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Description: N10,000 / N300,000 / N1.5 Million / N2.5 Million Grants & Loans From NGN1000

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Will You Like To Join A Cooperative Society That Is Giving Members :

         N10,000 ( $50 ) Training Grant

         N300,000 ( $1,500 ) Business Grant

         N1.5 Million ( $7,500 ) Business Grant

         N2.5 Million ( $12,500 ) Business Expansion Grant

         Business Equipments Amounting To N300,000 ( $1,500 ).

           You can choose from :

               Option One – Laptops and Phones.

               Option Two – Dryers / DVD Home Theater / 42″ LED TV Set / 3.5KVA Generator Set

               Option Three – Sewing Machine / Generator / Manikins for Tailor

               Option Four – Ovens / Mixers / Deep Freezers for Caterers

         N1 Million ( N5,000 ) Rent Support

         Hyundai Santafe SUV

         Well Furnished 4 Bedroom Flat

         All Expense Paid Trip Abroad with your Family worth N3 Million ( N15,000 )

         Loans without Collateral

         You Can Make lot of Money from Selling Company's

                  Electronics, Motor Vehicles, Land,

                  Phones, Home and Kitchen

                  Appliances, Fridges, TV Sets, Fashion

                 Goods etc.

          The Cooperative Society that is giving all these, is NGN1000.

NGN1000 Network is an empowerment Membership-based Cooperative Society that was created to address the cash issues among the less privileged.
It is a membership – based Cooperative Society whose main aim is to empower its members by providing opportunities for acquiring great skills and wealth without having to invest a huge sum of money.

NGN1000 Goal

” Our goal is to build a Multi-Billion Naira Company that will change millions of lives for the better. We are always looking to identify trends that we can capitalize on, for the benefit of Our Reps and the company.
  Our focus is on generating cash for you. There is nothing more essential than the good security that owning a piece of our company gives you. We invite you to join with us in making that goal a reality “

NGN1000 Mission

“Our mission is to set in motion all required resources in our capacity to create a wealth base that is surpassed by none, and putting this power in the hands of the masses – the people who need it, rather than the few that have it in surplus who so far are lording it over all.


       Cost of joining NGN1000 is N1,000 or $8. There is no Daily, Weekly or Monthly subscription.


NGN1000 is using a Network Marketing Plan that requires building a team by having three people placed directly under you who will become your direct referrals or downlines.

It is having Four Stages or Boards ( The Pioneer Board / The Manager Board / The Director Board / The Ruby Director Board ) where you will be getting all the benefits / rewards it is giving members. Each Stages or Boards is using 3 X 3 Forced Matrix System with a Follow The Leader System that has a Spillover effect.

  On 3 X 3 Matrix System, everyone only needs three people placed directly under them and there are three levels to be filled to complete each Board or Stage. It is only on the First Board ( The Pioneer Board ) you needs to have three people placed under you to fill up your Level One. Other Levels and Boards or Stages will be filled up by those that joined after you.

  Each Board Rewards Are :

   1. The Pioneer Board - N10,000 or $50

                            as a Training Grant

  2. The Manager Board - N300,000 or $1,500 as Business Grant

        Can also choose any of these Tools amounting to N300,000 ( $1,500 ) :

          Option One – Ovens, Mixers and Deep Freezers for Caterers

          Option Two – Sewing Machine, Generator and Manikins for Tailors

          Option Three – Dryers, DVD Home Theater, 42″ LED TV Set and 3.5 KVA Gen Set

          Option Four – DVD Home Theater, 42″ LED TV Set and 3.5 KVA Generator Set

          Option Five – Laptop and Phones for Office Workers etc.

3. The Director Board - N1.5 Million ( $7,500 ) Business Grant to help you grow , or start your business

      N1 Million ( $5,000 ) Rent Support

 4. The Ruby Director Board - N2.5 Million or $12,500 Business Expansion Grant.

     This will be paid to you in installments of N64,000 ( $320 ) whenever someone or a downline is placed under you.

      All Expense Paid Trip Abroad with your family worth N3 Million or $15,000.

      You will get this reward after three people or downlines had been placed under you which will fill up your Level One. This means, you will get the reward after your Level One is filled with three downlines.

