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clip Could this be true?
June 09, 2018, 03:31:44 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Could this be True or make up story


Why You Should Be Very Careful What Church You Attend (and "so-called" Men of God You Follow) - A MUST READ!!

My name is Chidubem Okwu. I am a pastor, but I have disappointed God and I really don’t know where to begin to tell my story.
I must tell you the truth. I can’t really say if I have a call or not. I was a Sunday School teacher in my church for 9 years at Kaduna. In 1999 I was led to start a church, but from the experiences I have gathered now I cannot say I was actually led by the Holy Spirit to start that church.

As at 2008, I was not making any progress both spiritually and materially. I saw many churches which began several years after mine and they were making waves and are still making progress. At a point I did not know what to do again, and after discussing with my wife I decided to approach the general overseer of a church that began 7 years after I started my ministry and explained to him that personally I was not making any headway and same with my ministry. My ministry would grow up to 200 people and after a short period it would shrink to 50 people and at times it would grow to 150 and shrink to 40 people. I approached him because the growth in his church was fast. He began the church in 2006 and by 2012 he was recording 11,000 people on a Sunday service and he was also making good money and riding in big cars, including the latest jeeps.

After listening to me, he promised to help me solve my problem. He said I needed to be empowered and that it is going to cost me some amount of money besides, I need to have a big and strong heart. Then he asked me if I have got a strong heart and I told him that I have, as long as it is not going to involve killing a fellow human being. He asked me thrice if I have got a strong heart and I consistently gave him the same answer. Again he asked me if I want a single empowerment or double empowerment and I asked him which one was better and he said double empowerment was better but it wouldl cost me a lot of money, and that after the empowerment I was going to be told how to maintain and renew the power.

This time I became afraid and I asked him if the maintenance and renewal involved any ritual, he said no, that whatever the renewal and maintenance will involve are just normal things that I was already doing so I should not be afraid. He said I should go and raise three hundred and fifty thousand naira (350,000) which I had to borrow from my wife. The next day I handed over the money to him and he asked me to go and get ready that we shall be going to Lagos and Port-Harcourt. I got ready and we took flight from Abuja to Lagos that same day.

In Lagos we lodged at the guest house of a big ministry and at 11.30p.m we went out in a private car to the Bar-beach. At the Bar-beach we were at the bank when he spoke some unknown language and told me that a woman was going to come out of the water and that I should do whatever she says. As soon as he said that, there was rumbling on the surface of the water and a mermaid came out of it. The general overseer told me not to be afraid that the mermaid will not harm me, so I picked courage when I saw her.
When she came to the surface of the water, the lower part of her body was like that of a fish. My eyes were transfixed to that lower part, and as she was getting closer to me it became human. Then she came to me and asked me to have sex with her which I did in the presence of the general overseer. After having sex with her, she put her hand in her vagina and made a sign of the cross on my forehead and my palm and told me that she had empowered me and that I would see the difference. The mermaid left me, went to the General Overseer and brought out a golden cross and chain from her stomach and wore it on the neck of the general overseer who gave her some money. The mermaid thanked him and went back into the sea. All the time she spoke in English language.
clip What is the size of your God
May 27, 2018, 05:33:20 AM by Isaac Adeniran

A Boy asked his Father:- Dad what is the size of GOD?
Then the Father looked up at the Sky and saw a Plane and asked his Son:- What is the size of this Plane?
The Boy replied:- it is very small. I can hardly see it. Then, the father took him to the airport and as they approached a plane, he asked: -
Now, my Son, how big is this Plane?
The boy replied:- Wow dad, it's huge! Then the father told him:- GOD's size depends on how close or far you are to him. The closer you are to him, the Greater and Greater he will be in your life!
That is the truth.
Your intimacy will show you the greatness of GOD..... May God's greatness cover your life and family as you draw closer to Him...

 It's  Evangelism time pass it to others.
clip The power of confession for forgiveness
May 21, 2018, 01:15:04 PM by Isaac Adeniran

As a kid, I liked playing with stones till one day
I threw one and it hit my mother's fowl and it
died instantly.

I thought i was just alone but
surprisingly, my sister was right behind me

Then she said "give me #100 and i
won't tell mum"
I said "i don't have but please don't tell her,
she will beat me up."

The following day, Mum told her to wash the
plates and sweep the surrounding, but she
said: "Mum, SAM said he will do it"

clip Why you need spiritual power for success
May 21, 2018, 04:18:23 AM by Isaac Adeniran

In my country, Nigeria, Ibo men are looking for money... And they have it...

Yoruba men are looking for education...
And they have it...

Hausa men are looking for power...
And they have it...

But the Hausa men are controlling both those with money and those with certificates...

A man in power can control a man with money and with degrees...

You can hate a man with power...
But you are still under him...

You can speak grammar more than him...
But you are still under him...

Just one decision he will make can affect your source of money...

If he gets angry and effects a policy, all your degrees might be useless in your hands...

That is why all Jesus promised His disciples was not money or scholarships...

