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July 05, 2013, 07:06:25 PM by Isaac Adeniran

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xx 10 Tips for Promoting Your Forum
June 08, 2013, 01:44:54 PM by eagleeye
10 Tips for Promoting Your Forum
Posted by Skitzzo as Forums
Popsí list of 10 things heís learned running a forum was received very well and seemed to resonate with a lot of our readers. We had several questions and comments on forum promotion so in the spirit of giving the people what they want, a blog post was born. Now, before I go on, Iíd like to say that our forum is relatively young (about 15 months old) and weíre definitely not claiming to be the biggest or most successful forum around. Along the same lines, weíre not perfect either. Weíve not done as well as we should have on many of these points. However, that being said, I still think weíve learned a few things along the way, and if nothing else, you asked for it, right? So here they areÖ 10 Tips for Promoting Your Forum.
1.   Be Unique - The internet is crowded with forums and communities on all sorts of topics. Youíve got to do something to distance yourself from the pack. Whether thatís accomplished through your design, your rules, or offering a certain feature that other forums donít, you need to be memorable. Think about it, how many forums have you signed up for over the years? If you canít remember, youíve just perfectly illustrated my point.
2.   Discuss Hot Topics - No matter what your forum is about, there will always be hot topics to talk about - hot button issues that automatically generate conversation and debate. Industry news, technological developments, and current events are all great topics. Starting new threads or discussions about these ďhot topicsĒ can create instant conversation and can often be a shot in the arm for your somewhat stale forum.
3.   Create a Blog - Thatís right, I said blog. Sure blogs and forums are two separate things, but how many of you have clicked over to check out our forums? A great blog post will often attract attention to content that your forum might have otherwise concealed. Blogs are more accessible, less threatening, and require a much lower level of commitment from the average reader. Done right, a blog can be a more gentle way to ease new people into a community. Also, blogs are more ďlinkableĒ which allows you to gain even more exposure within your target industry or niche, as well as helping your site rank better in the search engines. This of course will in turn lead to more visitors and hopefully more members. You can also use a blog to reward particularly great posts in your forum. If, for example, you have a member that regularly contributes great threads or topics to your forum, invite them to write an article for your blog. That provides you with more blog content and is just one more way to show your members that you value them. Which reminds meÖ
4.   Show your appreciation - This one is really quite simple. Your members need to know you care. About them, about their needs and desires, and most of all, about the forum. As pops mentioned, if your members know that you are invested in making the forum a success, theyíre a lot more likely to contribute their time and content. So how do you show your appreciation? Tell them. Send your members emails or private messages thanking them for their contributions, offer some type of reward for your most active members, listen to their requests or concerns about the site, anything that can help you form a bond with your members.
5.   Be active - No one likes absentee landlords, fathers, or forum administrators. A forum is going to take up a lot of your time. If you donít have time to run it, make sure you find someone that does. The forum administrator needs to be active and visible in the community. People need to feel they have a way to address any problems they might have or any disagreements that spring up between members. When activity slows down, and there will be slow periods, itís the administratorís job to stir up discussion and activity (this would be a good time for some of those hot topics from point #2).
6.   Invite Experts - In any field there are well known experts. If youíve started a forum on the subject, chances are you know who the top dog(s) is/are. Chances are there is already a discussion about one of their products or theories going on in your forum. If not, start one. Then contact the expert and invite them to join in the discussion. Chances are theyíll jump at the chance. Theyíll get some free advertising and perhaps a chance to promote their product, and youíll have the benefit of bringing more experts into your community. The more experts you have stopping in from time to time, the more well known your forum will become. And really, isnít that why youíre reading this post?
7.   Send out Reminders - As we discussed earlier, people often join a forum, participate for a few hours or days, get busy and then forget about their new-found forum. Even if your site is unique and memorable, some people will manage to forget it. Luckily for you, most forums require an email address to sign up. Using this list to send out weekly newsletters with site news, interesting threads, or your newest promotions will serve as a subtle reminder to anyone who hasnít visited your site for a while.
8.   Welcome new members - Have you ever asked why Walmart employs a person whose sole job is to greet customers? Ever wondered why churches have those overly friendly people posted at the front door? Itís because people like to be welcomed. And, if itís good enough for Walmart, itís good enough for your forum. Be sure to welcome your new members and, if possible, give them a place to introduce themselves to your regular members. A welcome also serves as a great time to make sure your new members read your forum rules; further easing their transition into your community.
9.   Participate in the Industry - I can hear you already. Didnít you already tell us to be active? Well, yes I did. This time though, Iím talking about the industry as a whole. People often say ďItís not what you know, itís WHO you know.Ē In most industries there are conferences or trade shows where hundreds or thousands of people gather and the best part is, theyíre almost all your target audience. Of course these events will vary depending on your niche or industry but Iím willing to bet thereís a gathering of some sort. If your forum is about model trains, go to the train exhibits. If your community is art based, attend art shows and exhibit openings. Basically, attend as many of these events as possible, rub elbows with as many people as possible and, of course, during the conversation let them know about your forum.
10.   Allow Off Topic Discussion - Even workaholics donít talk shop 24/7. Your forum members are no different. Creating a space for your members to blow off steam, tell jokes, and talk about their other interests will allow them to create friendships and unwind. Think of this as a team building exercise. The more your members interact with each other, the more likely theyíll be to visit on a regular basis. Theyíll also be more willing to help spread the word about your forum or help improve the community. If nothing else, youíll gain a few friends in the process. Now who doesnít want more friends?
As I said before, our forum is far from perfect, and in fact, you may find that one or two of these tips donít apply to your forum or arenít easily implemented. But, Iím also willing to bet thereís at least one or two that youíre not currently using. Give it a shot and see which work best for you.
xx Blog Post Automator
October 26, 2012, 07:29:47 PM by Isaac Adeniran
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xx The 8 Social Media Sites You Need to Know About
June 30, 2012, 11:42:51 AM by Ade Omo Ade
The 8 Social Media Sites You Need to Know About

