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August 23, 2017, 03:18:19 PM by Isaac Adeniran

Many Muslims think that the steps of Hajj & Umrah are too complicated. Therefore, they make little or no effort to learn how to perform  essential rites correctly;

🔹Hajj is one of the best acts of worship & a pillar of Islam with which Allah sent Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) & without which a person’s religious commitment is incomplete. *“And Hajj to the house (ka’bah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses; and whoever disbelieves (denies it is a disbeliever of Allah), then Allah stands not in need of the ‘Aalameen (3:97)*.

🔹The prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) said: from one umrah to the next is an expiation for whatever (sins) came between them, and for an accepted hajj, there is no reward but paradise.” Bukhari.Worship cannot be accepted or bring a person closer to Allaah unless it meets 2- conditions:

1⃣ Sincerity towards Allaah alone, i.e., it is done to seek the countenance of Allaah in the Hereafter & is not done to show off, to enhance one’s reputation or for worldly gain.
2⃣ Following the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhiwasallam) in word & deed by knowing his Sunnah.


TAMATTU.... entering ihraam for ‘Umrah only during the months of Hajj (Shawwaal, Dhu’l-Qi’dah & Dhu’l-Hijjah). Pilgrim reaches Makkah & performs tawaaf (circumambulation of the kaaba) & saa’i (journeying between safar & marwa) for ‘Umrah, & shaves his head or cuts his hair & exits ihraam. This is UMRAH. On the day of al-Tarwiyah, (8th of Dhu’l-Hijjah), he enters ihraam for Hajj only, & does all the actions of Hajj. So, Tamattu’ means a complete ‘Umrah & a complete Hajj with interruption.

IFRAAD... entering ihraam for Hajj only. Pilgrim reaches Makkah & performs tawaaf al-qudoom (tawaaf of arrival) & saa’i for Hajj, but he does not shave or cut his hair & does not exit ihraam...
xx The necessity of Sunnah to understand The Qur'an and Parables on that
July 30, 2017, 03:35:03 AM by Isaac Adeniran
*SECOND REMINDER*. Saturday. *_The necessity of Sunnah to understand The Qur'an and Parables on that_*.*BismilLahir Rahmaanir Raheem*.

Allah says:  The male thief and female thief cut off their hands (5:38) is a fitting example of that. The thief in it is general like the hand.

The oral tradition explains the first of them and restricts it by 'as-sareq' (the thief) who steals something worth a fourth of a Dinar according to the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him) There is no cutting - of the hand - unless the thing stolen is worth a fourth of a Dinar or more (Bukari & Muslim).

Again, the other is explained by the action of the Prophet (peace be upon him) or the action of his companions and his confirmation. They used to cut the hand of the thief from the wrist as is known in the work of Hadeeth. The oral tradition explains the hand mentioned in the verse on Tayammum (dust ablution) And rub therewith your faces and hands (5:6) is also the palm of the hand as is stated in a Hadeeth Tayammum is the wiping of the face and the hands recorded by the two shaikhs and Ahmad and others from a tradition reported by Ammar bin Yasir (may Allah be pleased with them).

There are other verses that cannot be completely understood except through Sunnah. They are:

July 30, 2017, 03:05:55 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Quran Chαnnel:


IMAM NAWAWĪ رحمه الله said: "Reciting the! Qur'ān is the most important of adhkar, which should be done regularly. No day or night should be without and it may be attained by reciting a few verse."

● [كتبا الأذكـار للنـووي ١٢٢٥/٢]

IBN JAWZĪ: “The one who has Mus-ḥaf must recite it everyday of whatever is easy for him lest he be from those who've forsaken Qur’ān."

● [الآداب الشرعية ٢\٣٠٠]

IBN ABBAS رضي الله عنه said: "Allāh took responsibility for who reads the Qur'ān & ACTS ON what is in it; he won't go astray in this life nor despair in hereafter.

● [مفتاح دار السعادة ٥٨/١]

IBN MAS'ŪD رضي الله عنه: “Qur’ān is the Speech of Allāh, uncreated, so indeed whoever loves Qur’ān then he loves Allāh.”

● [فقه الأدعية والأذكار ج١ ص٦٦]

IBN 'ABBAS رضي الله عنهما: “The one who has in him no Qur'ān (i.e does not recite Qur'ān) is like a ruined house.”

● [تفسير الطبري ٩\٣٨٥]

IBN MAS'ŪD رضي الله عنه said: "Whoever loves to know that he loves Allāh and His Messenger then must look if he loves Qur'ān for he (the one who loves Qur'ān) loves Allāh and His Messenger!"

● [الطبراني في الكبير ٤٠٨٦٥٨]

IBN MAS'ŪD رضي الله عنه said: "Whoever wants to know that he loves Allāh, let him present to himself the Qur'ān, if he loves the Qur'ān then he loves Allāh, for verily the Qur'ān is the speech of Allāh."

