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clip Thermoseal toothpaste- the desentizer
May 22, 2018, 09:30:01 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Toothpaste for Dental Hypersensitivity

As a dentist I would say thermoseal is a good paste as a desensitizer. in fact it is available over the counter also in grocery shops. initially when the sensitivity is more u could use THERMOSEAL RA i.e. rapid acting, later switch on to the ordinary one. but do not substitute for your children or others who are not indicated this unnecessarily and make it a family paste.

clip The best toothpaste treatment for tooth sensitivity
May 22, 2018, 06:26:24 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Thermoseal Ra toothpaste is a good paste as a desensitizer. in fact it is available over the counter also in grocery shops. initially when the sensitivity is more u could use THERMOSEAL RA i.e. rapid acting, later switch on to the ordinary one. but do not substitute for your children or others who are not indicated this unnecessarily and make it a family paste.

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for copies call or Sms or whatsapp Adeleke 08033181698

xx Common dental procedures
May 11, 2018, 12:01:46 PM by Isaac Adeniran
clip Translucent polycarbonate temporary crowns
May 07, 2018, 07:09:48 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Translucent polycarbonate temporary crowns, designed to meet all clinical situations.

- Easy to use, R&S crowns are quick and easy to adjust by cutting, grinding and polishing
- Resistant to thermal and chemical properties of the oral cavity.
- They are perfectly tolerated by the periodontal tissues.
- The shade of the crowns are universal for all clinical cases.
- Easy and quick selection of the crown thanks to the guide strips.
- Anatomy of occlusal near natural teeth.

Contents 180pcs/set
xx Find Out How Woven Dental Floss is Different
May 01, 2018, 01:45:42 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Find Out How Woven Dental Floss is Different Woven dental floss is a type of floss that has the fibers braided or woven together. An example is Oral B Ultra floss. This gives woven or braided floss a different texture and feel to the more widely-known floss or tape.
Braided floss has a softer feel to it, and is more flexible. If you pull it tight, it gets a bit thinner. That textured surface makes it easier to grip around your fingers. It doesn't slip out so much!
This softness is supposed to be more gentle on sensitive gums. The many interwoven fibers also seem to be able to trap more plaque. But I haven't seen any scientific evidence that proves this!
 So is woven dental floss better than normal floss? Not necessarily! It depends on how you use it, and how tightly your teeth contact each other.
Most of my patients prefer the way a waxed floss or Oral B TAPE slips easily between the teeth. They find that braided floss tends to get stuck in their teeth, becoming shredded.
On the other hand, there ARE some of my patients who like the feel of a woven floss. They find that they can get it to slip between their teeth easily enough, especially if they pull it really tight to get it thinner.
Once they've got it between a couple of teeth, they like the softer feel of the woven floss on the gums, and also say that the woven texture of the braided floss "scrubs" the tooth surface better than normal floss.
Woven floss can be more difficult to find in supermarkets and pharmacies. It IS a bit easier to find online, but this adds the cost of mailing. I find that my patients who like woven floss are quite happy to pay a little more! They usually stock up by ordering 5 or 10 packets at once to minimize the extra postal costs.
xx Zinc Poisoning From Too Much Zinc In Denture Adhesives
May 01, 2018, 01:42:04 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Zinc Poisoning From Too Much Zinc In Denture Adhesives. Zinc poisoning is pretty rare.
Getting way too much zinc has 2 main effects: in high doses, the zinc itself can be toxic, AND having high levels of zinc in your system can lead to dangerously low levels of copper.
Make no mistake, zinc is an essential trace element. We all need some zinc to stay healthy. The problems only arise from getting massively too much zinc.
  Over the years, there have been occasional mysterious cases of people developing difficulty walking, and weakness in the limbs. Around the year 2000 doctors realized that these baffling cases all had very low levels of copper in their systems.
 Low levels of copper in your system can cause problems with your bone marrow, and then lead to a gradual degradation of the spinal cord. This can then result in nerve damage that may be crippling.
Low copper levels can be caused by zinc poisoning, but none of the patients involved had any obvious exposure to zinc!
It was only in 2007 that an italian doctor made the possible link to zinc contained in some denture adhesives. Since then, american researchers have confirmed his suspicions.
The main source of zinc was from dentures adhesive creams such as Fixodent or Poligrip.
xx Myth about Tooth extraction in Ngeria
April 12, 2018, 05:51:50 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Most people erroneously believe that once you have one tooth extraction then you will continue to remove your teeth.
The wrong believe is not it among the illiterates but Lao among semi ikketerated and sophisticated life rates people.

