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xx 691-740 Powerful Money Making Ideas
January 07, 2013, 01:24:31 PM by Isaac Adeniran

691-740 Powerful Money Making Ideas

691. Begin a lesson of the month club for those who want to learn the principles of management. Each lesson takes the form of a newsletter. The lessons are strung together to make a complete management course.


692. Devise your own brand of Bombay mix snack. Set up a business which makes and packages the snack. Sell through newsagents and grocers.


693. Design and produce a selection of amusing 'Keep Your Distance' car bumper stickers. For example: 'Keep your distance, or we might meet by accident', or 'Keep car mechanics poor, keep your distance'. Have them stocked at car accessory shops and service stations.


694. Put together a hamper of Christmas decorations. In each hamper include all the decorations needed to completely decorate a room of average size. The packaging might include a picture of a room which shows where each of the decorations might go.


695. Bring out an audio cassette course about how to be assertive at home and at work. Use direct mail to sell the course to businesspeople and opportunity seekers.


696. Use unusual materials to make names of football teams for hanging on walls. For example they might be made from lines of studs on leather. Sell from ads in football magazines and programmes.


697. Bring together a selection of products related to chess. For example: books, ornaments, framed prints, chess playing accessories, etc. Produce a catalogue and sell by mail order.


698. Design and make a selection of baby christening outfits. Sell the outfits by mail order or through shops which sell children's clothes.


xx 651-690 Money Making Ideas
January 07, 2013, 01:22:49 PM by Isaac Adeniran

651-690 Money Making Ideas

651. Design and make soft toys which are suitable for shelf ornaments. For example: Alice in Wonderland characters mounted on stands which have a label giving the name of each character. The high quality of workmanship should allow you to charge prices to give you a good profit.


652. Carve wooden ornaments which look like gargoyles. Attach to one side of the ornament a sticky baked material or magnet. They can then be added to car dashboards or to fridges.


653. Put together a correspondence course about how to become a stock-market chartist. Sell through ads in financial newspapers and magazines.


654. Begin a postal service which produces personalised bookplates. These might be printed with a persons surname, coat of arms, thematic design relating to a hobby or occupation, drawing of a home, or a portrait. Sell to people with large collections of books.


655. Set up a service which organises holiday exchanges between people who live in English speaking countries and those in Japan and Continental Europe.


656. Start an international correspondence club for stamp collectors. The benefits of membership would include being able to swap stamps, magazines, books and information. Match stamp collectors according to their interests and produce a periodic publication for all members.


657. Make loveable pocket-sized soft toys and hang on a rack for display in shops. Give the toys a catchy name like 'Pocket Pets'.


658. Design a selection of bookplates. They might have a theme related to, for example: Greek gods, astrology, rural scenery, trains, etc. Have them printed and packaged in cellophane packets. Sell through bookshops and stationers.

xx 601-650 Money Making Ideas
January 07, 2013, 01:21:10 PM by Isaac Adeniran

601-650 Money Making Ideas

601. Design and produce a range of amusing self-adhesive stickers for children. The stickers might feature jokes, funny faces and streetwise statements. Distribute to wholesalers, newsagents and toyshops.

602. Sell parcels of unsorted books by post to book collectors. Or offer second-hand books for sale by the foot. Obtain your stock by buying books which cannot be sold from second-hand book dealers and publishers.


603. Write and publish a manual about how to start your own book or newsletter publishing business. Sell by direct mail or from classified ads to business opportunity seekers and those interested in publishing.


604. Start a mail order business which sells new and second-hand Jazz records. Many rare and classic Jazz records are released in overseas countries. Import these to sell to collectors in this country. Also locate overseas sources of second-hand records.


605. Begin a club which sends philatelists a set of stamps every month. The sets might be either, thematic or newly issued by a country chosen by the collector.


606. Launch a rose of the month club. Build up a list of clients who want a rose sent each month to their loved one.


607. Employ homeworkers to make knitwear products. Go the round of retailers to find stockists.


xx Money Making Ideas from 561 to 600
January 07, 2013, 01:16:22 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Money Making Ideas from 561 to 600
561. Produce a series of audio cassettes which give instruction about how to mimic different accents. For example: 'Teach yourself to speak like a Texan'. Other accents might include: Yorkshire, cockney, French, English, Scottish, New York, etc.


562. Have amusing messages printed in speech bubbles on the sides of potted plant holders. For example: 'Hello, my name is...', 'Shake my water, don't stir it', 'I feel like a chat', etc. Have these stocked at outlets which sell garden products.


563. Put together a kit for growing trees from seeds. In each kit include instructions about how to get the best results. Sell from ads in gardening publications or through suitable shops.


564. Begin a mail order business which sells hydroponics growers supplies(hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil). Produce a catalogue and advertise in gardening publications.


565. Obtain quantities of sand from the beaches of the D-day invasion. Place the sand in tiny bottles and sell world-wide as souvenir sand from the beaches of the 1944 D-day invasion. Add a name label to each bottle to show which beach the sand came from.


566. Start a business which makes garden hammocks. Devise your own hammock which has at least one superior feature over other hammocks available. Sell through hardware shops and garden centres and by mail order from ads in gardening publications.


