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March 19, 2018, 11:25:27 PM by Isaac Adeniran

It is blasphemy to gather young men and be teaching them methods of church growth, when they cannot pray for 1hour or 2hours daily..

I may not have been old in ministry.
But I was born in the church...

In a time when church was growing from the knee...

I was born in a time when people used to troop to church from kilometers away, without any invitation, no handbill, no bulk sms...

And when you ask them, they will tell you they were in the dreams, and God showed them the church in the dream and gave them directions...

Check inside that church,somebody was praying inside the vestry...

Some of them were banished...

Some were divorced by their husbands...

Some were pulled out from school...

All because they started attending the church...

But they remained...

Today, once you speak to your member any how, he will get offended and stop coming to church...

Next week, they would have made him assistant pastor in the church next street...

Those are the kind of members our church growth methods can attract ...

Jesus said: "No one can bring them except my Heavenly Father draws them..."

March 19, 2018, 11:22:45 PM by Isaac Adeniran

Luke 4:38-43


“ _But he said, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent_ ”. Luke 4:43-44, NIV

Sometimes, the selfish nature of man can be evident even when it comes to the things of God. People feel so comfortable with their experiences of God that they no longer care what happens to others. Some even think “Others can perish, as long as I don’t”. They have forgotten that God’s grace is enough to save all, if only we will be willing to share the good news with them. In today’s passage, Jesus healed the sick and did a lot of miracles in a city, but when it was time for Him to move to other cities, the people of that city wanted to stop Him. They wanted to customize Jesus and make Him stay in their city. But Jesus understood His calling and knew that His purpose will never be fulfilled by staying in one city. He therefore told them that it was a necessity for Him to preach the good news in other cities.
As believers, we have also been given the responsibility of making disciples of the whole world and not just ourselves or our families alone. We must be willing to share the gospel of Christ anywhere we find ourselves. We have been saved to save others and not to hoard the good news. Therefore, we all must proclaim the good news!

*Birthday Blessing:* “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”. Philippians 4:7.

*RBT Passage:* Exodus 31; John 10; Proverbs 7; Galatians 6.

“A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing, is worth nothing”. –Martin Luther
xx Testimony of a Colombian sister happened in July 2015
March 19, 2018, 03:54:49 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Posted  as Received!

Testimony of a Colombian sister happened in July 2015

We would like to share with you the
experience an 83 year old Colombian sister, a servant of God who grew up in the Church and in the Word of God, recently had.

When she was praying for the Church and for the imminent
return of Christ, this sister had an
unforgettable supernatural experience.

While she was praying, seated on her bed, she was suddenly caught up to heaven, whereas her body was still there, as immobilized on her bed.

From heaven she looked down and
saw thousands and thousands of
demons on the earth, which she found painful to look at; it was awful.

As she was caught up further up again, she saw a door which was completely open, and once entered through this door, she saw an uncountable army of angels on her right and an uncountable army of angels on her left, and in the
middle of them, she saw a radiant
Being seated on a white horse.
xx Does God really answer prayer
March 18, 2018, 01:40:33 PM by Isaac Adeniran
*This story touched me a lot, and I want to share it with you.*

*The theme was: HOLD ON TO CHRIST:*

*A Pastor was ministering in a remote area where he had to trek each Sunday for 4 hours through thick forest, and to make it on time, he had to start travelling on foot from 4:00 am.*

*One Sunday morning, as the Pastor was in the midst of the forest, thunder announced rains. He knelt down and prayed to God to hold the rains back until he reached the parish and to protect his pastoral vestments, his Bible and communion. But after prayer, the rains started pouring heavily. He reached the parish badly soacked by the rains. He preached but with discouragement because to him, God had not answered  his prayers.*

xx Why Your life must be a useful investment unto God
March 16, 2018, 06:14:21 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Watched a movie called "Zero Account".
 From the quality and look of the movie I was already discouraged.