● [‏تزكية النفوس ٣٩/١]

IBN MAS'OOD رضي الله عنه said: Whoever loves Qur’ān then glad-tiding (to him).

● [تفسير سعيد بن منصور فضائل  ٣]

xx The status of Sunnah to the Quran
July 30, 2017, 02:58:47 AM by Isaac Adeniran
THIRD Reminder. Saturday. *The status of Sunnah to the Quran* continues. *Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem*.

The Qur'an says :
Whoever obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah. Allah says, No, by your Lord they do not believe until they submit to your adjucation in all disputes between them, then they do not find themselves oppressed with your decisions and they completely submit. Al-Quran 4:65
Again, Allah says:
When a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, it does not behove a believer, man or woman, to have choice in their matter. One who disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path. Al-Quran 33:36
Furthermore, Allah says:
What the Messenger teaches you, take it, and what he forbids you, avoid doing it Al-Quran 59:7. From the above, lets strive to learn both the Quran and teachings of the prophet if indeed we want to be among the guided one's. Don't say Aameen without reading through as there is no dua on this reminder . Let's see who will fall into this trap
clip Othe things considered as SADAKA
June 10, 2017, 11:51:36 PM by Isaac Adeniran
SADAKA is not only related to MONEY. Infact these things are also considered as SADAKA

☝ _1. Dua_

☝ _2. Knowledge._

☝ _3. Advice._

☝ _4. To smile at your Muslim brother._

☝ _5. Help._

☝ _6. Time._

☝ _7. Be happy with your life_

☝ _8. Patience over difficult times._

☝ _9. To advise for good._

☝ _10. To stop from evil._

☝ _11. To talk softly._

☝ _12. To forgive._

☝ _13. To give respect._

☝ _14. To be a part of someones happiness._

☝ _15. To visit the sick._

☝ _16. To remove harmful       things from the path._

☝ _17. To guide       someone on   the right way._

Sharing this is also SADAKA
xx To the Muslim Feminists
June 10, 2017, 03:30:32 AM by Isaac Adeniran
To the Muslim Feminists

Islam says that Jannah lies under your feet and you still feel like you're not equal to a man?
Islam allows you to earn money and not spend it if you don't want to because you're your husband's full responsibility and you still feel like you're not equal to a man?
Islam regards you as a mother 3 times higher over a man and you still feel like you're not equal to a man?
What is going through your head exactly?
Does Allah have to put a crown over your head first before you know how important you are?
You're not equal to a man because you're higher. Its as simple as this.
Don't let the westerners fool you please.

From Taofeeqah Ochuwa Aliu
clip Inspiring greetings and quotes for Ramadan
May 26, 2017, 11:09:14 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Inspiring greetings and quotes for Ramadan

For Nigerian Muslims, Ramadan will begin in the evening of Friday May 26, 2017, and probably end in the evening of Saturday, June 24, 2017.

This period of time is traditionally an observation of the first revelation of the Qu’ran to Prophet Mohammed, and takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

During Ramadan, Muslims across the globe will refrain from eating, drinking, and other physical needs such as smoking or sex during the daylight hours.

It is a time when they will purify themselves, focus on God and practice sacrifice and self discipline.

Here are relevant greetings and quotes Muslims can identify with during the holy month.

Ramadan greetings

Ramadan Kareem!
(Noble (or Generous) Ramadan!)
Ramadan Mubarak!
(Blessed Ramadan!)
Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair!
(May every year find you in good health!)
Inspiring Ramadan quotes

‘Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit.’ – Ezra Taft Benson.
‘Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise for identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness.’ – Tariq Ramadan.
‘Through prayer, fasting, and studying, God will answer.’ – Monica Johnson.
‘A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God’s commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands.’ – Edwin Louis Cole.
xx Powerful 7 days Prayer
May 14, 2017, 04:03:42 AM by Isaac Adeniran
Powerful 7 days Prayer