567. Use logs and wood to make small ornamental garden wishing wells. Sell through garden centres and hardware shops.


xx Money Making Ideas 521 to 560
January 07, 2013, 01:14:33 PM by Isaac Adeniran

Money Making Ideas 521 to 560

521. Package low value foreign coins in cellophane envelopes. Distribute these coins to newsagents for selling to children in the way small packets of stamps are sold.


522. Start a firm which manufacturers kits for making etchings. Design the kits so that a complete beginners can make attractive etchings. Sell by mail order or through shops which sell artists' materials.


523. Produce and distribute souvenir boxes of matches. Each matchbox is painted with a picture postcard scene of a tourist area. Also produce a souvenir pack which contains a selection of different boxes. This pack can be bought by people as a gift or taken home for personal use.


524. Set up a bead craftwork business. Use beads to make a selection of jewellery such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Sell from a market stall or mount on display racks and get shops to stock them.


525. Start a business which makes a range of souvenir or commemorative wall plaques. They might have a feature such as: town crests, tourist maps, commemorative statements or logos, etc. Sell your wall plaques through gift shops and hotels.


526. Rent out scaffolding for exterior home decorating and maintenance. Advertise in local newspapers and newsagents windows. Provide a free delivery service.


527. Bring out an audio cassette course about advanced driving. Sell by mail order or get it stocked in bookshops. Or produce videos about improving driving skills and hire or sell by post. Each video might feature filmed examples of good or bad driving.


xx 481 to 520 Money Making Ideas
January 05, 2013, 11:41:06 AM by Isaac Adeniran
481 to 520 Money Making Ideas

481. Write booklets or produce audio cassettes about different aspects of making a career in the music business. For example: 'How to be an independent record producer', 'How to get a recording contract', 'How to form your own group', etc. Use small ads in the music press to attract buyers.


482. Stain sawdust with different colours of ink. Fill clear bottles and jars with the coloured sawdust so that attractive patterns are made. Also pictures can be built up on the sides of bottles if different colours are carefully arranged. Sell as souvenirs or ornaments.


483. Open a television and video school. Organise practical courses in television and video production. Buy a second-hand closed circuit television system, rent or lease a hall and use this as the premises of the school.


484. Start a music tuition agency. Offer to tutor potential students in popular musical instruments. Call your agency a school of music. Start by using advertising to recruit both part-time tutors and pupils.


485. Begin a business which organises trips to rock and pop concerts, and football and rugby matches. Your service obtains the tickets and provides a coach  or mini-bus to take fans to the venue.


486. Design and make fashionable clothes for children. You might sell them direct or through agents at party plan.


clip 440 to 480 Money Making Ideas
January 05, 2013, 11:35:37 AM by Isaac Adeniran
440 to 480 Money Making Ideas
441. Start a bookplates of the month club for both established collectors and for people who would like to take up a new collecting hobby. The bread and butter work of this club would involve sending newly issued bookplates to club members.


442. Invent and develop a programme which is designed to turn a failure into a successful person. The programme might take the form of a series of booklets, loose-leaf binders of information, or a correspondence course. Sell your programme from ads in newspapers and magazines.

443. Bring out a range of cake decorations which have a football theme. Use these as the basis of a mail order business, or get them stocked by wholesalers of cake decorations.


444. Take top quality photographs of historic and well-known buildings in your town or region. Select the best photographs and have these printed on writing paper and envelopes. The idea is that tourists will use this stationery to write home. Also do the same for other towns or regions.


445. Design a range of first name self-adhesive stickers for children to put on their books or toys. Sell through toy shops and newsagents.


446. Bring out a cataloguing system for book buyers to use at home. For example, have a card index with pre-printed cards. The cards have printed on them: spaces for the name of the author, the book title, etc. Also include self-adhesive numbers. Sell your card index system through bookshops.


447. Start a school of crossword puzzles. Provide tuition for people who want to either, improve their crossword skills or earn money from devising crosswords. Give tuition during the evenings and weekends. Also bring out correspondence courses on how to do and how to devise crossword puzzles.


448. Begin a word and phrase origin finding service. This service would be invaluable to academics, lecturers, authors and all others curious about the origin of words and phrases.


449. Produce a correspondence course about how to write biography. Biography publishing is one of the largest sectors of the book industry.


450. Bring out a selection of computer programs which can be sold as a business opportunity. For example, one program might be for starting a computerised dating agency, another for writing a newsletter or classified ad sheet, a third for starting a computerised marketplace.


xx 401 to 440 Money Making Ideas
January 05, 2013, 11:34:11 AM by Isaac Adeniran
401 to 440 Money Making Ideas
401.Start a dining agency for single people. Match single people and arrange for them to have dinner dates. Or organise dinner parties for mixed groups. Use ads in local newspapers and singles magazines.


402. Bring out a selection of men's rings which feature the name or emblem of popular football teams.


403. Produce a publication which consists entirely of advertisements from sellers of craftwork and craft equipment and supplies. This publication might be like a catalogue, but instead of displaying the goods of one seller, it contains ads from hundreds of different sellers.