Here are the top 8   social media sites you need to  know about:

  • >
  • Facebook: The world's biggest social networking site. Members go to find other people who share the same interests or activities. You can build your own online profile and share different types of information with each other, such as pictures, videos, blog entries, links to other sites, and music clips.
     A good marketing strategy is to create a Facebook "Fan Page" for your business and encourage your customers to join. Then you can easily alert them whenever you have updates to share about your business.
  • Twitter: A "micro-blogging" social network site. Members send each other short text-based posts of up to 140 characters. When you find members whose "tweets" you like, you can subscribe to their feed and be updated whenever they send a new message.
  • YouTube: The 'Net's number one  video-sharing site. Members share and comment on each other's videos. You can post  a link on your profile page can direct other people to your site. Also, the videos you share can help establish your reputation as an expert in your industry. For example, you could share a "how-to" video that shows your market how to solve a common problem.
     If you're not the next Stephen Spielberg, don't worry -- your videos don't have to be super professional. In many cases, a video shot with a regular digital camera will work just fine.
  • LinkedIn: The most popular business-oriented social networking site on the Web. As of May 2009, it had more than 400,000 registered users. It's a great place to find potential business partners as well as people who may be interested in your products or services.
  • Digg: One of the 'Net's most popular news-sharing websites. Members post links to their favorite news articles and then comment and vote on the ones they like best. If you get a good rating on an article that includes a link to your site, you could see  a huge rush of traffic overnight.
  • Stumbleupon: Wikipedia calls this social networking site a "personalized recommendation engine." Members can explore and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. When they hit the "Stumble!" button on the site's toolbar, the  results displayed are ranked based on your previous ratings as well as the ratings of friends and of members  with similar interests.
     If Stumbleupon members give your site or blog a good ranking, your site will be showed in their results more often, which could lead to a surge of traffic to your site.
  • Yelp: A popular review site where members write reviews about local businesses. If you own a local business, this one's for you!
  • Delicious: A popular bookmarking site. Members save links to their favorite websites or articles -- just like the bookmarks in your browser -- and share those links with other people. Members can comment on each other's links. Every comment you write links to your personal profile where you can include a link to your site. The more comments you make, the more people you encourage to visit your profile page -- and the more traffic you'll end up directing  to your site.
By participating on sites like these   you can meet your future customers and learn how to give them what they're looking for. In exchange, they will be happy to spread the word about your site all over the Internet!

Do you have a question or comment on any of them? Then leave comment below
xx Why Forums May Be the Most Powerful Social Media Channel for Brands
June 30, 2012, 08:18:42 AM by Ade Omo Ade
Why Forums May Be the Most Powerful Social Media Channel for Brands

Here are eight do's and doníts for marketers from Sanjay Sabnani, CEO of CrowdGather, a leading network of community forums.

