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xx FREE Internet website Forum address in your customer targeted location
August 15, 2012, 01:14:49 AM by Isaac Adeniran
FREE Internet website Forum address in your customer targeted locationGet FREE Internet Website Forum Address for your business on your customers target forum location: (Town, Council, Region, State or Nationwide). Give the address to your customers to make order, request, and comment. Bookmark your address and make as homepage on your phone to reply and respond to customers easily and quickly
1.       If your business/products target local customers within your town and council areas, get your forum address on your town/council forum e.g http://naijasky.com/ikeja/yurbiznam/  . Go to your local council forum now. How, simply insert your council name or lts headquarters after http://aijasky.com/ on the browser.
2.       If your business/products target customers are within State location, get your forum address on your state forum e.g http://naijasky.com/lagos/yurbizname . Go to your state now forum now by inserting your state after http://naijasky.com/  on the browser e.g  http://naijasky.com/lagos/
3.       If your business/products target customers are for a particular region, then get your free forum address on that region e.g http://naijasky.com/sw/yurbizname
4.       If your business/products target customers are nationwide, get your forum address on  http://naijasky.com/ng/  or http://naijasky.com/nigeria/  . Example http://naijasky.com/ng/yurbizname   
xx Where to get your FREE personal forum address
August 12, 2012, 04:14:04 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Where to get your FREE personal forum address
You can create your personalized business forum address or individual personalized forum address to communicate with customers, clients, and friends. To respond to comment, request and questions from customers and clients

1. Within Local Council Forum: if your business target customers are local customers in your locality, it is better to get your Internet website forum address withing your council or town . Examples of council/town forums are Naijasky.com/ikeja,

Your business forum address will be for example Naijasky.com/ikeja/yourbizname

2. Within State Forum: If your business target customers are within state, get your business internet website forum address within that state forum . example of state forums are naijasky.com/lagos naijasky.com/abuja naijasky.com/rivers naijasky.com/ondo naijasky.com/imo naijasky.com/bayelsa

Youe business forum address will be for example Naijasky.com/lagos/yourbizname

3. On Naijasky.com/nigeria : If your business target customers are nationwide, get your business internet website forum address on Naijasky.com/nigeria. Your business Web forum URL will be Naijasky.com/ng/yourbizname or Naijasky.com/nigeria/yourbizname
July 27, 2012, 08:05:29 PM by hopewellequipment
xx 5 Reasons To Participate In The Internet Business Forums
May 22, 2012, 03:33:00 PM by Success Writer
5 Reasons To Participate In The Internet Business Forums
The forum participation is maybe the most effective way to learn, get contacts and ask questions, than any other method.
However, maybe due to the easiness of the forum writing, we do not always see it`s value. That`s why I put together this article and listed 5 best points, which make the forum participation so important:
1. Forum Posts Build Brand Effectively.
The major reason comes from the fact that forum is interactive, informal place, where the idea is to help each other.
The great helpers get a good image, i.e. brand. That`s in the nutshell, what recruiting is!
Which one do you think will succeed better: the one who shares his aid regularly and even gives information, which has taken months to dig, or the one about whom you do not know anything but a staying website? What makes the internet business successful are repeated visitors, who also distribute their recommendations to their friends.
Forum posts keep your name active in the peoples`memories, so when they need you, they will remember your name.
2. Forum Posts Build Backlinks.
I was positively surprised, when I saw my new backlink report: so many from my favorite forum. This was a clear evidence that search engines value them highly. Because of the nature of the sig-file backlinks, they bring also a nice amount of very targeted traffic, which has a strong influence on my sales figures.
3. Good Internet Business Ideas. It`s funny thing. Despite of the amount of silly questions, which many of us do in the forum posts, just those are often the most useful ones. They have opened my eyes to new ideas and expanded my thinking.
3. Joint Ventures. The forum is a great place to establish or to join joint ventures. Everybody is interested about them, because we all want more visitors.
4. Latest News. This is an issue, which really matters. I have got so many tips about the affiliate programs in problems, about total scams, or news how my favorite program has launched something new and interesting.
This is important, because if you can market the novelty from the very start, it`s a huge benefit.
5. Special Offers. My favorite forum has a special offer section, where it is nice to collect the latest novelties and see whether I could benefit from those.
As you see from my experiences, the forum is a great collection of different useful things and it is not only a place to chat, long away from that. I would even think that the forum marketing could be the only marketing tactics, if you can concentrate on that and really build up a special expertise