404. Start an international advertising publication for philatelists. Provide dealers and collectors with an international dimension to their sales efforts and search for stamps.


405. Set up a firm which provides tours of the underside of a big city. Your tour might visit: streets where prostitutes and drug dealers wait for clients, skid row, a main rubbish tip, crime-ridden neighbourhoods, etc. Give your tour a name like 'Shocking side of the city'.


406. Produce souvenir pillowcases. Each pillowcase might be printed with pictures of tourist scenery. Souvenir pillowcases have the novel feature that they help a person to relax and sleep because the pictures prompt a person to think of pleasant holiday locations.


407. Begin a mail order business which sells football videos, photographs, postcards, posters and slides. Advertise in football magazines and programmes.


408. Assemble sets of fossils. These might be based on a type of animal, for example, insects or fish. Or organise them according to particular geological periods. Sell to collectors and schools.


409. Start a children's telephone pal club. Pen pal clubs help children develop their writing ability, this club helps them to become accustomed to using the telephone. Each member receives introductory notes about the interests of the child he or she will shortly speak to.


410. Locate a source of firewood for stoves and open fires. Start a business which either packages the wood for distribution to retailers or deliver the wood direct to customers.


xx Money Making Ideas-361 to 400
January 01, 2013, 09:21:02 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Money Making Ideas-361 to 400
361. Produce and sell novelty hate or confession bags. These are like sick bags except people talk or shout into them. They get something out of their system and consequently feel better.


362. Make a selection of saucy 'warmers' such as nipple warmers, belly-button warmers, bum warmers, willy warmers, etc. Put each warmer into a plastic bag, staple a card naming the product to each bag. Find shops to stock them.

363. Provide people dressed in unusual costumes for promotions. The costume might be specially designed to suit the corporate image of the company. Let advertising agencies and public relations departments know about your service.


364. Start a theatrical enterprise which produces Christmas pantomimes. Do everything yourself, including writing the script, recruiting actors, finding a venue, organising rehearsals, publicity and selling tickets.


365. Put together a correspondence course which teaches people how to play bridge. Call your business a school of bridge. Advertise in up-market publications.


366. Set up a service which organises theme parties and banquets. The theme of each party might be, for example: medieval, Wild West or horror. You organise everything for the evening, such as the music, entertainers, costumes, props, waiting staff, food, cutlery, etc.


367. Establish a mail order company which sells jokes and tricks. Bring out your own mail order catalogue and build up a list of regular customers. Your catalogue might specialise in one sector of the market such as women's or X-rated jokes or tricks.


368. Start a business which produces and sells video pets. A person buys a video about a cat or a dog and this acts as a mild substitute for the real thing. The advantages include: no feeding, no smell or hairs around the home, and no looking after or taking out for a walk.


369. Manufacture mosaic garden ornaments. These ornaments feature a mosaic picture in the design. They might include mosaic stepping stones, mosaic bird baths and mosaic sundials. A mosaic ornament adds to a garden a touch of the ancient world.


370. Start a publishing business which produces a guide to unusual products, services or shops. Sell by mail order or through bookshops. Also sell advertising space to some of the firms listed in your guide.


xx Money Making Ideas-321-360
January 01, 2013, 09:19:04 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Money Making Ideas-321-360
321. Produce an audio cassette or booklet which is about past major crimes in your area. Do research at local libraries and newspaper archives. Have your products stocked at local shops. You might give your cassette or booklet a title like 'Your Town's Top 30 Crimes'.

322. Use sliced logs to make letter racks. Slice a log and cut into two semi-circles. Take a semi-circle and stand it on it's straight side so you have the silhouette of a mound. Cut slots in the rim of the semi-circle, these slots hold the letters.


323. Write and publish a letter about moonlighting. Give subscribers ideas about moonlighting ventures. Also include articles about subjects such as how to cope with a full-time job, how to manage your income and how to turn a part-time venture into a full-time business.


324.Organise holidays and weekend breaks for those who want to play at being soldiers in world war II. The games guests play might involve... pursuit, reaching physical objectives, defending positions, obtaining information, etc.


325. Begin a mail order business which sells boxing memorabilia. Start this business by finding a trade source of boxing films and videos. Or obtain the rights to reproduce boxing films and videos.


326.Bring out on audio cassettes a library of rude and saucy songs for different team sports. The sports you cove might include: rugby, cricket, football, basketball and athletics. Arrange for them to be stocked at sports shops.


327. Make wooden badges in the shape of teddy bears, pigs, elephants, etc. Use a fret saw to cut the shapes and add a few strokes of paint to bring the shapes to life. Mount these badges on a board covered with a fabric. Ask shopkeepers to display one of the badge covered boards.


328. Start a mail order business which sells comedy audio cassettes. Obtain your stock from comedy audio cassette publishers in this country and from English speaking countries overseas.


329. Begin a business which organises woodcraft holidays and weekend breaks for those who want to improve and develop woodworking skills. Advertise in woodworking and crafts magazines.


330. Make Punch and Judy soft toys or dolls. Sell these toys and dolls through seaside shops. Or get Punch and Judy performers to sell them to patrons.


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