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Join Abuja Online Adverts Agents Associates
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:23:23 PM »
Join Abuja Online Adverts Agents Associates-OAAA(0 triple A)
& Make Real Money Online As an Online Adverts Agent

Join Online Adverts Agents Associates and You can Earn N100K Monthly

Apart from earning money as an Online Adverts Agent-OAA, you can also join Online Advertising Agents Associates-OAAA and make money building associates of Advertising agents nationwide.

As a member of online Adverts Agents Associates you
offer the best online adverts agency services to businesses in their localities, states, regions and nationwide.

 How Much can You Make

 You can make as much as  N100,000 regularly when you become online adverts agent.

You earn money directly into your bank Account. You get 2 websites containing your information that make it possible for people to pay you directly.

You also get 2 ebooks:
1. How to make money online as an Online Adverts Agent 32 pages in PDF
2. How To Make Money Like Facebook and Google business Models 54 pages in pdf

As an online Adverts Agent:

1. You can make money through what we called Locality business Homepage
2. You can make money through display banner adverts on our platform which is made up of 500 small business directories in Nigeria- and through our blog naijasky
3. You can also make money through direct refer just like the one i did for loan companies and get paid for each client you send.( Note that deposit will be made to you in advance)
4. You can also make money through adverts for businesses in facebook
5. You can make money through adverts for people on google adword
6. You also make money registering other people into Online Averts Agents Associates

How to get small and big businesses to advertise with you
I will shop you how you can use specific Facebook groups to get advertiser

Let me explain briefly about registering other people with OAAA

When people join OAAA, you will be paid directly by bank payment of transfer. And you only transfer N3,000 to us to create the 2 websites  for the new associate.
When you refer 100 people which is possible through the tips you get using specific Facebook groups, you earn N200,000 and you can achieve this within 30 days.
How Does The  Online  Adverts Agents  Associates Work-OAAA

 When you join OAAA , you get your own 2 websites that are link together with your information, GSM. People who join pay directly into your Bank account.

Methods of referring people  to participate in  online Advert Agents  Associates.

Apart from talking to people directly if you are not shy, you can also refer people even if you donít talk to people directly.

 Ways to refer people without talking to people directly

 1.   Through your websites pages you get when you join OAAA. You can regularly share your webpages contents to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+ etc. this is because social media buttons are embedded on your website page. Itís very easy, you can do it.
Your website is also embedded with meta key words and meta description so that people can easily find your website on google search
 2.   You can also post simple text advert of your website to facebook group. This is different slightly from sharing e.g Make N100k monthly as an online advert agent: add your website link
 3.   You can give out flyers to people or ask people to do it for you.
 5. You can even pay Facebook for your website link you share to Facebook  with as little as N300.

Benefits of Joining  OAAA

 1. You will be able to earn income both as an online adverts agentadvertising for  businesses
 2. You also earn N2,000 registering other people on Online adverts Agents Associates.
 3  You get your own 2 websites to refer other people to join OAAA  and you get another website  to refer advertisers so that you can advertise for me.
4.  You get 2 powerful ebooks and you can give these ebooks to people you register on OAAA.
 You get copies of the ebook:
 A. How To Make Money As an Online Adverts Agent"
 B. How To make Money Like Facebook and google Business Models
7.You earn 100% profits of all the adverts you get

If you refer display banner adverts to us:
You earn 20% for adverts less than 100K
You earn 25% for adverts from 100K to less than N500k
You earn 30% for adverts of 500K to N2Million
Your earn 35% for advert above N2Million
You also earn 10% from the adverts of the people you refer.

Registration FEE to join Online Adverts Agents Associates OAAA is N5,000 only
How To make payment

To join OAAA Make your payment into bank  or transfer to any of the bank  accounts below and you will be get your 2 websites and start to make real money:
GTBank current  Account Number: 0024366563. Account name: Obar onoriode John
After payment send your payment details and your name to me on  08037262342 by sms or whatsapp or call. Quote Ref No: abj-01001

Who can be an online adverts agent
 Anyone who has a mobile phone. These include: Individual, jobseekers, workers, employed, students etc anyone who want to earn extra income monthly can be a partner.

You also earn 20%to 35% income( as explained above) when you refer adverts for for Top 500 Small Business Directories in Nigeria. Adverts banners will be display on top and bottom of categories on Businesses in the directories and on top and bottom of individual business adverts webpage

The Adverts Rates  on Top 500 small business directories

100 days on one directory  N10,000
60 days on 500 directories N1Million
100 days on 500 directories N1.7 Million
200 says on 500 directories N3Million
400 days on 500 directories N5Million

See Job duties of Advertising Agent @

See Skills Needed to Become an Advertising Sales Agent @

How To Start and Be NO 1 Online Adverts Agent in your Locality   :

NBB: When you join OAAA, you get 2 websites that are linked together. with one website, other people can join OAAA and with other website, business can advertise and see our advert rates.

Benefits include of OAAA

You earn N2,000 for everyone that join OAAA through your website and you N1000 for everyone that join through other people websites
you earn 20% to 35% of all adverts you refer and you earn 10% of adverts refer by others

Take time to go through our 774 local councils platform @

Also check your second website you show business owners @ and you also get similar one.

We link all states, state capital, cities, regions and local councils nationwide at so that we can advertise for any business nationwide.
Businesses can advertise to attract local customers and  customers from state, regions and nationwide depending on target customers of the business

Yours sincerely
obar onoriode John: 08037262342

You have any question whatsapp me on



Join Abuja Online Adverts Agents Associates
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:23:23 PM »

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