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Join Helping Hands in Papua New Guinea.
« on: July 21, 2017, 01:47:46 PM »
You are invited to join Helping Hands International H2

My full name is: Jullieanne Assa,
Address:New Block, Wampar LLG, Nadzab, Lae, Morobe Province,
Papua New Guinea.
To join now reach ne by call/sms/whatsapp on +67572038052


*Q: What is H2i?*

A: H2i is an international NGO that empowers and touch peoples lives especially the less privileged.

*Q: How can I benefit from it?*

A: Your registration money is a donation towards its humanitarian services. The network marketing aspect of it is to ensure the company does not lack funds for its charitable activities.

So as you help the company raise funds, the company blesses you back with bonuses for your efforts. You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows.
For every person you register, you are getting $8 instantly.

*Q: What if I couldn't get people to register?*

A: Of course  you wil get. Family,friends, colleagues, Facebook, BBM,churches, mosques,et

*Q: Please how do one build the network ?*

A: For every person you register, you are getting (earning)  $8. After registering your 2 persons, the company pays your $16; that is $8 each.

If you still want to register more person, you have to register them under your downlines. You will still get another $8 for registering someone under your downline.

Your downline are the people under you while upline are people above you.

*Q: Okay, getting 2 persons  is the network?*

A: Yes, Get 2 persons.  Teach them what you did, motivate them to also teach their downlines.
Your network keeps growing in that manner.
But you can bring *1 million too*

*Q: OK. What if my 2 are lazy. Does it mean that the network will not grow?*

A: Of course it wil grow, that is where ur upline comes in, because he will be bringing people to join, and If you don't bring any body again, you have laid a foundation for residual earning from stages 1-5, With only two persons.
*But dont be lazy yourself*

*Q: How much is the monthly salary?*

A: Its not base on salary, its based on your efforts, and how ur netwrk grows.You are paid a percentage of the money they generate as the network grows daily.

*Q: Ok. HOW do I register?*

A: You register with a one-time membership fee of  $40 (#6,600).
Once you register in this NGO, You will be activated immediately with your own custom username and a dollar account called e-wallet, where all your earnings and bonuses will be paid into.

 The company does not accept Naira.  They deal with dollars $. I would use your money to buy the dollar equivalent into my dollar account then register you with it.  Everything is done online. You can monitor the growth of your network from the website.

*Q: OK. Give me the company account number.*

A: Account number? All transaction is online, Once you are registered, the dollar account is inside your H2i account, its an e-wallet account.

*Q: So I will give you my money?*

A: Yes,  you pay into my account and I do the registration for you online with the details you will send to me for your own registration.

*Q: How would I register someone after you register me?*

A: Once you are registered, you have the dollar account and a username as a full member, then you have access to your account, so you'll follow the same procedure I did for you by buying dollar to register  online too.

Leave Questions, *REGISTER NOW.*

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Join Helping Hands in Papua New Guinea.
« on: July 21, 2017, 01:47:46 PM »

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