       Hyundai Santafe SUV

          You will get this after filling Level One and Two

       Well Furnished 4 Bedroom Flat

     You will get this after filling up or completing the whole Ruby Director Board’s Three Levels.


NGN1000 is paying N200 / $1 for each person you personally invited or brought into the program. There is no limit on the number of people you can bring into the program.

Can One Earn Without Sponsoring or Bringing Anyone In ?

Yes, you can earn and get all benefits from NGN1000 without bringing in anyone. All you need to do is to have three people placed directly under you to fill up your Pioneer Board or Stage first Level with three People or downlines. You may be the one that get the three or your Uplines through Spillover. It does not matter where or who or how you get your Pioneer Board Level One filled, what matter is to get it filled. All other Levels and Boards will be filled or completed by those that joined after you and your Uplines if the uplines continue bringing people in.

  But you can be bringing in people if you can. You will be getting N200 ( $1 ) on each of them and you will also be helping everyone placed under you to have their own needed downlines thereby speeding up the completion of your Levels and Boards.


 Option One :

You can set your account to have your Earnings withdrawn automatically ( this will be done automatically, you won’t have to do it yourself  ) to your Local Bank Accounts or be withdrawing the Earnings yourself ( This is good for those that will like to use their Earnings Balance pay for new Members ).

 Option Two :

You can be using your Earnings to register new members and keep the money they pay you.

 Option Three :

You can transfer your Earnings to another member who will then pay you any way you want to be paid.


 Yes,this is possible. I have a downline who paid for Fifteen Accounts in his name. You can even register and pay for the three accounts needed to fill up the First Board's Level One or the whole accounts needed to complete the First Board.


There are Two types of Loans without Collateral you can apply for on NGN1000 and they are :

1. Cooperative Loan

2. Empowerment Loan

     1. Cooperative Loan

            You need to first join NGN1000 and then apply for its Cooperative Program. You will be able to get the Cooperative Loan without interest after Six Months of being a member of the NGN1000 Cooperative Program.

2. Empowerment Loan

            You will get this loan after you are done or completed The MANAGER DIRECTOR Board or Stage.


You can apply to be selling the company’s products like Electronics and Devices like Fridges, TV Sets, Phones and Mobile Devices, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Fashion Goods etc and be getting Commissions for each sales.

  You will have a website of your own that you will be using for this.

  This is another good way to make extra money from the NGN1000 company.


To join NGN1000,

                 Go to :


             Click on Register

              Fill the registration form that comes up

                Enter my ID ” 08066677674A “ in the box under ” Sponsor ID “ ( Remove Admin from the box. If you don’t, you will be going under admin, not me. And won’t be able to get any of the benefits i am giving people on this program ).

Your ID ( which will automatically appear in the Box Under ” ID ” ) will be your Phone Number with “A” at the end of it.

            ( This will appear after you had entered your Telephone Number in the box under ” New Member Telephone ” )

                You will need to make payment of N1000 ( $8 ) for your membership and for the registration to go through.           

               After payment, your account will be instantly activated and you can log into your account on the NGN1000 site.


Option One :

                       You can pay the N1,000 ( $8 ) for your Membership using your Debit or ATM Card online immediately after filling and submitting the Registration form through VoguePay ( a secure Online Payment Company )

        You don’t need to create account on VoguePay, all you need to do is, enter your Debit or ATM Card Details like paying for goods online and the N1,000 will be deducted from your Bank Account. After payment, your account or membership on NGN1000 will be instantly activated.

Option Two :

                         You can pay or send the Membership fee to your sponsor or inviter ( The person inviting you to the program ), using any form of payment both of you agree to use, who will then register and pay for you using his or her Debit or ATM Card or using his or her Earning Balance on the program.

               It is possible to use your Earning Balance to pay for a new member. This means, you are PIF’ing the new member.

   With this option, you can pay the inviter through any means of payment you can use and the inviter agrees to accept.

     Even if the Upline or Inviter is not having enough money in his or her eWallet on NGN1000, more can be requested from any member who is having enough. There is eWallet transfer from one member to another.