But He said: "And ye shall receive power..."

Because He understands that there are powers...

May 17, 2018, 10:04:02 AM by Isaac Adeniran

I sent him a friend request on Facebook and he innocently accepted. Two minutes later his message came in:

*PASTOR:* How are you?

*ME:* I'm fine Daddy.

*PASTOR:* May the building of heavenly favour collapse on your head.

*ME:* (No reply)

*PASTOR:* May the thunder of Blessing strike you and your family.

*ME:* (No reply)'

*PASTOR:* May God slash you with the axe of long life.

*ME:* (No reply)

*PASTOR:* May God stab you with the knife of riches.

*ME:* (No reply)

*PASTOR:* May you be sentenced to life imprisonment in the eternal jail of success!

*ME:* (No reply)

*PASTOR:* May the Trade centre of happiness collapse on you and your family.

*ME:* (No reply)

*PASTOR:* My son are you there?

*ME:* Yes Daddy!

*PASTOR:* You should be saying Amen to claim the Blessings.

*ME:* Ok, it's my turn to pray for you Sir!

*PASTOR:* Alright my son go ahead.

*ME:* May the over speeding trailer of Blessings jam and crush you and your family,

*PASTOR:* (No reply).

*ME:* May the light of God blind your eye that you may not see the sufferings of this life anymore,

*PASTOR:* (No reply)

*ME:* May the earthquake of happiness swallow you and your family members,

*PASTOR:* (No reply)

*ME:* May the sea of miracle drown you and your family members,

*PASTOR:* (No reply)

*ME:* May the Boko-haram of joy kidnap you sir!

*PASTOR:* (No reply)

*ME:* May the death of riches kill you, your family members and all your friends and relations,

*PASTOR:* (No reply)

*ME:* May the anointing from above destroy your church and kill all your church members excluding me and my family in Jesus name (Amen)!

*PASTOR:* (No reply)

*ME:* Ah Ah Daddy are you there? You should be saying Amen to all these wonderful Prayers. 😜😜😜😜😜

*PASTOR:* May thunder fire you! Idiot.... 😂😂😂😂😂
Plz keep laughing and forget d bad situation of Nigeria joooooooor!!!😂😂😂😂
May 17, 2018, 09:52:22 AM by Isaac Adeniran

*1) E.A.ADEBOYE:* _Humility is not stupidity or mediocrity. You can live in humility,purity and prosperity at the same time._

*2) W.F.KUMUYI:* _Holiness is not a big deal but the real deal. And holiness is never an excuse for poverty. You can be richly holy._

*3) DAVID O OYEDEPO:* _Faith is a risk you must continue to take if you must continue to be a burden to none and a lift to others._

*4) DR. D.K. OLUKOYA:* _In the school of destiny discovery, recovery and fulfilment, everyone is a fighter, consciously or unconsciously. You have to fight against something if you must be anything in life._
clip Jesus loves you group in my whatsapp
May 13, 2018, 02:06:32 AM by Isaac Adeniran

Information fromJesusloves you group in my whatsapp

I have a prayer of agreement with you this morning that as long as there is God in Heaven, you will never know shame. The door of goodness shall not be shut against you. Every satanic power trying to re-design your destiny shall be crushed by Heavenly Hosts. The Lord will turn your mess to message. Your testimony shall last forever, Power to survive every storm of life shall rest upon you and the name of the Lord shall be glorified in your life. Good morning and have a glorious Thursday
May 13, 2018, 01:36:34 AM by Isaac Adeniran
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xx How the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom
May 13, 2018, 01:32:34 AM by Isaac Adeniran
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
The term ‘fear of the Lord’ does not mean being afraid of God. No. This ‘fear’ refers to reverence, a deep sense of respect. So when you read the verse as a whole, it makes sense. To have reverence of the Lord, God Almighty, truly is the beginning of wisdom. Having reverence for God will affect the decisions we choose to make, and the actions we take – we will not be quick to act in ways that are deceptive, destructive, or unwise. This in itself, is wisdom, because we are choosing to forsake sin in order to maintain right-standing with God, out of the love and respect we have for him. To be conscious of what is holy and right is true understanding and we are encouraged to live in this manner.
Dear God, I pray that I never take your authority and your supremacy for granted; to do so, would be a terrible mistake on my part. Father, I thank you that with the assistance and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will continue to revere you and uphold your sovereignty. There is no one like you, O Lord. There is no one who can rise to stand against you. You are God, Almighty, and you are worthy of all praise. May my life be an expression of my reverence towards you, Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus’, I pray. Amen.

xx Prayer chain by a friend from whatsapp
May 12, 2018, 10:23:13 AM by Isaac Adeniran
When your blessings are delivered to you, untimely death will not come your way. When your wealth & miracles arrives, sicknesses will not take your peace & joy away. You will rise above limitations and failures, evil news is not your portion, the devil will not hack into the secret of your success in Jesus name Amen. Good morning and have a pleasant Tuesday. Peace.
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