As the movie progressed the Lord opened my eyes to see a deeper meaning.

 A devoted Christian was going on a journey. In the bus he was with some unbelievers and unfortunately there was a crash.
Of all the passengers in the bus, he was the only one that died while some of the unbelievers left that same bus without so much as a scratch.

 The Pastor of his church was so bitter that he cried unto God asking why he would take him at his young age and leave the unbelievers.

At that instant, an angel of the Lord appeared unto him in human form and showed him the life of the young man after death.

The young man was taken to hell with an angel of the Lord. While they were there, the angel told him that his life was a wasted investment unto God and because of him so many people had been cast away in hell.

 He was surprised. A demon arose and called his roommate in the university. It was shown that his roommate wanted him to show him the way of God on the night he was to be initiated into a cult but he said he couldn't because he was late for fellowship.
 That same night his roommate was killed during the initiation by a rival cult. He never got to hear the word of God from him.

xx For I KNOW the thoughts that I think toward you
March 14, 2018, 02:01:16 PM by Isaac Adeniran
I took my cloth to my tailor and asked him to fix the little opening near the pocket.
The man turned the cloth inside out and then began to TEAR the pocket with his hands...

 Hah! I was like,

"I said you should sew, not tear".

So I shouted,
 'You are tearing my cloth o'.
But he replied    "I KNOW".

Those two words sank into me like a heavy stone sinks in water.
I couldn't talk again.

He's the tailor, and I'm just a customer.

Even though I couldn't relate tearing with sewing but the Tailor says

God Is saying, 'I KNOW'.

He hears your complaints.

Father i need a job, its been long i left school.... "I KNOW"

Father, My fiancee just left me... 'I KNOW'.

I have no money to pay for my rent... 'I KNOW'

I was rejected & abused... 'I KNOW'

I have no money to cater for my needs... 'I KNOW'

I just lost my job and i have a family.... "I KNOW"

I just lost my baby and am so heartbroken..."I KNOW"

So many times when The Lord is fixing us,

He starts by 'tearing' us.

 Tearing our confidence in ourselves,
Tearing all our philosophies,
Tearing our pride and fake humility,
Tearing the things we call dear and giving us the truly dear things.

The only thing necessary is wisdom.

Wisdom to know when it is The Lord and when it isn't The Lord.

The devil tears to KILL, God tears to FIX.

God tears the old to give you the new.

God's tearing fire only refines His own.

God's tearing approaches only yields the peaceable fruit of Righteousness.

So in reality,
God tears no man,
He only makes.

We call it TEARING,
 He calls it MAKING.

 We call it BREAKING,
He calls it BUILDING.

He knows you have need even before you ask.

 That's why when we complain...
He responds thus:
 'I KNOW'.

For I KNOW the thoughts that I think toward you, saith The LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
-JEREMIAH 29:11💝

xx The Genesis of my conversion by HAJIA BINTA FARUK
March 14, 2018, 01:49:00 PM by Isaac Adeniran

The Genesis of my conversion started in the University of Nsukka, i had a room mate called chinwe, this lady loved praises, she will sing like this; come and join me sing Halleluyah---- I was looking for a way to deal with her, one day while coming from the House fellowship, she kept her Bible on my bed and i said who kept the Bible on my Bed, she said sorry, Binta, i carried the Bible, i tore the Bible, then i beat her. She took a piece of the Bible and cried to the heavens, and called my name three times, Binta Jalingo, Binta Jalingo, Binta Jalingo, this Bible you tore, you will use it to preach the Gospel. Then i slapped her again, i said, it is your mother and your father that will preach the Gospel, she said, may the Lord have mercy on you, Binta. After seven years of the spoken words, i got converted, 25th September 1999, i was in the bedroom in
 in shehu's palace, because i got married to the youger brother of shehu of Bornu,
I was born into the  Muri kingdom, which is mostly Fulani. My mother, Hajia Aminat Jalingo, is of the Kutep tribe. Contrary to the Islamic tradition of multiple wives, my father married  and maintained only my mother. I am the fifth of nine children. My father lived in many parts of Nigeria, serving in the Army till 1996. My mother also worked with the Nigerian Medical Corps until her retirement in 1992.