As a dentist of over 20 year working experience in Nigeria, I can tell you categorically that is not a true statement.
Tooth extractionis done as a last option when there is no other treatment or when the patient cannot afford the cost of root canal reatment.
And tooth decay and periodontal diseases are the th so major causes of tooth extraction and not something mysterious.
No force can make you to continue to have tooth extraction when there is no indication for it.
To be continue
xx What are the Causes and Treatments of Burning Tongue Syndrome
April 09, 2018, 10:30:23 PM by Isaac Adeniran
What are the  Causes and Treatments of Burning Tongue Syndrome

Burning tongue syndrome causes a burning sensation in your tongue. It can be part of "burning mouth syndrome", where your whole mouth including gums, lips, cheeks and palate are affected. OR it can just affect your tongue, and nothing else.

The discomfort caused by burning tongue syndrome and burning mouth syndrome can be quite bad.It can feel as if you have scalded your tongue or mouth with boiling water, or just eaten some REALLY hot chilli sauce. And that's just when you're sitting doing nothing. If you try to eat or drink anything, the discomfort gets worse. The only exception is usually cold water.
For some reason, Women tend to be around 7 times more likely than men to suffer with this condition. There seems to be a hormonal connection here, as it occurs most frequently in women just before the menopause. But it CAN occur at any age, and in men as well as women.
xx What is a Black Hairy Tongue
April 08, 2018, 10:37:39 AM by Isaac Adeniran
What is a Black Hairy Tongue

A black hairy tongue sounds like something really scary - but it's not! It is totally harmless. It is NOT the result of anything bad, and it will not CAUSE anything bad to happen.

 As the name indicates, black hairy tongue has 2 components - black (ie. a dark color) and hairy (ie. a "furry" texture).

The dark color comes from dark things you eat and drink, such as coffee and tea, and red wine, and maybe the spice turmeric in hot foods, and also from smoking. The "hairy" bit comes from an overgrowth of the tiny buds on the surface of your tongue.

this overgrowth is not anything like a tumor. It's caused by the little buds on your tongue surface not getting worn down as much as normal. They are usually worn down through normal eating and chewing.
clip Ask The Dentist
April 08, 2018, 09:39:15 AM by Wale Adeleke
Ask The Dentist!
Do you have a question you want to ask the dentist?

Have you got a dental problem, and can't get to see a dentist anytime soon?

Is there something
about dentistry you want to know, but don't want to pay those high consultation fees?

about treatment you have received?I'm here to answer all your questions, to give you my straightforward opinion, to be your INDEPENDENT advisor.

 Because I am not "touting for your business" as a patient, I can give you honest and direct answers to your questions without being influenced by what treatment someone has told you that you need, insurance companies, dental boards or other dentists trying to put pressure me.

When you Ask The Dentist here, you are talking directly to me.

Contact Dr Mitchell - ask a question or give an opinion!Use the  Contact Me button to send me your question. I will do my best to answer within 24 hours, but please allow 48 hours, especially for more complicated questions

Wait for your answer!

What can you expect to get for your money when you use my "Ask The Dentist" service?

First, you can expect my undivided attention. Because I answer my email enquiries at home, I have no distractions from activities in the dental office. Nobody calling me with an emergency. No phone calls. Just me concentrating on your question.

Second, you can expect me to think carefully about your issue, with no time pressure. I'm not in a rush to "get you out of the chair" and get the next patient seen. I can take some time to consider what you have asked, and what other side issues there may be, before writing my reply.

you can expect a totally impartial reply, independent of insurance company opinions, independent of other dentists, independent of any outside pressure to "say the right thing" or "cover up" for another dentist's mistakes.

Fourth, you can expect me to write a detailed reply, tailor-made to your question. I don't have any "stock answers" or template responses. No single sentence replies!!

you can expect me to want YOU to be happy with my service. If you are NOT happy, you can choose to either ask me for more information (ie. an extra answer) OR you can ask me for a full refund. I guarantee it!

What can you NOT expect from Ask The Dentist?

While I guarantee to give you my honest, unbiased opinion, based on the information you give me, I cannot give a 100% guarantee of accuracy, as I am unable to carry out a full clinical examination online.

 I base my answers on the things you tell me.
You are certainly welcome to share my opinions and replies with your own dentist, but please be aware that this information is UNLIKELY to have any weight or bearing in a court of law.

I am not a specialist witness appointed by any court. For legal representation, you need to see a malpractice attorney, who can arrange for the specialist to examine you and write a legal report. HOWEVER I am more than happy to tell you if I think you have a case to take to an attorney!
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