This Prayer takes about One minute!
Pray it Sincerely, and then pass it on!
When you are Down to Nothing... ALLAH(SWT) is Up to Something for you.
"In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful!
O ALLAH! Bless Me as I'm reciting this Prayer and Bless the One that sent it to me; Forgive us Our sins, and
In a Special way Open Your Supernatural Doors of Mercy and Blessings in Our Lives Today and Everyday, 
Save and Set Us Free from Shaitan (The Devil)! 
Give Us a Double Portion of Your Goodness and Your Favours in Spirit, as We take back everything that the Devil has Stolen:
    Emotional Health, Physical Health, Finances, Relationships, Children, Jobs, Homes, and
Ya-Allah! I Ask that You Cancel Every Plot, Plan and Scheme the Enemy has Devised Against Us in Your 99Names and Your Throne, In-shaa Allah.
And I also ask that, You Declare that No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper.
Ya Allah, I ask that You Speak Life into every dead Situation. And I thank You that Nothing is over until You say it's Over! That You Use Your Mercy in Speaking Prophetically into Our Lives and to Our Situations:
Ya-Allah I ask that You Cast Your Blessings into Our Faiths, Our Religions, Our Households, and Houses of Worship.
Ya-Allah I ask that You Bless Our Parents, Grand Parents and the Great great Grand Parents and Ancestors, Dead or Alive.
Ya-Allah I ask That You Bless Our Health,
That You Bless Our Marriages, Our Relationship with Friends and Families,
That You Bless Our Children, Grand Children and Great grand Children... their Descendants, and Our Siblings,
That You Bless Our Jobs, Our Businesses and Our Finances and Our Going-Out and Coming-In.
Ya-Allah I ask that You Bless and Direct Our Decisions, That You Provide Husbands and Wives for the Single ladies and Men that want to get Married, That You Provide for Us to be able to Pay Our Zakats, Debts, Rents, Mortgages and Car loans or get the extreme Debts Cancelled.
Ya-Allah I ask that you Bless Our Hearts Desires that are on the way according to Your Perfect Will and Plan for Our Lives in Your Gracious and Merciful 99Names, In Your Oneness That there is Nothing Else to be worshiped But You Allah in Your Mighty Throne, In-shaa Allah."

Pray this Prayer, then send it to Everybody you know
Within hours, countless People will Pray and Pray for you, and you will have caused a multitude of People to Pray to Allah for each other.
*Please pass this Prayer On* and Stay Blessed. 
As-salaamu Alaikum..
xx Do you know background of ATTA'HIYYAAT
May 10, 2017, 02:09:36 PM by Isaac Adeniran
Do you know background of ATTA'HIYYAAT, as to why we recite it in every namaz?

Attahiyyaat is a very important 'Dua'  we repeat it in our daily prayers. When I learnt the importance of this, it melted my heart.

Attahiyat is actually a part of conversation between Our Creator Allah SWT and our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu'alayhi wasallam during his journey of Al Isra Wal Miraj.

When Prophet Muhammad Sallalahualayhiwasallam met Allah SWT, he didn't say 'Assalam aleikum'. What is someone going to say when he meets Allah ? We can't wish HIM peace because ALL sources of peace are through HIM.

So Prophet Muhammad Sallalahualayhiwasallam said:

"Attahiyyaatu Lillahi Was Salawatu Wattayyibatu" (All compliments, all prayer and worship are for Allah)

Allah replied:
"Assalamu Alaika Ayyuhannabiyyu 'Warahmatullahi Wabarka'tuhu" (Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet and Allah's Mercy and Blessings).

April 24, 2017, 02:15:22 PM by Isaac Adeniran

Allah SWT has directly given us 100 instructions through Al Quran :

1. Do not be rude in speech (3:159)

2. Restrain Anger (3:134)

3. Be good to others (4:36)

4. Do not be arrogant (7:13)

5. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199)

6. Speak to people mildly (20:44)

7. Lower your voice (31:19)

8. Do not ridicule others (49:11)

9. Be dutiful to parents(17:23)

10. Do not say a word of disrespect to parents (17:23)

11. Do not enter parents’ private room without asking permission (24:58)

12. Write down the debt (2:282)

13. Do not follow anyone blindly (2:170)

14. Grant more time to repay if the debtor is in hard time (2:280)

15. Don’t consume interest (2:275)

16. Do not engage in bribery (2:188)

17. Do not break the promise (2:177)

18. Keep the trust (2:283)

19. Do not mix the truth with falsehood (2:42)

20. Judge with justice between people (4:58)

21. Stand out firmly for justice (4:135)

22. Wealth of the dead should be distributed among his family members (4:7)

23. Women also have the right for inheritance (4:7)

24. Do not devour the property of orphans (4:10)

25. Protect orphans (2:220)

26. Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly (4:29)

27. Try for settlement between people (49:9)

28. Avoid suspicion (49:12)

29. Do not spy and backbite (2:283)

30. Do not spy or backbite (49:12)

31. Spend wealth in charity (57:7)

32. Encourage feeding poor (107:3)

33. Help those in need
by finding them (2:273)

34. Do not spend money extravagantly (17:29)

35. Do not invalidate charity with reminders (2:264)

36. Honor guests (51:26)

37. Order righteousness to people only after practicing it yourself(2:44)

38. Do not commit abuse on the earth (2:60)

39. Do not prevent people from mosques (2:114)

40. Fight only with those who fight you (2:
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