To get a FREE forum and custom URL from Nigeria small businesses forums, Register @ http://nsbforums.com/register/
xx How to get a FREE Forum for Your Business
April 10, 2012, 12:28:16 AM by Isaac Adeniran
1.Get a FREE forum custom URL web address for your business in its town/council location in any town/council in any state in Nigeria to increase sales and for customers interaction

2.Then  give Your Business Forum URL to your current or new customers for interaction, discussion, comments and instructions.

3.You answer customersí questions and respond to their comments and requests.

4.You can delete spam posts. Youíre the moderator of your business forum.

5.This will boost sales and customers confidence, loyalty and bring new customers

How To get it FREE:
To get your FREE business forum now, register FREE @  Naijasky.com/register/ . Then navigate to your state and your loca Government area web page OR simply type the name of the town or council after NaijaSky.com in the browser e.f naijask.com/ikeja
  When it opens,  click New Topic, insert a simple name of your business URL in the Subject. Then introduce and describe your business in the writing space,  insert images and click Post. Your business FREE Forum will be:  Naijasky.com/your lga/golden , while golden is an example of your business name.  (If You want shorter URL: Naijasky.com/yurname is just N5,500 annual subscription Examples:
 1. Naijasky.com/tarmac   
 2. Naijasky.com/hi5; instead of Naijasky.com/oplaza/yurname,)
xx How To Publicize Your Business Forum
April 03, 2012, 01:25:21 AM by Isaac Adeniran
If you have got your business forum URL board within Nigeria Small Business Forums but it is virtually deserted and you need to generate traffic, you may find these next few tips helpful in turning your forum into a busy place.
-Encourage the discussion of the biggest business topics: Encourage the discussion of the latest and most important news and topics on your forum. By doing this, members will undoubtedly want to participate in the debates concerning this topic or share their information about it, generating a lot of activity and inviting others from outside your forum to join in.
-Use your business forum URL board to discuss your posts: By using the forum as a place where the visitors can login to and post their comments on your interesting or useful topic, you will entice unregistered users to join the forum and have their say.
- Invite important business people to participate in your business forum URL Board : Try to invite important and famous business people to discussions related  to them, most of them will be happy to oblige. Doing this will generate a huge amount of interest in your business forum URL board within the network of Nigeria Small Businesses Forums as more and more people will want to read the exclusive content that person wrote on your forum. You can also post interview into your forum
Give your business forum URL Board e.g http://nsbforums.com/yourname to your friends to visit and for them to leave their opinion as comment and you can answer them
Encourage your staff member to post on your forum and to invite their friends in facebook by clicking facebook share logo or Like button when they open the post
Print flier inserting your forum URL inviting people to join your LGA forum or Shopping complex forum where your business is located within the network of the forum, or make flier for your business forum URL Board to give to people
Join the cashback reward category of your business because the cashback forum page is advertised in the newspapers by the nsbforum Team. Itís only a token fee to be listed annually. And you only give percentage of your choice to support the nsbforums when you make sales.
Promote your business forum with google adword using your forum URL board as the landing page
xx How Forum Interacting With Your Customers And Prospects Increase Sales
April 03, 2012, 01:22:02 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Your personalized business forum URL Board is where you can share announcements, talk about features and benefits of doing business with you, and you can answer questions.
You can create a knowledgebase about your product and or service, use the forum to manage support tickets in order to effectively run your customer service department and you can use it to give your clients a chance to talk to someone from your organization as well as one another.
While all the chatter is happening, youíre providing information to prospects as well. People interested in possibly buying from you may browse your forum, see the community, see your ability to service and communicate with your customers, and this may entice visitors to become buyers.
xx 10 most common reasons why people need extra income:
April 02, 2012, 12:47:07 AM by Charles Dickson
1.   You will be your own boss with no one looking over your shoulder. You have freedom of time, moment, goals, finances everything left to you.
2.   Work at your convenience and your own pace. Be your own time master. Flexibility benefits mothers and people  who have other responsibilities apart from profession.
3.   Flexibility to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.
4.   The above factors help you to pursue your full time income job until you are sure about the part time business that brings you extra income. You can always switch when your part time business brings more income than your full time job.
5.   Your extra income is your security net. Job security and fear of unemployment vanish.
6.   Sense of pride. Make you more of a complete person who can proudly say that I can achieve something and I am an ENTREPRENEUR.
7.   Self confidence going through the sky. This factor will help you face most hurdles in life with a lot lesser heartaches and stress.
8.   There is no limit how much you can earn. You can earn as much as you want by just stepping up the speed.
9.   Many countries offer tax benefits for home based businesses, since it is considered extra income.
10.   You can retire at your own time, at 30 or at 60, itís entirely up to you.
xx Shopping Complex Forums
April 01, 2012, 10:26:28 PM by Isaac Adeniran
We create and develop forums within this Nigeria Small Businesses Forum for shopping complex. Each shopping complex forum contents are the forum for each business within the complex. We then promote the complex together and this means using one promotion outlay to promote multiple businesses at the same time. Each business within the complex is also encourage to promote the complex forum URL and its own business forum URL board within the complex
Watch out for more information.
If you have shopping complex in your area, send the name of the complex so that its URL board can be created and you can then list the names and description of the businesses within the complex. When business owners subscribe to Business Forum URL board within the Nigeria Small Business Forum, You earn Fat Income.