1. Do register. Look for a "Welcome" or Introductions" sub-forum to introduce yourself. Be honest and ask how advertising and sponsorship works on the site.
2. Donít post marketing messages right away. You could be banned, and your product or service could be maligned on a site that ranks high on search engines.
3. Do contact the site admin. Send a private message to the siteís owner or head admin, explaining your product and ask about becoming a paid sponsor.
4. Donít pretend. Portraying yourself as a regular member when your only interest is commercial in nature is likely land you hot water sooner or later.
5. Do consider advertising. You might want to look into promoting your product through a combination of banner advertising and sponsored posts. Many forums have "sticky" threads that they sell to sponsors. These discussion posts are ďstuckĒ atop the forum index to gain maximum visibility.
6. Donít push it. Incessantly bringing up your product or service when itís not related to the topic at hand could get you banned. Make sure your message is on topic and engaging. Forums are a hybrid of communication, entertainment, and education. Tailor your message accordingly.
7. Do contribute. Become a valued contributor to the site. Use your account to talk to other members, reply to questions, or to ask your own questions. This way you become a known entity and marketing opportunities become available to you.
8. Donít ignore criticism. Immediately respond to complaints and criticism. Donít make it personal. Attack the arguments not the person.
Remember: Internet forums and message board posts are archived and searchable, making this the promotion that keeps on giving. Take advantage of that.
xx Make solid, autopilot profits from blogging
June 18, 2012, 04:51:32 PM by Success Writer
It really is true. You can make solid, autopilot profits from blogging. Some people do it for fun, some to get noticed, some even to rant and rave, but this video series will show how to "make money" with blogging. That's the reason you are here right ?

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xx Advantages Of Business Forums for local business
May 23, 2012, 11:54:52 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Advantages Of Business Forums

We create FREE forums for business and individual .  There are several compelling reasons for creating a forum or a discussion board for your business.
First of all, if you're just starting out online it's a great way to entice people to interact with your content so they stay longer on your business forum  page. After all, our main objective when driving traffic to our site is to keep people there long enough to examine our product offers and become paying customers.
Forums allow your prospects to communicate with one another thereby creating the opportunity for them to establish relationships. This is a tremendous way to generate return visitors to your website which will increase your chances of converting your guests to clients because the more often people visit your forum page the more likely they are to buy something and become a customer.
One of the secrets to creating a popular forum from the start is to promote its establishment prior to the launch date. You can announce it on other people's blogs and forums, you can tweet the day and time via your Twitter account and you can post it on your Facebook wall just to name a few advertising techniques.
You can also get the ball rolling yourself by posting a few threads about controversial topics of the day which may encourage some of your visitors to join the discussion. This way you're more likely to have a well populated and active chat room instead of a desolate and silent space which can be embarrassing to you as the webmaster.
After you've fashioned your discussion room you shouldn't forget about it. In order to keep people interested you have to find new ways to engage them in this activity so they'll keep coming back to add their input.
There are several ways you can encourage their participation such as asking your subscribers to use the chat area to make suggestions about your  business and your products. You can persuade them to use it as a comment box by leaving both negative and positive feedback about your business.
Another advantage of having  forum is you can use it to promote new products you may be introducing and encourage members to check them out. You can also add a customer survey to this space at regular intervals to question your members on different areas of your venture that may be a concern for you as the owner.
So as you can see there are many advantages to having a  forum  for your visitors and your customers to voice their opinions and their concerns as well as socialize and establish relationships with other forum members. This engagement by your subscribers can only help reinforce customer loyalty and assist you with maintaining an active and happy email list of prospects and current clients for many years to come.
When you create a forum for your business within Nigeria Small businesses forums,  you get a FREE custom forum URL. Connect with Nigeria small businesses forums on facebook @  or register with the forums @
xx How Business Forums Offer Knowledge and Connections
May 23, 2012, 11:46:03 AM by Success Writer
Business Forums Offer Knowledge and Connections
Back in my professional life before working at home for myself, I was part of the desktop publishing and graphic design software industry for 20 years. I was a Press Relations Manager and my duties included, of course, writing press releases and working with editors and publications to circulate the news of new and updated software products, and working with the software developers to produce information about the upcoming or soon to ship products. To keep informed in the industry, I made it a point to read industry-related publications and to actively participate on the forums. These forums produced a plethora of information in a number of different ways. There were users on there who had "wish lists" for products they would love to see developed, users who were having problems with products, and still others who had knowledge or tips based on their own experiences. It was the latter that I found most intriguing and the most valuable.
See, none of us are experts in all areas. And we all started somewhere on our quest to own a business or to work at home. We have-every one of us-developed knowledge and skills along the way that make our job easier, make us work more efficiently, assist us in marketing or to gain exposure, help us to better deal with clients or prospects, and more. But we developed or learned those skills over time, and so there will always be people out there that know things we don't. This is where the forums come in.
There are all kinds of forums that target businesses-business owners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, business startups, etc. And each of those forums has a variety of topics at any one time in which we can garner information and learn from others what has worked for them or not worked for them. Either way, it benefits us. There are all kinds of people on those forums. Some are specialists-writers, marketing professionals, advertising professionals, business advisors, etc-and in a lot of cases, they can provide some pretty valuable information.
Another important use of forums is to be able to see what people are asking and inquiring about. Many people turn to forums as a way to find out what opportunities are out there, how they worked for other people and what they would need to plan on to be successful themselves. In many cases, I respond to forum users by introducing myself and offer any helpful input I have. Sometimes I can provide them links to information that will better enable them to find the answers they are seeking, and other times, I can answer them directly. I put myself in their place, just starting out or trying to overcome a hurdle, and I offer whatever I can in the way of support.
Forums are made up of people from all types of businesses, in all kinds of places, from all walks of life, and with all kind of experience and backgrounds. If you find time on your hands, and you haven't before, check them out. They are a superb collection of knowledge, sharing and inquiring minds that want to know...and your business may just be the answer they are looking for.
Connect with Nigeria small business Forum on facebook @ or join the forum, register @
xx 5 Reasons To Participate In The Internet Business Forums
May 18, 2012, 11:48:01 AM by Son of King
5 Reasons To Participate In The Internet Business Forums
The forum participation is maybe the most effective way to learn, get contacts and ask questions, than any other method.
However, maybe due to the easiness of the forum writing, we do not always see it`s value. That`s why I put together this article and listed 5 best points, which make the forum participation so important:
1. Forum Posts Build Brand Effectively.
The major reason comes from the fact that forum is interactive, informal place, where the idea is to help each other.
The great helpers get a good image, i.e. brand. That`s in the nutshell, what recruiting is!
Which one do you think will succeed better: the one who shares his aid regularly and even gives information, which has taken months to dig, or the one about whom you do not know anything but a staying website? What makes the internet business successful are repeated visitors, who also distribute their recommendations to their friends.
Forum posts keep your name active in the peoples`memories, so when they need you, they will remember your name.
2. Forum Posts Build Backlinks.
I was positively surprised, when I saw my new backlink report: so many from my favorite forum. This was a clear evidence that search engines value them highly. Because of the nature of the sig-file backlinks, they bring also a nice amount of very targeted traffic, which has a strong influence on my sales figures.
3. Good Internet Business Ideas.
It`s funny thing.
Despite of the amount of silly questions, which many of us do in the forum posts, just those are often the most useful ones. They have opened my eyes to new ideas and expanded my thinking.
3. Joint Ventures.
The forum is a great place to establish or to join joint ventures. Everybody is interested about them, because we all want more visitors.
4. Latest News.
This is an issue, which really matters. I have got so many tips about the affiliate programs in problems, about total scams, or news how my favorite program has launched something new and interesting.
This is important, because if you can market the novelty from the very start, it`s a huge benefit.
5. Special Offers.
My favorite forum has a special offer section, where it is nice to collect the latest novelties and see whether I could benefit from those.
As you see from my experiences, the forum is a great collection of different useful things and it is not only a place to chat, long away from that. I would even think that the forum marketing could be the only marketing tactics, if you can concentrate on that and really build up a special expertise