I attended the Army Children School, Ikeja Cantonment, Lagos, completed my secondary education at Government Girls’ College Enugu. I studied Mass Communication at the  University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). After my studies, in 1996, I worked as Programme Producer/Director with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Yola. I got married on April 27, 1997 and God blessed us with a set of twin boys – Hassan and Hussain.

I never believed that I needed salvation for whatever reason, because every Moslem is convinced that Muhammad was the last Prophet in the long line of those that Allah had sent before. The Islamic Hadith (Mishkat) speaks of about 124,000 people who lived at various times in history. Twenty-eight of them are mentioned by name and most are found in the Bible. Since each of them was sent with a word from Allah to warn the respective people not to practice idolatry, to live righteously and to consider the coming Day of Judgement, it is perceived by Moslems that Isa (Jesus), the one to whom is given the greatest prominence in the Qur’an, was like Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses) and most others sent to the Jews. Therefore, when I heard Christians call Him, Lord, I became mad at them.

As a young girl, in the secondary school, and even as an undergraduate, I would delightfully pack copies of the Holy Bible and take them to Kaduna  for destruction, I thought the Bible was demonic. Many are still doing it today, I became Vice President of the youth wing of the Jamaatu Nasril Islam. Very often, I saw Christians happy in every situation; yet, my success at school, which gave me the job at NTA, and brightened my chances of a good husband, could not bring me such peace and happiness, Several people had talked to me about  Christianity, but to me then, Muhammad was the final seal of the prophets. This was my pride as a Fulani girl who saw herself in the greatest religion of all time.

xx When I was a seminarian in Rome
March 14, 2018, 10:48:13 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Just a quick one. The excerpt is self explanatory. When I was a seminarian in Rome, some of my classmates were of such various oriental catholic rites who had the fiancees around and got married to them before diaconate. Those of us of the Latin rite maintained our own vocations without any bias. It's very much at home in the Catholic world. Oriental married catholic priesthood is even older than celibate rites as ecclesiastical ordering.

It's only secundum esse that you can say that celibate priesthood is older because Jesus Christ Himself who Alone is the Eternal High Priest isn't married. All of us are only sacramentalizing. Since He Himself raised matrimony to the level of sacrament, hence as one of the seven means by which entrance into heaven is granted, you wouldn't expect a sacrament to oppose another. Matrimony posts to heaven.

March 14, 2018, 10:41:28 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Friends a major major development has occurred in the Catholic Church in Nigeria in the last 10 days which has gone largely unannounced and I believe a lot of people are oblivious of. In fact the Catholic Church in Nigeria will never be the same again with this major shift. I am not referring to the heroic and honorable resignation of Bishop Okpaleke as his sacrifice of love for the faithful of Ahiara, no, far from it.

Now this is it. On 28th February 2018 Pope Francis announced the creation of a new catholic diocese in Nigeria. The Pope named Simon Faddoul as the first Bishop. But this diocese is not like any other we have come to know that exists in Nigeria. Here are the peculiar facts about this diocese:
March 14, 2018, 07:48:53 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Now bills like, DSTV, PHCN, TAXES, etc... are paid directly from ATM card. This ATM card is beginning to get so *CRITICAL TO OUR SURVIVAL*.
Now they are trying to merge all cards into *ONE SUPER CARD THAT IS MULTIPURPOSE* and it will serve as an *I D CARD*. They are generating Social security number for everybody worldwide. Your fingerprints and pictures will be in the systems (SIM registration and International Passport), so that you can be tracked easily.
If the Antichrist hold your cash and force you to insert the silicon part of your ATM card in your skin and you say *NO* because you know, its the mark of the beast, *666*. What happens? Your guess is as good as mine.
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