Examples of complex Forums are:
Ogba Shopping Arcade Forum

Jeho Shamman Shopping Complex Plaza Forum

Nosah Hall Forum Mall Forum

Oshopey Shopping forums

Alausa Shopping Mall Forum

Visit the any of the above shopping complex forum and see example of  the business Forum URL board within it
xx How You can Use your Forum URL Board To Advertise FREE
April 01, 2012, 09:26:59 PM by oneluv
Forum marketing is an excellent form of advertising that basically consists of posting your thoughts and questions and getting responses in the form of replies. It is similar in some ways to writing an email, except that what you write is open to many people. You are looking for responses to your posts in these forums. You are also reading posts that are written in response to somebody other than you, and you are able to gather different ideas and opinions about what works for people and what doesn't. As far as I'm concerned this is an excellent way to think through whatever you are attempting to do online.

Forum marketing needs to be approached as a daily discipline and do your best to make it at least a weekly discipline. You need to get your own business forum URL board within the Nigeria Small Business Forum. If you are trying to establish a presence online as a marketer, then you will want to have a presence in online marketing forums such as Nigeria Small Businesses Forums. Network of Nigeria Small Businesses Forums is excellent places to begin marketing yourself, your business, and to gain advice from those who are well established and successful. Get your business forum URL board FREE for 15 days before you decide to subscribe. The subscription fee for your business URL board is a very small price to pay for the advice and the ability to promote yourself and your business. You will want to learn the right way of doing things in these forums and online period, so that you will earn the reputation of being a professional.

When you first join Nigeria Small Businesses Forums, it will be best to introduce yourself, your business if you are a business owner and describe your business. Don't try to promote any product or business you are involved in right away until you get your business forum URL board. All you should really do in the beginning is introduce yourself, and possibly give a few compliments to others if you can.

Once you have been a member of Nigeria Small Businesses Forums, and have introduced yourself, get your business Forum URL board and established a certain presence that is positive, you will want to make sure you make solid contributions with your posts and replies. You can put your forum URL bord links in your signatures, as allowed by the forum moderators, and as you put good, solid input into the forum people will take a look at your business forum URL board with Nigeria Small Business forum. You want to build a platform of respect. You will want to base most of your post content on your own experiences and in your own words. I also think that referring to someone else's content is fine as long as you give them the credit and say you agree with their post.

Finally, everybody is limited time wise and can only do so much on a given day. Understanding that is another reason for getting your business forum URL which is about your business, products or services or relevant to what you are doing and concentrate on them regularly. If you try to be involved in too many things, there will be something that does not get the attention that it needs. This is also true in forum marketing and all other forms of marketing. All of us try to do too much in our daily lives and I think that is human nature. You will have to be careful about this and determine for yourself now to get your own forum URL board so that you can concentrate on what can promote your business.
Go with the advice of successful people, join Nigeria Small Businesses Forums now and get your business forum URL board .

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