get a FREE forum custom URL from Nigeris small businesses forums . Join now, go to
xx Five Benefits of getting Forum For Your Websites
May 18, 2012, 11:44:37 AM by Son of King
Five Benefits of getting Forum For Your Websites
1. Building a Community: One of the biggest benefits of a forum is how they bring together like-minded people who share interests and goals. In this sense, internet network of forums in one place as in  are one of the best and surest forms of online networking with other business and with current customer and prospective customers. The individuals you meet on web forums are usually employed in the same type of business or working for similar social or political ends.  Getting to know them through such a discussion board can help you turn one-time business competitors into potential allies or just expand a base of activists.
2. Long-term and Detailed Discussions: Some issues even leave the experts arguing.  The topic might be controversial, complex, or simply something that has no "official" consensus yet.  Forum posts allow these subjects to be explored over a long period of time.  The more points of view a topic has, the more detailed and enlightening the resulting forum discussion can be.   Thanks to the nature of forum threads, this discussions and debates can last for months or even years - and constantly updated as the issue evolves.
3. Add Customer Support: Network of   Forums can be utilized as a first means of providing customer support - even user-generated support! And you can make use of internet forums to assist in troubleshooting common problems with your product.  Such user-based help can even help to convince potential customers the product or service is correct for their needs. Since these forum discussions are publicly visible, the customer service that visitors receive today can also be seen by future potential customers, and serve as a testimonial to the company's responsiveness and interaction.
4. Let Users Help you Build Content: There is only so much a single author can write! To create the most extensive and complete source of information about a subject, you'll need more authors and   network of business forums provide a way to encourage participation from others interested in the field.
5. Rank for Long-tail Searches: With enough members and online promotion, your forum can become an internet authority in its own right. As unique content and brand trust grows up over time, search engine bots and human visitors will find the domain more relevant to highly specific long-tail search terms. Even when two forum threads overlap each other in general themes, each one will contain little pieces of content that are unique to someone's questions.

Get a FREE Forum for your Local Business
We create FREE forum for businesses, get a FREE forum for your business today , send your forum name, email, username and brief information about your business to [email protected] or simply post it here by clicking the reply to this article
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