pains*

● *Armed Robbery stress*

● *Children misbehaviour*

● *Neighbours stress*

● *Bank loan payment stress*

● *Enemies stress*

● *Demonic attack stress*

● *Sex stress*

..and so on! OMG!!

Are these reasons not enough for all African Wives to understand and give their husbands peace at home? Are men not trying? How can an African man with these kind of loads be romantic like an American man?
Women, please give  your husband's peace at home. Encourage your husbands. Stop being sarcastic to them. Except if you like to join the widows club early! Note:
That club is not funny. Ask members. Help your husband. Contribute to the family. Be a helper. Be submissive. Stop nagging. Build your home and marriage. It is not greener outside there. Don't be deceived!!
Help your husband to live longer like you.

September 21, 2017, 07:48:18 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Bisi Adewale
Most Men do hurt their Wives in the name of correcting them. They speak harshly, they are so rash in their approach and can be very brutal.
Lots of women are living their lives in bitterness and anger due to the careless ways their husbands have been talking to them over time.
Here you will be able to know the right ways to talk to your wife without hurting her:
*1) LOWER YOUR VOICE:* Don’t shout at her, she is not your housemaid, she is not a Child. You can correct, yes, but why shouting?
*2) DO IT IN LOVE:* Correction should be done in love if done in any other way it turns to criticism and condemnation.
*3) DON’T CRITICIZE:* Stop criticizing her, rather correct in love. Most will say it’s constructive criticism, true? It means disapproval by pointing out errors and mistakes.
Correction is the act of offering better options to mistakes.
Correction and criticism are never the same.
Husband A says: what manner of food is this? is this popcorn or fried Rice? how I wish I marry a more sensible wife, with better home training, who can cook better.
Husband B says: Sweetheart this rice is too salty and dry unlike the one you did yesterday. I think salt should be reduce any other time because of our health.
Husband A criticized, Husband B, corrected his wife in love. Stop criticizing your wife.
*4) PRAISE HER FOR WHAT IS RIGHT* : It will be wrong to correct when it’s not well done when you don’t praise when it’s well done. Form the habit of praising and appreciating your wife for good deeds.
Avoid correcting your wife in the presence of your Children.
Incessant correction of your wife before your Children will make them disrespect her.
*6) DON’T CORRECT HER IN THE PUBLIC* : Avoid correcting your wife in the public, it does not show you as a gentleman, and will affect her self-esteem.
*7) AVOID CORRECTION IN ANGER:* Stop correcting your wife in anger, shouting, ranting, beating and making trouble. Real men don’t do that.
*8) DON’T COMPARE HER WITH ANY OTHER WOMAN* : In your thought of correcting her, you might have been comparing her with other women. “Don’t you see what your friend is doing?”
“Can’t you learn from our neighbors wife?”
“and so”
This is very wrong, no woman love to be compared with others, stop it.
Avoid referring to issues discussed and settled, stick to the present issue, discuss like adults and move on.
*10) DON’T ATTACK HER WOMANHOOD:* And you call yourself a woman? Virtuous women don’t behave like this, you better change before I change you.
This is very wrong, don’t do it.
*11) DON’T ATTACK HER DIGNITY* : You don’t behave like someone with sense, do you think at all? And you said you went to school, I doubt it. This is very wrong, you too, you are not talking like somebody that pass through a college.
*12) DO IT IN TIME OF PEACE:* Most husbands do want to correct in the heat of anger, at the height of misunderstanding, when temper has already hit the roof. That is not the best time to correct, it will yield little or no result.
*13) GIVE A HELPING HAND*: The best way to correct is to lead by example, step into the kitchen to give a helping hand, don’t just sit in the front of the Television correcting what goes on in the kitchen.
Wives are doing a great job, appreciate yours and support her to be a better wife and mother.
xx How often should you thanks God
August 16, 2017, 06:59:18 AM by Isaac Adeniran
A story is told of a certain man who died and went to heaven. He was granted a chance to go round God's premises and below was his observations as the angel Gabriel took him around.

 They entered the first department, a very big hall where so many angels (in their millions) were busy sorting letters. The man was surprised and asked in amusement, "what are they doing?" Gabriel answered, "they are sorting letters of prayer requests according to their categories, for people who are sick, seeking jobs, need deliverance, for divine intervention etc.

 They moved into the next department where they saw almost the same set up, but this time, the angels were packing letters into boxes and sealing them. Again, the man asked what they were doing and the angel told him that they were sealing God's letter in reply to the request made by people on earth for healing, jobs and so on.

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