      You can send or pay for your Membership on this program through me using any of these Payment Methods :

  Payza / Paypal / Solidtrustpay / Okpay / PerfectMoney / Pexpay / Payeer / Western Union / Moneygram etc.

   I will use my Debit Card or my Earning Balance to register and pay for you. But you will need to send to me the details i will use to register you.

The Details needed are :

Surname / First Name / Gender / Address ( can use just your City or State ) / City / State / Email / Telephone Number / Preferred Password ( can be changed by you ).

            These are what i will need to register you. You can add other details yourself, later

                    You can send them through any of my Contacts at the end of this message. 



     Check My Site At The End Of This Message or Get In Touch Through Any Of My Contacts for Details.


1. I can help pay for your Membership and you won’t have to pay me back.

2. I will give you the Opportunity to be earning money from Three Programs even though you Paid for One.

3. You will get downlines or people placed under you that will fill up or complete your Levels, Boards or Stages. I am devoting lot of time into Promoting / Advertising this program both online & offline and will never stop doing that. Lot of people are joining us because The Low Cost of Membership which is N1,000 ( $8 ) makes it really affordable for people to join.

4. People from all country will be helped to join. There will be no problem with payment methods.

5. You can choose to let me handle your Registration and Membership Payment.

     You can pay me through any means of payment and i will use my Debit Card or Earning Balance to pay for your Membership.

6. You will get an article that explains the best ways & where to get downlines for this programs and others you are involved with.

7. A free Blogsite will be designed for you to help advertise the program and others you are involved with. Will help post the message for the programs on it.

   ( You need a website of Blogsite of your own if you really want to make money online. Without it, it will be difficult to really make money online. This is your chance to have it for free now ).

8. You will get Tools that will help you get downlines for this program and others you are involved with.

        Tools like Facebook Auto-poster that will post your advert messages to 6,000 Facebook Groups & Pages automatically etc.


1. It does not cost lot of money to join. All you need is N1,000 or $8

2. It does not require lot of work from you. All that is needed to be done is to have three people placed under you to fill up or complete your Level One in the Pioneer Board or Stage. The three people can come from you directly ( Invite Them ) or from the person that brought you in ( Your Sponsor ).

3. It is possible to earn and get all benefits without referring or sponsoring or bringing in new members.

4. It is very easy to help One’s Downlines because we can only have maximum of three people directly placed under us. Extras we bring in will be going under those that are under us thereby pushing them and ourselves up.

5. You can register & pay for your Membership yourself any time, any day.

6. Your Account will be activated instantly after Membership Payment. No waiting at all.

7. You can withdraw your Earnings ( N600 or $3 Minimum ) any time, any day.

8. You will be getting paid your Earnings directly to your Bank account.

9. You will be given Grants to get trained,start your business and expand it.

    Grants like :

       N10,000 ( $50 )Training Grant

       N300,000 ( $1,500 ) Business Grant

       N1.5 Million ( $7,500 ) Business Grant

10. You can apply for any or all of the Two types of Loans it is giving member which are :

      i. Cooperative Loan

      ii. Empowerment Loan

11. Members are getting from it :

     Laptops / Phones / TV Set / Dryers / Home Theater / 3.5KVA Generator Set / Sewing Machines / Manikins for Tailors / Ovens / Mixers / Deep Freezers etc.

12. It is very easy to bring people into the program because everyone or most people can afford N1,000 or $8 to join it.

13. Members are getting N1 Million ( $5,000 ) Rent Support

14. It is also giving members :

     Brand New Hyundai Santafe SUV

     Well Furnished 4 Bedroom Flat

     All Expense Paid Trip Abroad with One’s Family Worth N3 Million ( $15,000 )

15. There is opportunity to make more money by partaking in the sales of the Company’s Products such as :

     Electronics & Devices like Fridges, TV Sets, Phones & Mobile Devices, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Fashion Goods etc.

Join Me Now and We Will Work Towards Getting All The  Rewards From NGN1000.

You Can Contact Me Through :

SKYPE : Tlint2014

SMS : 2348066677674

FaceBook Group Page :

FaceBook Group Page :

FaceBook Fan Page : TouchingLives International | Facebook

Mobile Lines : 2348066677674 / 2348038729885

You can as well send your message to me by using the Contact us Form on my site :


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